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the selected will be interviewed here. the newscaster will ask questions and the selected will respond.

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current interviewees: mercedeses polanco, luciana aldaine, roderick silver, wren eiriz, and isadora sinclair.

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cyrilla carrow to all
“what is the most surprising thing about the selection so far?”

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Mercedeses: “The swiftness and diligence of the servants honestly, it’s so hard to find good help. Apparently it’s because Illèa has taken it all!”

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Luciana Aldaine
"I admit, I am not surprised by much, balls, gowns and courtly graces had composed much of my childhood, I still remember the days when my father would lift me up onto his shoulders so I could see over the crowds of people at the lavish parties he would throw every season. He has not had to do that for years, but here it almost seems necessary. I suppose you could say that even I am surprised by the elegant grandeur of the palace and the selection so far. To get a full scope of everything... Well, it is most certainly difficult, but I can only hope to become more familiar with the high arching ceilings and luxurious furnishings of the palace, as well as the wonderful people and attentive staff during my participation in the selection."

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 51 comments Wren settled back into her chair, seeming at ease in this unfamiliar situation. "Honestly everything about the Selection is very different from my life back home, so I can't say much is truly surprising." A quick, humble smile flashed across her face as she continued to explain, "growing up as an aerial performer your life is consumed in this bubble of travel, practice, and performing." Her hands formed a circle, as though holding a bubble delicately between her fingers. "I suppose if anything is a surprise," her fingers released the imaginary bubble to settle in her lap, "it is the sheer amount of spare time we have been given so far." Another smile tugged at her lips. "I've had half a mind to request hanging silks or a trapeze in my room," she joked.

Roderick cleared his throat and rested his elbows on his knees, hands clasped before him in an attempt to avoid the urge to straighten his already immaculately straight tie. "The sheer size and beauty of this palace is really quite remarkable." His lips quirked up in the faintest of self-deprecating smiles as he added, "If not for the wonderful staff I would have been lost ten times over by now."

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“Well, everything about the palace is so specacular, but I do admire the library. It’s a wonderful place, and I feel so blessed to experience it. I’m also grateful to be meeting his and her royal highnesses, they seem even more stunning in person!” Turning to Roderick, Isadora smiled. “And I have to agree with Roderick— if not for the staff, I would’ve been lost as well!” Whew, now she was done. Isadora had spoken last, in order to form a sem-intelligent response.

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Cyrilla Carrow to all
“Now... for the juicy bits!! What are your opinions of the selected?”
For this, Cyrilla was excited. She loved drama in every aspect, and even though she knew they were all going to give simple, bland responses, she couldn’t help but be excited. Resting her hands in the lap of her fuschia pantsuit, she leaned in to hear their responses.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 51 comments Roderick cast a quick glance to the others in the room. "Well, I haven't had the opportunity to meet with many of them, but from what I can tell of the lovely ladies here, Prince Adrian certainly has his work cut out for him." His gaze returned to Cyrilla's.

Wren pursed her lips. She knew she ought to be polite and not make enemies, but it wasn't in her to lie. "Like Roderick I haven't been able to talk with the others much yet, but so far all I have observed is too much acting." Her full lips paused for a brief second before clarifying, "Everyone seems too deliberate and like they are hiding their true self. I would hope they allow their possible future spouse the chance to see who they really are." Wren kept her gaze on Cyrilla, deliberately avoiding looking at the other Selected in the room.

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Luciana smiled faintly at the question, her blue eyes alight. "I haven't had the pleasure of meeting many of my fellow Selected," She responded diplomatically. "I see dignity and composure in how most of them conduct themselves which is admirable, befitting of this long-standing tradition," Luciana remarked calmly. To some degree there was truth to her words, she embellished yes, but any proper lady knew to choose her words wisely to suit the situation and very few people could do that as well as Luciana. "I can only hope to meet all the others before the first elimination, it would be an honour to call any one of them my friend." Luciana finished, her tone soft and sweet, yet reserved to maintain integrity. It was a fraction of the truth, she did hope to mee the others, but for more strategic reasons, of course, that was nothing that the public would ever need to know.

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