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Analysis of Conflict in Trials of Apollo: The Burning Maze

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Enoch S4 (Summary)
Apollo, the former god of the Sun, prophecy and more is currently on a quest to restore the five Greek Oracles of old, but on his journey to rescue Herophile he travels through the Labyrinth to find where she is being held captive. He succeeds with the help of Jason Grace and Piper McLean, but lose a dear friend consequentially.

The problem develops when Triumvirate Holdings, an organization that has been working behind the scenes for the entire Percy Jackson timeline comes out of hiding and wishes to control the five Oracles which have the power to foresee the future, making whoever controls them virtually unstoppable. This leads Zeus to send down his son, the god of prophecy down to Earth to stop them before they can take full control over the future. This is an external man vs man conflict. The conflict in this novel starts after Apollo and his friend Meg McCaffrey have already rescued the Spirit of Dodana in the Grove of Dodona and Trophonius in the appropriately named Cave of Trophonius. Because of this, Triumvirate moves on to their next target, the Oracle Herophile. The problem continues when Apollo finds out that Triumvirate has requested the backup of a powerful sorceress named Medea, who harnesses the power of the Sun Titan Hyperion. As a consequence, Apollo enlists the help of Jason Grace and Piper McClean, two powerful demigods. However, Triumvirate, Medea, and Caligula - an old Roman emperor now co-owner of Triumvirate - prove to be too strong, and (*Major Spoiler Alert*) Jason Grace gives his life to allow the other three to escape Triumvirate’s grasp. “Jason toppled from his steed. He hit the deck facedown, the spear still in his back, his gladius clattering from his hand (page 304).” Grief-stricken, Piper decides to quit the quest. The conflict is resolved when Apollo, Meg, and Grover, a satyr who has been tasked with helping them arrive at Herophile’s prison and have a showdown with Medea, coming close to a loss before Piper comes back to save the day. Because of these problems, Apollo gains a new respect for mortals and promises Jason that he will remember his time as a mortal so that he will be more compassionate. Rick Riordan might want teen readers to understand that life is short, and we must treat those we love dearly kind always because we never know what the future may bring.

Overall, I thought the plot of the book seemed to drag on for most of the book, but the plot twists and character development of Apollo completely make up for that. Usually, before reading a novel by Rick Riordan, I am first greeted by tons of spoilers about the book, but this time I was able to go in totally blind and get a copy pretty early on. It’s safe to say that Riordan did not disappoint. Apollo finally shows some true character development instead of the static Apollo we are used to in the first two books in the Saga. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who is a Percy Jackson fan.

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Enoch S4

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