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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fiction Thriller Action Spy Novel. Twin brothers, one was an agent & the other not (possibly a banker?). The agent brother dies, the other goes looking for him & discovers his twin was not dead but rather hiding from some killers. [s]

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Iyiola (trimisiyu) | 8 comments I read a book some 10 years back (long time) and I am not able to remember the name nor the author (it is probably a popular author). The details I remember are on the topic of this thread. The book is based on spy, espionage plot with twin brothers. One of them a spy/agent who went missing and the other went looking for him and found out that he wasn't dead after all. During their meet, however, the agent brother was eventually killed by some assassins while his other brother had to go on the run again.

Kindly help

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Kris | 32111 comments Mod
lyiola, what is the story's time period and location(s) - country, region, big city/small town?

How did the spy/agent brother appear to die? How far into the book do you learn he didn't die but is hiding from killers? Who does he work for?

Iyiola (trimisiyu) | 8 comments Hi Kris, thanks, to answer your questions:
- The story's time period is probably set in the late 90s or early 2000s
- Locations: the USA and Europe (not sure where in Europe). I cannot remember the cities names - but I believe some of the cities were small
- The spy/agent brother died by headshot (sniper style) in a restaurant while meeting and conversing his other twin brother (they are identical twins). During this period, the villains wanted them both eliminated
- He died after the mid-way of the book
- I can't remember the organization he worked but the most likely government which betrayed him at the beginning of the story.

Thank you

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Iyiola (trimisiyu) | 8 comments Hi Ayshe - yes that's the book!!!

Thank you so much!

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