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message 1: by Liam (new)

Liam Redmond | 1 comments I know this is going to sound pretty pathetic, but I've actually become obsessed with a book series.

Last week, I started reading a trilogy series called "Kingdom on Fire". I've become so engrossed with the story that I literally can't stop thinking about it EVER.

I read the first one in one day - unable to stop reading. Then when I finished, I was unable to stop fantasizing about the story in my head to the point where I was literally losing sleep because of it.

Then, a few days later, I got the second book in the series. The same thing happened, except WORSE. Again, I read it all in a few hours since I found myself unable to stop but this time the book had some rather tragic things happen to a bunch of the major characters. As a result, I found myself becoming extremely upset and anxious. I literally felt like I was having a mental breakdown.

What I explained above happened yesterday. Currently, I'm still stuck in the same cycle of constantly fantasizing about the story and I can't stop. I'll try to focus on something else and the story will just pop right back into my head again.

I ordered the last book in the series earlier today, but I'm honestly scared to start reading it for so many reasons.
-I don't want the series to end as I've excessively/obsessively fallen in love with the characters and story
-I fear that the series will end in an unhappy way or one that is undesirable for me which will make me feel the same way I do right now (which is because of the ending of book 2)
-And this isnt necessarily related to reading book 3, but I don't know how I can stop fantasizing and thinking about the story. If I read book 3, I'll fantasize with the story forever as there won't be any more books to continue the story. If I don't read book three, I'll just keep fantasizing from the point where the story left off.

Ahhhh. I'm just so frustrated because this series has literally taken over my mind and life. One part of me hopes that I'll be able to stop obsessing and fantasizing over it, while another hopes I'll never be able to stop because of how much this story has clicked with me.

message 2: by Irene (new)

Irene (raenne) | 4929 comments It sounds amazing you've found such a great series! Have you read the last book yet? Did it live up to your expectations?

message 3: by scout (new)

scout (annabettyjx) I would just read it and after a while the phase will go away! I’m the same right now with Maze Runner

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