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The End! (Spoiler Alert)

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Ovidio Perez This will be a long, but worthy of discussion about the ending of this series. First, R.I.P. to the lives lost at war including Gavriel the lion fae and Aedion father. It killed me knowing he perished and didn't get to spend much time with his son. It destroyed me knowing Asterin and the thirteen are truly dead. Manon is now Queen of the Crochans and Ironteeth with none of her thirteen warriors alive. I hope Manon finds happiness as she soars to the waste lands of her home. Hopefully Manon will marry Dorian. I hope for swift recovery of Adarlan and as for King Dorian you were amazing. I loved how Dorian managed to triumph over Maeve and brought Erawan home down upon them. I almost starting feeling sympathy for Maeve when she was helping Dorian out, but then I remember all the lives Maeve took and how she tortured Aelin and I was like death to Maeve. I am happy that Aedion and Lysandra got back together even though Aedion was acting like a horrible person. He threw Lysandra out buck naked into the stark cold of the night. I am so surprised Lysandra forgave him, but happy they made it work out. I am happy for Lysandra who managed to be reunited with her shape shifting uncle. I am glad Lysandra got some family reunion even though Aedion lost his father. I am also glad that Elide and Lorcan got back together again. I am curious though if Elide will ever get that healing done for her broken ankle. Yrene says to think about it after the war and I believe Elide should get it healed despite the pain it may cause. I hope Lorcan and Elide eventually have a child. I wanted to see Chaol be reunited with his mother and brother after he read the letter. Indeed, Chaol better work on building a bigger home for his family. Especially since Yrene is pregnant with his child. I was hoping to see Yrene give birth, but sadly we didn't get to see it. Yrene Towers or should I say Yrene Westfall we all owe you a gratitude alongside Dorian for taking on Erawan the evil Valg King and making sure he perished and burned to ashes. Nesryn you are now Empress, so you better get used to your hubby Sartaq calling you by that title. Hilarious how Nesryn gets all embarrassed like Hun you are royalty now get used to it. Out of Aelin warriors Fenrys the wolf is the only one without a mate. I hope Fenrys my wolf shifter finds happiness and love too. O Aelin, how you have given up the most out of everyone. You suffered at the hands of Cairn and Maeve evil torture. I never gave up hope Rowan would find you and he did. You escaped and had to find your spark again. You gave up your human shell and most of your fire power to forge a lock. You gave up enough, but still faced on Maeve and Erawan head on with little power to back you up. I am at peace knowing that Aelin and the rest of the gang managed to kill Maeve the evil Valg Queen. They sent Maeve and Erawan to ashes and are in the process of rebuilding their kingdom. All hail Aelin Queen of Terrasen and Faerie Queen of the West. Two crowns now lay upon Aelin. I really want to see Rowan dream come true and for Rowan to get Aelin pregnant with a kid. Honestly, I want to see everyone have kids. I want to see Chaol and Yrene kids, Aelin and Rowan to have kids, Lorcan and Elide to have kids, Aedion and Lysandra with kids, Nesryn and Sartaq with kids, and even Dorian and Manon to have kids as well. I want more, like a book about them finishing the repairs and rebuilding of kingdoms and everyone getting married and with kids. I will miss this series dearly with all my heart.

Jojo I only started these book in October and I have already finished all of them. I must say the kingdom of ash broke me in so many ways yet it could have ended worse. Gavriel's death affected all of them so much and will continue to in the future. also, the 13 dying was so sad.
Despite all this, the main thing I'm annoyed about is all the loose ends. we don't see elide and Lorcan getting married or Lysandra and aedion. and we just need a book of all happiness like what a court of frost and starlight was. we need to see kids!!!! i will miss this series so much

Ovidio Perez Jojo wrote: "I only started these book in October and I have already finished all of them. I must say the kingdom of ash broke me in so many ways yet it could have ended worse. Gavriel's death affected all of t..."

Yesss like give us another book I'll even take a short story novel about them rebuilding their respective kingdoms and everyone getting married... ":']

Kris I completely agree!! I feel like we went through a lot of pain and suffering, and I could use a little more happiness. I need an epilogue!

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Andrea Jojo wrote: "I only started these book in October and I have already finished all of them. I must say the kingdom of ash broke me in so many ways yet it could have ended worse. Gavriel's death affected all of t..."

I feel like we will eventually get a spin off series? I saw this post on tumblr that really made me think that it could be possible. I mean when you think about it, almost everyone in the TOG series got some type of clousure. Well... everyone but Dorian! He was the only one left feeling confused and somewhat lost as to what he had to do next by the end of the book, plus we still need to know what happens between him and Manon. The implication of marriage still hangs in the air and I really, really, REALLY hope we get some type of answer. PLUS we still need to meet Chaol and Yrene's child!

Annalisa97 I really liked how this book concluded this great series but I did also have some problems with it.
Like was mentioned Lysandra taking Aedion back kind of annoyed me, like I really liked them togeather but why did Maas have to make him be this terribly mean to Lysandra? Feel like she shouldn't have overdone it this much (sure some drama between them and Aedion being pissed was understandable after what happened but it didn't have to go this far) because even though I liked them, after this it was always in the back of my mind like girl you shouldn't foregive this.
And it really did annoy me that both Aelin and Dorian had a chance to kill Earwan and Mave and didn't, like what!? that was such a stupid move, the book could have ended a lot sooner. But not get me wrong, I loved the big battle in the end, but it was stupid to read about it knowing it could have been avoided if you guys know what I mean. Sure it was nice of Aelin to try to help Elena but possibly risking all her friends and her kingdom for that one life was just so dumb. I think Maas should have found another reason for the gods not taking Earwan.
But moving on to the battle I agree with the losses there being so sad, like Manon loosing the 13 broke my heart. She had finally admitted to herself she had feelings and then she looses those she realised she cared about the most.
And Gavriel not getting to know his son was also so sad.
But I'm glad that the book mostly ended on good vibes with the characters happy and united with their loved ones and it did help heal my heart a bit after everything that had happened haha :)
(Btw sorry for typos but I'm just too lazy at the moment to go over and correct them ;P)

message 11: by Ovidio (last edited Feb 14, 2019 05:16PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ovidio Perez Annalisa97 wrote: "I really liked how this book concluded this great series but I did also have some problems with it.
Like was mentioned Lysandra taking Aedion back kind of annoyed me, like I really liked them toge..."

I feel yah with Lysandra and Aedion somehow magically back together. Especially with the horrible way Aedion treated her. He throws her out in the cold butt naked. No man would have my forgiveness for treating me like trash. If I endured what Lysandra had, you best believe Aedion wouldn't be in my life... ^^"

Nathan Waters The ending of this series was awe inspiring. I cried all the way through this book.
I finished Kingdom of Ash a few days ago and I still cannot get over Elena being destroyed and the Thirteen's sacrifice. This book broke my heart.

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