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What Should We Read?

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Madeline  (theorganizedscatterbrain) What should we read?

message 2: by Penny (last edited Dec 13, 2018 09:53PM) (new)

Penny | 16 comments Hmm, I don't know....and OOH Luna I love the Percy Jackson series!!😍👌 I can't really think of any series for us to read, but there is one book that I've heard quite a bit about. It's called Chasing Forgiveness; anyone heard of it??

Also(if you guys are comfortable sharing this), I was wondering what everyone's general age/grade is. I know that not everyone is totally okay with giving out their age to random people ahah, but if you don't mind, it might help us figure out what we should read;) Again, you don't have to if you don't want to:)

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Penny | 16 comments I'm ... btw ahah😁

(I might delete this comment later, just so it's not up forever for anyone to see😅)

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Madeline  (theorganizedscatterbrain) I'll give you hint-- I'm between zero and one billion yrs old. (Big shocker, right???????) Kidding. I'm in eight grade

message 5: by Penny (new)

Penny | 16 comments Hahaha!😂 Okay, eighth grade is a lil more specific;)

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Keeper 4Life | 3 comments Mod
8th grade.

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Keeper 4Life | 3 comments Mod
so, between 13-14 for me.

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Nellie (nelliegbooks) | 2 comments I'd rather not share my age, but I read young adult books.

Silver  - Have a great day, you're loved I also would like to keep my age/grade private, but I could read children's books or young adult books, as long as they aren't, like, ADULT adult books if you know what I mean.

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Penny | 16 comments Okay! Sooo how young adult are you willing to go??🤣 Like what is the most mature book that you've read, and would you be willing to go more or not? Just so we can have some limits on what we'll read:)))

Silver  - Have a great day, you're loved Ummm..... I'm trying to think of the most mature book I've read off the top of my head... all I can think of right now is the Inheritance Cycle which I was mostly okay with. I'll let you know if I think of something more mature.

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Silver  - Have a great day, you're loved Yikes, that sounded wrong. Apologies.

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Penny | 16 comments Okay! I actually have yet to read that series ahhaha but I've been wanting to for a while! There are so many books/series on my to-read list heheh, even if i have yet to put it on goodreads🤣

Silver  - Have a great day, you're loved Yeah, it's pretty good. Not the best book I've ever read (because that's obviously KOTLC) but not the worst either.

Sushie || "In writing, you must kill all your darlings." -William Faulkner (73687) Hey, just saw this group and thought that's my group! So... I'm new...? (one of my favorite series.)

Silver  - Have a great day, you're loved I've recently read the Historian Tales series (beginning with The Price of Creation) by Lance Conrad and it is so good. The official description for the series is:

"The Historian is a reluctant immortal who wanders through times and worlds to witness great stories. His own story, however, is unknown to him. As he participates in the great stories he encounters, he gets glimpses of what his life might have been like before he became a Historian.

Worlds of various technologies and even magic pass under his feet as he is carried from place to place by his own feet and whatever powers took his name from him."

The whole series is you watching from his point of view as he witnesses great stories unfold. Each chapter begins with a "Musing of the Historian." Some of my favorites are:

"Only a fool underestimates a man with nothing to lose."

"If you want to see a man's heart, knock him down. Then observe how he rises. If you would see his soul, do it a thousand times more."

"All feel justified. To find the truth, a man must consider the possibility that he is wrong."

"To weaken the body, remove blood. To weaken the character, remove struggle."

"The easiest way to be invisible is to stand where no one is looking."

I have to stop now or I'll list them all, but all of the ones above are from The Price of Nobility, the second book in the series. I love this series so much. In fact, I think it is now part of my top three. The technical age group is 10-18, but in my opinion, as soon as you can understand what is going on, you can enjoy this series.

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Penny | 16 comments WOAH Ariana that sounds like a really good series!!! All those quotes....I loved them!

Silver  - Have a great day, you're loved I care about this a lot, if you can't tell XD

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