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Sci-fi suggestions
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Hello! My good friend, who is in his 70s, loves sci-fi - but mostly the old school sci-fi. He said recently that all the good authors are dead - meaning he doesn't read a lot of new stuff, he mostly just re-reads the old stuff. I could suggest books all day long, but I'm not that big of a fan of sci-fi. I asked him to name his top 10 authors. You'll find them below. Based on those authors, who are some authors that you would recommend? Thank you in advance! I'm determined to give him a great Christmas gift - with your help!

Robert Heinlein
Jack Vance
Douglas Adams
Terry Pratchett
A.E. van Vogt
Ian Banks
Alexis A. Gilliland
Charles Stross
Vernor Vinge
Larry Niven

What about Robert Rankin?

I am betting he would like Craig Martelle.

Craig's a great story-weaver and does things in the old sci-fi school ways, really reminiscent to me of van Vogt and Niven.

Amber the Human Thank you for the idea! I'll check Martelle out. ...more
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Bob Shaw, Robert Silverbert, Jack Chalker to name but a few.

I would suggest Good Omens since he likes Pratchett. It was co-authored with Neil Gaiman who he may enjoy reading more of. Maybe Neverwhere as a followup?

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