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What was the last chapter about?

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Koen I was quite puzzled by the final chapter. What do you think it means?

Alexandria Perry I think Schwab was trying to set up a situation to lead into her third sequel. I honestly did not care for the last chapter or the end of the book after Eli escaped. I felt like is should have ended with Marcella defeat and then Schwab could have left the rest for the beginning of part 3.

Chrysoula I didn't understand Victor's last message. What did it mean? Did he died? Because Eli might not stay dead. Nobody burned his body either. I liked Rios story, since she was part of the plot, we should know something about her. It could have been included earlier in the book.

Katherine I was also super puzzled by this. especially his final message. Ive been trying to read peoples reviews to see if they understood but I got nothing.

All endings point to a third book but there has been no news about it.

I hate how he pushed Syd away - why cant you use the Dr's reseach and be with them?

You guys think Eli is still alive?

Chrysoula It has crossed my mind that Eli would be able to regenerate when away from the air of the lab. I want Victor around if that happens though.

Claire Am I the only one who is thinking that maybe Angie and June are the same person?

Katherine Claire wrote: "Am I the only one who is thinking that maybe Angie and June are the same person?"

I thought about it, but why would Angie want to be close to Sydney and be so protective?

Claire Unfortunately we don’t know much about her,so maybe there’s a reason that the writer left unknown in this book.

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