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These are where your characters go! Make sure you add what year they are in (I will list them once I'm all done sorting out the timelines) and if they are an assassin or not!

You can go all out on your character, but this is the bare minimum:




Affiliated to:






Choice of weapon:


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Aleksander Romanoff

Moskow, Russia, but immigrated to London, England at the age of 7

Affiliated to
Rooks Gang

Aleksander isn't one for jokes. He can be very outgoing but it is very hard to make him laugh, especially if he doesn't know you well. That makes him a great fighter though, with a stone cold face, he can imitate any guy, big or small. He isn't the type for loving either, he isn't close with anyone (except the twins but not too close). He thinks affection/love is weak and shows you as pathetic. He never got too close to anyone as his father taught him to always be cautious of one's motives. He doesn't necessarily have a cold heart though. Sometimes he breaks, Evie once even caught him crying because they lost a Rook. But he won't ever actually show you, so don't expect it.

Aleksander Romanoff was born December 14th, 1847 to Anton Romanoff and Yunna Romanoff, both high elite assassins. Because of too many complications from the Templars back in Russia, The Romanoff family fled to Northern London when Aleksander was seven years old. Aleksander grew up in a very strict, rule tight family. He was never allowed to hang out with the normal boys, only with the boys in the assassin hideouts (if there was any). He wasn't allowed to speak to any suspicious looking men or women, especially if they looked like Templars. He had to trains 5 times a week, 2 days to catch up on school. But he barely went to school since he had to move all of the time. His mother died when he was sixteen to an ambush attack of one of the hideouts. Anton managed to grab Aleksander and escape but his mother didn't. Alex still blames himself for that everyday. Soon after that happened he would wake up from nightmares of either his mom, dad, or himself getting killed by the Templars so he decided to train harder. He dropped school, and joined the rooks, lead by Evie and Jacob Frye. They taught him and trained him to become a master assassin. His father died of brain cancer three years later which shoved the last Romanoff into severe depression. He is one of those people that even though it isn't his fault, he still blames himself for it. Now he has decided to avenge his parents by killing all templars with or without the twins help.

He doesn't really like to talk about it but he has always loved playing the piano. He has said that playing it soothes him and stops his mind from thinking about the awful things he has had to go through. Aleksander also is a big fan of chocolate. Jacob actually accidentally found this out when he got Alex in a chocolate shop, buying almost everything they had in stock. He said it was for homeless children but later Jacob noticed Aleksander in his room eating almost all of them.

The one thing he hates more than anything else in the world is Templars. They have taken everything he has loved and soon enough he will destroy every last one of them, even with his last dying breath. He also really hates hypocrites (even if he can sometimes act like one).

Weapon of Choice


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DragonDreamer wrote: "Name: Alessia Matilde De Luca

Birth: September 1

Age: 24

Affiliated to: Her family/the government


Model: Adelaide Kane
Strengths-loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking,..."

Hey so you didn't face claim or accept the rules so I'm going to delete this post and place it in the workshop in an hour unless you face claim and accept the rules thank you

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DragonDreamer | 8 comments oh gosh I'm so sorry I'll get right on that!

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Thank you

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DragonDreamer | 8 comments Name: Alessia Matilde De Luca

Birth: September 1 (Virgo)

Age: 24

Affiliated to: Her family/the government


(view spoiler)

Strengths-loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical, introspective.
Weaknesses- shyness, worry, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play

History: Alessia is born of Italian royalty. She's lived a charmed life and has become a rather sheltered girl for it. She trusts only her family as they have always protected her before. She is kept away from the business of things, and she sometimes wished her father would trust her more, so she is working to gain his respect and trust.

Likes: Riding horses, reading, socializing.

Dislikes: Others talking ill of her loved ones, those dastardly assassin's running amok in town, overly spicy foods, birds.

Choice of weapon: None, though she is trying to teach herself how to use a dagger after she nicked one off of a guard.

Other: She is the youngest daughter of three children. Her older siblings are both boys. She has a good, close relationship with her family and would throw herself in front of a blade for them.

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DragonDreamer | 8 comments Name: "Pretty-boy" Paris Tuskel

Birth: November 11 (Scorpio)

Age: 27

Affiliated to: Assassins?


(view spoiler)

Strengths- Forthcoming, charming, resourceful, adaptable, brave, daring
Weaknesses- Quick to distrust others, secretive, passive, stubborn, self-centered

History: Paris was raised by a single father until the man fell sick and perished when he was around the age of 10. His aunt took him in, but hardly had time to raise the mongrel what with her other four children to take care of. As such, the boy learned to try his charms elsewhere, on the streets, teaching himself to pick pockets for a spare penny here or there or giving just the right amount of puppy eyes to the soft-hearted woman at the bakery. He was around 14 when he got tangled up with the Assassins and he hasn't looked back since. Over the years, he's been honing his skills of seduction and slight of hand, which has earned him the nickname "Pretty-boy Paris." He's looking to change the town one broken heart at a time.

Likes: Games, gambling, competition, alcohol, dancing

Dislikes: Waiting, being lied to, boredom, rich people in power.

Choice of weapon: His interrogation skills, daggers, poison, speed as he runs away into the night.

Other: Does not fall for others easily, but enjoys having a multitude of friends in high and low places.

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