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Maggie E. I LOVED THIS BOOK! I read this book every morning before school for a few weeks and it inspired me to start my day. Amy writes in a really casual way, which I really like. This book tells the story of her life so far, and she is very honest. She even talks about how hard it is to write the book. I just love the humor and her heart-warming stories about her friends and family. As a huge SNL fan, my favorite was the story behind Amy's Sarah Palin rap that she performed while eight months pregnant. What a queen. Amy wrote about everything I wanted her to, from improv comedy to her relationship with Tina. Amy offers great nuggets of wisdom and fueled me to work hard and dream big. This book was also hilarious and I never got bored reading it (which is a lot to say because I have a very short attention span). This is one of my new favorite books!

Alex Watson This book is very different than others

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