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message 2: by Terris (new)

Terris | 2611 comments Nice list, Kris! I don't know "Excellent Women" but I feel like I should read something by Barbara Pym. I'll be interested to see what you think about it. Enjoy your challenge! :)

message 3: by April (new)

April Munday | 277 comments Can You Forgive Her? and Mansfield Park are both worth a read.

message 4: by Bob, Short Story Classics (new)

Bob | 4959 comments Mod
A really nice selection, I’ve read several. The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my all-time favorites. While I hope to read The Swiss Family Robinson some day. It's one of those I should have read a long time ago, but that is why I too ‘Catching Up’ Enjoy your reading.

message 5: by Renee (new)

Renee | 864 comments That's a great list of books you have there. I read The Count of Monte Cristo last year and loved it, it's a new favourite. Anne of Green Gables was my favourite book when I was younger. Good luck with your challenge! I hope you have fun with it :)

message 6: by Sara, Old School Classics (new)

Sara (phantomswife) | 5463 comments Mod
You do have some great selections here. I hope you get to your alternates...Shogun is a superb read.

message 7: by Kris (new)

Kris (kmell33) | 103 comments I thought I had it finalized but made one quick adjustment to my list.

I replaced one of my choices with A Death in the Family, which I recently heard of. I have a weird fascination with grief memoirs and books, fiction or non-fiction, that explore grief, so this is one I really want to read in 2019.

message 8: by Sara, Old School Classics (new)

Sara (phantomswife) | 5463 comments Mod
That has been on my TBR for a long time, Kris. I'm anxious to see what you think.

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