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message 1: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Meredith (dennismeredith) | 38 comments Dennis Meredith is writing a science thriller, the Tasty Bomb [] in which an eccentric main character, having been reprimanded for her foul mouth, has decided to employ non-curse words in her vocabulary as substitutes. The "Curse word" Challenge: come up with words whose sound makes them satisfying curses in times of anger or frustration. Examples:
Pork chop!

message 2: by Phillip (new)

Phillip Murrell Mother Puss Bucket

message 3: by Eli (new)

Eli Selig | 8 comments Strubnubbit!
Bug monkey (derogatory for sci fi implying a dronelike worker)
Connectionless or linkless (implying friendless)

Another option, if set in a earth based future would be to fall back to Shakespeare. Always some great insults there. "Away, you starvelling, you elf-skin, you dried neat's tongue, bull's pizzle, you stock-fish!" or "Away, you three-inch fool!"

message 4: by Charles (new)

Charles | 19 comments Here are a couple
Horse hockey!

message 5: by J.W. (new)

J.W. Golan | 5 comments I will add a real-world example of just such an instance - when my wife (who swears worse than I do) was admonished to tone it down in front of the children (who were in elementary school at the time), she started using "Glitter" as a substitute for curse words.

Believe me, after telling someone to "Glitter-off" or "Glitter you" a few times, you'll be wishing the curse words were back.

message 6: by Al (last edited Nov 08, 2019 03:19PM) (new)

Al Philipson (printersdevil) | 41 comments My late business partner, and best friend, could curse for an hour straight without repeating himself or using a "bad" word.

One of his favorites (instead of something like "sh*t") was "Ten thousand blue pigs!"

One of my characters used "God's breath!"

message 7: by Micah (new)

Micah Sisk (micahrsisk) | 233 comments Wankel Rotary Engine

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