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Humeira Kazmi | 4 comments Dear Friends,

I'm requesting your honest feedback on my novel, LOVE ME DO. It is a story set in modern Pakistan, exploring the many delicate topics of love, friendship, family and honor through its unique cultural lens.

Zaed, Sophie's American-born friend, kneels at a party to retrieve a glittering ring from the floor. Before anyone can comment, Natasha, Sophie's cousin, is shrieking 'yes, yes, I accept' to a bewildered Zaed. It's all a cosmic mistake, but things get out of hand rapidly as Zaed's father, an old friend of Natasha's father, bribes Zaed to accept Natasha's expectations and wed her. But then, Zaed and Sophie fall in love. And the huge, elaborate wedding between Zaed and Natasha, a wedding that will join two powerful families, is next week. You don't just back out at the altar. Not in Pakistan…

I need your help to improve my craft. I hope the book will prove a tasty read for anyone who enjoys a diverse background, new cultures and a fresh perspective.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions or concerns.

Humeira Kazmi (aka H. A. Kay)

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David Lucero (httpwwwgoodreadscomdavidlucero) | 4 comments Your book sounds good! I'd be happy to provide an honest review from an avid reader/writer. My favorite novels are fiction based on fact types, and yours could be real. I prefer paperback versions though. Are you providing free copies for this review? If so contact me at and I'll provide you my address.

Keep on writing!


Humeira Kazmi | 4 comments Thank you, David! I'll send you an email ASAP.

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Amina Ibrahim Hi! hope I'm not to late. I'd love to review it. I hope the Pakistani culture shines through!
My email is I prefer pdf but mobi will work too.

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