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message 1: by Bill (new)

Bill Johnston | 704 comments Does GR have a "best practices" guide for adding foreign literature?

To give examples of the various conundra, I could input the title of a Japanese book in (i) Japanese, (ii) romanized Japanese, or (iii) English translation. Personally I prefer (ii) so that people can at least pronounce it and so it's (relatively) unambiguous. I add the English translation in the product description and the Japanese in the original title field.

Since GR is mainly in English, I put the product description in English (a translation of the back cover blurb if available). I then review it in English.


message 2: by Christian (new)

Christian (comeauch) | 230 comments Too lazy to search the relevant thread, but somewhere on the GR librarians group, it was 'decided' that the best practice was to go with kanji, followed by the romanization between brackets. So like this:

泣く大人 [Naku otona]

It's not like, strictly enforced or anything, but IMO, the original Japanese title is absolutely necessary (after all, that's the one true title!) The reading is nice to have, but then again, it could sometimes be left to interpretation (maybe it's not 'otona', but 'taijin'? Not knowing the reading for sure is literally a part of the language) and when you think about it, we're not going around giving the pronunciation of every English word in IPA, so why do different with Japanese? I'm not sure how relevant an improvised English translation is... I mean, unless an English translation already exist, but then they should simply be linked. Other languages don't usually have an English translation.

That being said, GR sucks with Japanese, and probably other non-alphabetic languages. The search function is pretty much useless. Still - and again just my opinion - they should improve the compatibility with other languages instead of us having to anglicize everything.

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