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The tree is tall and looming, much taller than the scattered trees around it. Something is within this tree, one could feel it in the air. Placing a claw on it's surface causes the feathers on the back of one's neck to raise.
Within the tree, piercing it through and through, is a spear. It's craftsmanship beyond compare to any griffin weaponry or armory. This is known as Odin's Spear, the same spear that Odin was impaled and stuck to the tree with. Here he learned writing, language, poetry, the main building blocks of Griffin life.
There is a fire pit several tail lengths in front of the tree. It burns eternally as griffins add more fuel at a constant rate.
Nearby the tree is an area set out specifically for the housing of the visiting griffins. The frames of tents laid out, waiting for the adding of furs and other comfortable bedding.
Through Yuletide, the area tends to be quite noisy but, once the night falls and the world goes to sleep, the ocean could be heard crashing against the shore.
It's no wonder this place is considered holy.

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They had left at sun's rising, the wind at their backs and their belongings on their shoulders.
Wolfings of Norns was a rather big flock so, not everyone was able to come. Many birds were left behind to watch over the camp and stay with the young and old.
She turned her wing and banked left, gliding skillfully down and onto the holy land. Her flock following in suit, performing the same action and touching down a few feet from her.
As they landed, the rest of the flock was directed towards the camping area where they were able to set up their flock tent. Eira, however, turned sharply and headed towards Yggdrasil.
She wondered if any of the other flock leaders had arrived and was interested in discussing any happenings in Torborg. Though there are birds who run around and share news, Wolfings of Norns is typically very closed off so, they rarely hear of any events outside of Graemsay.
She sauntered up the cobblestone stairs with the due grace of a queen, her claws making soft clacking noises as she ascended. Placing herself nearby the fire pit, Eira waited patiently for the arrival of any company.

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