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message 1: by IvanOpinion (new)

IvanOpinion | 63 comments Does anyone know of a way to play audiobooks from RBDigital on an iPhone other than using the RBDigital app?

My library uses RBDigital for audiobooks, but I'm finding the app to be very flaky, so I'd love to use a different one if I could.

The worst fault is that I press play on the control on my iphone ear buds and it plays, but often the app seems unaware that it is playing, so when I press stop, it doesn't stop, as it thinks it is already stopped. If I look at the screen, the app shows the play button, as if it is already paused. If I press play on the screen, this does pause it, but it jumps back to the previous pause, so I continually have to hunt for where I actually stopped.

It would also be nice to have an app that can tell me how far through the book I am.

Another post said there's an Android app, Smart Audiobook Player, that automatically imports RBDigital downloads. But there's no IOS version. Is there anything that can do this on IOS?

message 2: by IvanOpinion (new)

IvanOpinion | 63 comments In case it helps anyone else, there’s a partial solution, which is to download the files using the rbd website then import into, say, iBooks. Works for most books, but not if they are DRM protected.

message 3: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (mountainclimber) | 47 comments A quick search led me to SmartBook at iTunes. A quick read-through and it sounds very similar to Smart Audiobook Player.

message 4: by IvanOpinion (new)

IvanOpinion | 63 comments Ah you mean the IOS app called Audiobook Player Smartbook?

Can it import books downloaded to the RBDigital app? It says you can import via browser or cloud, but so can iBooks. My problem is getting DRM protected audiobooks out of RBDigital.

message 5: by IvanOpinion (new)

IvanOpinion | 63 comments The app now seems to have fixed the problem.

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