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Books like the Witcher Sagas
John John Dec 08, 2018 04:51AM
I'm fussy, Sapkowski's books satisfied the itch to live within a character throughout several volumes. Patrick O'Brian did it with Jack Aubrey, Sapkowski with Geralt of Rivia, George R. R. Martin almost did it with Jon Snow...who's next?

Sapkowski has another saga about Reynevan von Bielau. Not so exciting, but not so long either. )

the grim company
Mark Lawrence

Characters of King's Dark Tower series - Roland and others.

I love following a character through their adventures. It isn't traditional fantasy, but I enjoyed Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden novels and, since you mentioned Patrick O'Brian, my guess is you would really like Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series.

Ive read all fantasy and only 1st Law series by Joe Abercrombie is as good. Btw. Sapkowski in an interview also called this series by Abercrombie as the very best western fantasy.
But dont read last book - the short stories because sadly Abercrombie is terrible in short form.

Try the Elric saga by Michael Moorcock starting with Elric of Melniboné or the Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser books by Fritz Leiber starting with Ill Met in Lankhmar.

Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelezny and Oath of Swords by David Weber.

I love how the characters mull over politics, philosophy, science, the history of their world, etc, then Geralt kills something/someone.

I also love the way Sapowski uses words.

Thought of Leiber's stories, too, he uses a similarily ironic tone to approach classic Fantasy tropes.

John Thank you, I've read something by him... ...more
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