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Title: Hell Of A Deal (Demon Trader - Book One)
Author: Mark Huntley-James
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Humour
Pages Count: 336
Formats Available: MOBI
Review Due Date: January 3

Book Description: “Everyone has their demons, but I buy mine wholesale…”

Paul Moore, shopkeeper, Master of the Dark Arts and demonic broker, has just met the hottest witch who ever tried to kill him. A date is surely out of the question - she serves the demons of the Babylonian Triad, and no-one defies them... almost no one.

Paul thought he was the best, until the Babylonian Triad launched a turf war. Rival demons, competing traders, an explosive spice and ruthless church factions... Paul only wants to keep his home town safe and get the girl. He knows that being a Master of the Dark Arts involves sacrifice, but really doesn't want to be the one dragged to the altar.

Hell Of A Deal is a fight through life, death, demons and trying to survive a first date. It's not the end of the world, just the start of a new corner of hell.

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Sent you an email Ayanime

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Ayanime  (ayanimelovesbooks) Received Sheri... will read and review

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I never received the book Hell of a Deal.

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