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Gripe about Amazon com reviews

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message 1: by Monadh (new)

Monadh | 137 comments I know (or at least I think) that some of the other members of this group also publish reviews on Amazon com. I've noticed that a number of my reviews don't have the AVP badge, even though I purchased the books. Customer service recommended that I delete the reviews and then upload them again. Not sure whether that is going to help. In the meantime my reviews are relegated to the bottom of the pile.
I am trying to get among the top 10'000 reviewers (still a ways off) and it's kind of frustrating not getting any helpful votes, partly because buyers don't get to see my reviews.
Sometimes I also look at those reviewers that are somewhere in the 9900+ slot to find out what I have to do differently for my reviews to get more helpful votes. And there I discovered a reviewer with less than a hundred reviews but over 1500 helpful votes, so I went to look at their profile. They got over 1500 votes for one review and it said "Love, love, love". Gah!

LoveYourShelf (LAB☺) | 668 comments You should get Doug's opinion/recommendation or Melindeloo. They were both in the top 500 at one time (Doug might be even higher. I think he was top 100 at one point).

A lot of it is scam. People have their friends go on and upvote their reviews. Doug had quite a few stories in the past of shenanigans that go on with reviews.

Doug also has a facebook page for reviews where he posts the link to his review on amazon and asks for likes/upvotes if his facebook friends find the review helpful.

I used to review on Amazon and will still occasionally if I get a rare ARC (its only happened like 4 times). I prefer to review on goodreads, its not as strict or painful to post a review.

Karen  ⚜Mess⚜ One of LAB's reviews was used in a book! I think that's better than a bazillion likes.

message 4: by Douglas (last edited Dec 25, 2018 07:45PM) (new)

Douglas Meeks (dougmeeks) | 1543 comments Mod
Since they reworked the review system I have no idea how to help, I have several reviews that are the most popular that get buried but others stick on top, there seems to be no rhyme of reason, I do know that if you are not a Verified Purchase it makes it much harder, I am up to Top reviewer #219 and I was out of the top 500 just 8 months ago, I think most of my movement has been for reviews of products other than books but to be honest I can't figure the system out, it seems so random, I have a few where I have like 50+ helpful votes and they don't even make the product page which is filled with reviews that have like less than 10 helpful votes???????? If anyone figure out how this new system works let me know, it has been just dumb luck I have moved up, my review for Dark Queen was the turning point for some reason. All I can tell it seems to be a combination of Helpful vote, Verified Purchases and age of the review and maybe (this is a low level guess) the quantity of reviews since I seem to go up occasionally when I have posted several reviews but gotten no "Helpful" votes?????

message 5: by Monadh (last edited Dec 26, 2018 02:31AM) (new)

Monadh | 137 comments Thanks, Doug, for your insights. I only buy Kindle books from Amazon US, stuff that needs shipping I get from Amazon Germany.
I've wondered about my reviews with comparably many helpful votes that get buried on page 13 and thereabouts and just assumed that maybe I also got a lot of unhelpful votes for some reason (unfortunately they are not shown anymore, so it is difficult to tell).
Along with AVP I think another factor is also getting your review up early, so that people see it when they visit the product page and that's where I had problems with the AVP: you have to wait a certain amount of time after purchase before it appears, even if the books is already on your Kindle.
And you are right, I have observed that I moved up in rankings simply by posting reviews even if I didn't get any helpful votes...

message 6: by Douglas (new)

Douglas Meeks (dougmeeks) | 1543 comments Mod
@Monadh - I wrote about a dozen or so reviews in 2019, got 3 helpful vote, gained 11 places ?????? WTF??? I give up, I think they use a random number generator. I like the outcome but in the back of my mind I keep thinking I have cheated somehow LOL

HappyBookWorm2020 | 1958 comments Does anyone here know how to follow a reviewer? I wanted to add a reviewer to the handful that I follow and couldn't figure out how to do it.

message 8: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa (vanessacoutu) | 1110 comments Doug... I recently received an ARC for The Winter of the Witch. The Winter of the Witch (Winternight Trilogy, #3) by Katherine Arden I posted my review as soon as Ammy would take it. My review is at the bottom of page 5. Behind such glorious declarations like--
"What an amazing, magical story. So well written and a perfect ending to Vasya's story."
"Extremely well written"

Both of which were written days after my review, and appear on page 2. I don't know what their process is, but I have never been a page 1 or even a page 2 reviewer.

message 9: by Monadh (new)

Monadh | 137 comments HappyBookWorm2020 wrote: "Does anyone here know how to follow a reviewer? I wanted to add a reviewer to the handful that I follow and couldn't figure out how to do it."

Sorry, just saw this post now. Go to their profile page and just beneath the banner on the right side there should be a button saying [+Follow]. If you don't see that button it's because the reviewer has opted out of being followed, which you can do on your profile page under [Edit privacy settings] (at the bottom) you can uncheck this option...

HappyBookWorm2020 | 1958 comments Monadh, thanks for responding. The person I wanted to follow had probably opted out.

LoveYourShelf (LAB☺) | 668 comments Its also really annoying when there are obvious bogus reviews and Amazon does nothing about it. I was looking for headphones for my husband for valentines day. This one came up at a solid 5* rating, but if you look at the reviews, they are all dated February 12 and all by "Amazon Customer" or the same people over and over again. 565 reviews! Its annoying because I tried to post a review and amazon rejected it because I complained too much about the seller (amazon) and they said the review was not enough about the product.

HappyBookWorm2020 | 1958 comments Grace Burrowes's new book has at least one review that is for a different book.

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