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You can use any template you have created or received permission to use from the Template creation topic, however you may also use the template below to create characters.

Name: (And Nicknames, if applicable.)
Cultural background: (A lot of you like to use anime images, so this is to clear up why the Spanish looking anime guy is actually French, or whatever.)
Class: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, if they are a student.)
Occupation: (If they have one. If they go to the High School as a student, then put student, as well as any jobs or clubs they are in.)
Height & Weight:
Ability: (What is their Superpower?)
Level: (Where, from 1.0 to 10 do they land on the scale? Remember the rules.)
Rank: (If they are a Royal, then state their position on the team. If not, put “Civillian”. If they are a teacher, then say “Teacher”.)
Relationship Status:
Theme Song:
Stats: (Stats refers to the character’s Strength, Defense, Speed, Recovery, and Trick. Ranging from 0 to 10, this is how we get a handle on your character’s abilities. Strength is self explanatory, as are Defense and Speed. Recovery is their ability to heal or handle strong blows, and Trick is their ability hide things or deceive.)

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Basic Information
Name: Johanna Bonhes
Nickname/Alias: Jo, Crip, Nuke Girl (She'll hit you for calling her this.)
Gender: Female
Cultural background: American
Age: 16
Class: Sophomore
Occupation: Student, Works at a bookstore
Rank: Civillian (May change in the future)

Appearance Information
(Ignore the amulet.)
Out of school
Eyes when using power
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 125 lbs
Notable Features: Possibly the most notable thing about her is the white highlights in her otherwise black hair. If you look at her records, she never had them before she was expelled from her previous school, it was only after she dropped off the map for a while before enrolling at Wellston that they appeared. Additionally, unlike most people, her power does not make her eyes glow the same color as the iris. Strangely, her yellowish eyes glow blue instead.

Psychological Analysis
Personality: Johanna has something of a slight personality disorder. Typically, she’s quiet, usually listening to music when she isn't in school or working. She seems nice enough, although a bit shy and kinda introverted. It's kinda hard to be social when her image of having no ability puts her on the outskirts of everything.
But in situations where she is forced to use her power or she comes unglued and uses her power, middle school Jo who singlehandedly set half of New Ocala glowing for half a month because half her class jumped her peeks out the front door to say "Hi". At times like these, she is violent, destructive, and every bit of her God-Tier Nuclear power is on display for the entire world to see and run from.
Music (Especially by bands like Metallica and 5FDP)
Quiet spots
Using her power
Fights she can't win
Johanna fears that her power will be discovered, or that someone will take the bullying too far and force her to use her power just to survive.

Power Analysis
Ability Name: Nuclear
Description: Johanna possesses the ability to generate and manipulate nuclear energy. Her energy is blue in color, as is her eyeshine when she uses it. She can use the energy in a variety of ways, often it may seem as if she is copying the abilities of others, although she rarely uses her power, as she is playing "Cripple". So far only the Headmaster, nurse, and security officer know of her ability.
Level: 8.7 (God Tier)
Johanna is rendered completely immune to the effects of radiation and nuclear weaponry by her power. If the Hiroshima bombs were to drop on her head, it would be the weight of the bomb, not the blast, that did damage to her, and it wouldn't be much. And it would also give her a ton of energy to work with.
Because Jo's ability would normally destroy any life form, the drugs that rogue groups use to cancel the powers of others do not work on Jo, as the drug does not survive long enough to take effect due to the amount of radiation flowing through her body.
Strap in, it's science time! Because of how radiation works and damaging living cells, Jo heals at a rapid rate because her body has adapted to compensate for this, although she can to some degree slow down her healing, usually to avoid rousing suspicion. However, if she does not restrict it she heals at a visible rate. She cannot regrow lost limbs, but as long as a vital organ is not removed, she can heal from and survive most injuries within a few hours.
Johanna’s power can be dampened by materials that block radiation, and such materials actually have an adverse effect on her. Materials like lead, which block radiation, or materials that absorb or reduce radiation, make her extremely sick. In some cases, prolonged exposure can render her unconscious for days.
Jo’s total immunity to dangerous drugs like the anti-ability injection is a double-edged sword, as she isn’t affected by medicines, either. If she were to get sick by some superbug that could survive her radiation, no amount of anti-biotics or cold medicine or whatever could hope to succeed, because the amount of radiation in her body would prevent the drug from surviving long enough to do its work, on top of the superbug would probably be incredibly resilient since it already survived the radiation.
Some injuries Johanna cannot heal from. If her bones were broken, she would need them set before they would heal, or if a foreign object were to be lodged within, say, her lungs, her healing factor would keep her alive, but she would not be able to fully heal until the object was removed.
Jo’s nuclear energy is directly linked to her body’s health. It has a tremendous calorie requirement that causes her have an insane appetite. And if she were to become sick or injured, or her body were compromised, energy production would stop and her body would focus solely on healing, and she would be as defenseless as someone without a power.
Strength: 10
Defense: 5
Speed: 4
Recovery: 7
Trick: 9
Jo's radiation does not cause permanent damage to humans with powers. Sure, if you ran a Geiger counter over her the thing would blow up, but no one with an ability would suffer radiation problems for more than a day if they were exposed, and the only ways to be exposed would be for her to use her power or for her to be cut open and the energy released.
Weirdly, if Jo releases nuclear energy and leaves radiation behind, it fades within hours. What would take a century to fade for a nuclear bomb takes only a couple days for Jo.
Johanna enrolled at Wellston as a cripple, or someone who has no ability. As a result, only the nurse, chief security officer, and headmaster know of her ability and she goes to great, some would say suicidal, lengths to hide her power, opting to have her bones broken rather than fight back at full power when she is targetted by bullies.

Miscellaneous Information
Johanna was a troubled kid throughout most of her life. Her father died when she was little, and her mother was born powerless. Throughout elementary and most of middle school, her power was in the backdrop, she always hovered around 1, barely noticeable, pretty much a cripple. Then somehow around the last third of her seventh grade year her power hit a growth spurt, and then suddenly she was immensely powerful with no idea what was going on.
Because of this, there was some controversy with the Royals team at her school, as the Queen and Ace saw her as a bit of a threat and there was push for her to rise up in the hierarchy. One of the Jacks convinced her to challenge the Queen, saying that if she lost, no one would bug her about it again.
So Johanna challenged the Queen. And completely wrecked her. The Seventh Grade Royals class never lost another Turf War while Jo was on the roster, and just like pretty much everyone who has tremendous power, without guidance it went all to hell. Think along the lines of John in the WebToon comic, and you see where this is going and how it ended.
Family Members:
Michael Bonhes (Father) (Deceased)
Alice Bonhes (Mother)
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationships in General: Johanna is known as a cripple, a weakling, and is pretty much a target for bullies trhoguhout the school. Because of this, she and the nurse know each other pretty well, since Jo is in the nurse’s office almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day.
Theme Song: Jekyll and Hyde by 5FDP

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 113 comments Mod
Name: Akinae Kuronami

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Class: Junior

Occupation: Student

Appearance: description

Clothing: either the school uniform or she wears a simple T-shirt, jeans combo

Height & Weight: 6’0 201 lbs.

Personality: Akinae is usually an outspoken individual, though due to her unique circumstance, she really enjoys messing with everyone’s heads.

Likes: Reading, cooking, playing violin

Dislikes: Bullies, royals who’re too big for their ability

Ability: Breakdown: This allows Akinae to influence optical and physical illusion onto either one person or the area surrounding her. Meaning she can trip someone up mentally or force the nerves to simulate pain depending on what she wills onto the person.

Sub Ability: Light manipulation: Since to create illusions, a light source is needed. This gives Akinae the ability to manipulate light to whatever she needs.

Level: 7.6

Strengths: illusions and ranged combat

Weaknesses: Speed type abilities or melee fighters

Rank: Civillian

History: She’s lived in an orphanage most of her early life, though her folks were rather rich. When they were murdered, it was stated in the will of the mother and father that half of their bank accounts money to be deposited into her name.

Family: None, was orphaned at birth.


Relationship Status: Single

Other: Due to a birth defect, Akinae’s ability never developed a glint, giving off the illusion she’s a cripple.

Strength: 6
Defense: 8
Speed: 9
Recovery: 4
Trick: 10

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{Full Name}: Yukino Kiera Cadwell
{Nickname}: Yuki, Yui, Yu, Cripple.
{Name Origins}: Yukino means "to be like snow" in Japanese.
{Ethnicity}: Half Japanese Half American
{Age}: 15
{Alignment}: Chaotic Neutral
{Occupation} Student
{Gender}: Female


~Insert Image!~
Related image
{Face Claim} N/A
{Hair}: Brown
{Skin Tone}: Porcelain
{Eyes}: Right eye(view spoiler) Left Eye(view spoiler)
Image result for unOrdinary remi uniform
Casual wear
Related image
Image result for cute outfits for girly girls
Note: When out of school, she wears the leather jacket. However, for special occassions she wears the pink outfit.
{Height}: 5'6"
{Weight}: 110 lbs
{Body Frame}: Slender
{Other Distinguishing Features/Important Info}: Yuki's eyes only glow when she uses her abilities. So, imagine the pictures above as just duller or something. But that's how they look when they are glowing :)


~Yukino was born to an American man and a Japanese woman. Yuki's father met Yuki's mother when he was doing research in Japan, and well, he fell in love with her and decided to stay in Japan with her. When Yuki was born, Yuki's mother's business had took off and she got promoted. However, the problem was, they had to move to France.... So, the small family moved to France. Yuki was still rather young and didn't really know how to talk yet. So, when they got to France, she grew up around 3 different languages. English, Japanese, and French.

While Yuki may have been able to walk, she never really learned to talk until she was around the age of 5. At the time, the whole concept of languages confused her. It wasn't easy for a small 5 year old to wrap her mind around 3 different languages. However, when she finally spoke, it was not in either of her native tongues. No, it was in French.

It was her first day of school, and everyone was getting along. There was this one boy in her class who was totally rude to everyone, thinking he was better than everyone because he discovered he had a super cool ability. However, when he decided to pick on Yuki's friend, she kind of just... snapped. She yelled at him and he backed off. Her friend went home crying that day, and well, Yuki just went home and continued to be quiet, never speaking about the incident.

A few years later, Yuki was in her last year of elementary school. She was being bullied again, which was nothing new at this point. But she was honestly sick of it. When the girl punched her, she fought back. By the end of the fight, she had taken down around 5 people without using her ability. Yuki came home from school, covered in injuries. Her parents, who thought she was a mute, were super worried, especially after getting a call saying Yuki was suspended for 2 months. Her parents then decided to move back to Japan. When they got to Japan, her parents home schooled her for about a year, trying to teach her how to speak and Japanese and such.

When Yuki went to her new school, she was in her first year of Middle School. During her first year of middle school, she sort of just ignored everyone. Then one day she challenged the Queen, a third year middle schooler, and won. So, by the time she reached her second Year, she was the Queen of her school. Much like what happened to John, she was betrayed by those who she considered close. Three of her best friends, planned and attacked her, betraying her trust. They gathered at least 20 students, about 5 high tiers and the rest low tiers and about 6 middle tiers. She had been warned by one of her closest friends, the only one still on her side. But she didn't believe him. She snapped at him, yelled at him, and even managed to hurt him.

She pushed the only one who even cared away. She managed to beat all 20 students, but not unscathed. She was bleeding badly and her arm was broken. But she still had three opponents left. Her three friends. She managed to beat them, them also only being low tiers, but in the end, she was devastated. She believed that she may never be able to trust anyone again.

After that, she was taken in by some authorities. She refused to answer their questions, so eventually a man came in. He went through her memories, trying to teach her a lesson about society. However, all he did was show her what she already knew. Those traitors deserved what happened to them and she did not feel the least bit guilty about what she was. Just because he could show her the same memories over and over again didn't mean she was willing to compromise in the slightest. After the year was up though, they completely reformed Yuki. Not through her memories, but through... other tactics. The entire year is missing from her reports as well as the year of her first serious fight. Whenever anyone searches her up, there seems to be many gaps in her profiles. When anyone even attempts to search her elementary school, nothing seems to appear, as if it never existed in the first place.

Although it took a lot of convincing, she convinced her parents to let her go to Wellston High School. So, she spent her whole summer studying. And eventually got in. She decided she'd change her looks before entering. So, the day before school, she got a new style. She dyed her brown. Before, her hair was actually white. How come? Well, when Yuki was born she was actually born an albino. When she got to school, people in her class started asking her about what kind of ability she had... When they asked... she told them she was a cripple. Her parents moved back to France because business picked up, so Yuki actually lives alone.

Yuki's confidence seems to aggravate a lot of people, saying she should learn her place or not. So, almost everyday, someone provokes her and tries to beat her up. This results in constant fights with both her and the opponent in the nurses office. Yuki, having constantly had really bad injuries, is actually quite terrified of the nurse. Especially since she keeps leaving before she's supposed to. She just refuses to sit still in some stuffy building. And every time, the nurse gets angrier and angrier. Honestly, Yuki feels like he just might kill her one of these days.

~Yuki usually seems rather distant, always off in her own little world. Despite claiming to be a cripple, she doesn't really avoid attention. In fact, when it comes to her, she just lets it pass through. Never really caring. She walks through the hallways without a care in the world and doesn't seem to be afraid of the other students. She acts clueless and dense, but in reality, she's not as dumb as she looks. She pays close attention to her surroundings and even takes notes on people's abilities. She usually skips classes and just hangs out behind the school or something. Once you get to know her, she's pretty chill and very kind. She can be a bit energetic, but at the same time, at any moment she can be just as serious as anyone else. While many may think she's weak, she's actually great at martial arts, having participated in multiple clubs at her previous schools such as kendo and karate. Plus, she's been in plenty of fights to have learned that she needed to be strong. So, she exercised daily. A workout before school and one after.

When angered to a certain point, she can be a total different person. She gets way more violent than ever before and tends to say some pretty harsh things. Calling people worthless, wastes of space, useless. She can lash out and easily angered. She's easily impressionable and, even if it wasn't noticeable before, she seems to not trust people at all. Doesn't want to let anyone close, to trust them, to let them help. In her mind, a human helping another human is unspeakable. There's always something they want in return. Even when she's not totally lashing out and is just being her normal, calm self, she hates being touched. If someone's able to get close enough to touch her, they are close enough to hurt her. You can simply tap her shoulder and she'd lash out at you. Touch her and you might as well be prepared to be punched in the face.

Other than that, she's actually just like your basic child. Seemingly innocent, always smiling, seemingly not understanding the situation, and just very impressionable as before mentioned. She sees someone do something cool, and she wants to do it too. Someone she trusts says something, she believes them immediately. However, she doesn't trust adults in the slightest. She's very childish and often pouts over the smallest things. She's a huge jokester and is always willing to pull a prank or two, especially on high tiers. She's very persistent and will stop at nothing till' she gets what she wants, even if it nearly gets her killed.

{Class}: Freshmen
{Ability}: Lightning
{Description}: Upon activation, its user's body will be surrounded by bright blue electricity. This electricity can be controlled in a number of ways and usually follows the user's hands.
{Level}: 5.3
{Rank}: Civilian
{Strength}: 6
{Defense}: 5
{Speed}: 7
{Recovery}: 4
{Trick}: 7

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{Ability Analysis}:

Electrogenesis The user can generate electricity from their hands.
Electrokinesis The user can manipulate the electricity they generate for offensive purposes.
Electrocuting Body The electricity around the user will electrocute and knock out anyone without sufficiently high defence who comes into contact with it.
Electric Resistance This ability gives its user resistance to electric shocks.
Enhanced Speed With the users ability activated, they have increased mobility. In episode 49 of unOrdinary, Remi has also displayed that she can catch up to a motorcycle with her ability active.
Circuit Detection In high-tiers, it manifests passively by allowing the user to detect electrical currents without activating their ability.
Long-range Circuit Tracking By using the electricity and circuits from electronics and chips and other things of the sort, the user can track said thing down. In episode 48, Remi has also hinted that she can track people over a distance via their electronics. This may be an application of her circuit detection.

{Weaknesses}: Yuki, while her ability may be cool and all, has many weaknesses. Using her abilities can exhaust her. The more she uses the ability for an extended period of time, the weaker and more exhausted it will make her, eventually leaving her vulnerable. Then there's the variable that she refuses to use her actual ability. As for her long range circuit tracking, she'd have to be in range of said thing, meaning if it's far enough, she won't be able to track it. Taking her stats into account, her recovery time and defense can be considered a weakness as well, both being rather weak.

More Weaknesses to be added later


{Food}: Cake
{Color}: Blue
{Song}: Stargazing by Severo ft. Amelie
{Instrument}: Guitar
{Animal}: Bunnies

~--\\Other Info\\--~

{Birthday}: October 13th
{Pets}: N/A

~Animals, Sweets, Tea, doing whatever she wants

~How cripples and lower tiers are treated, bitter things, The dark.

~The Dark, getting close

{Sexuality and Status}:
~Single, Bisexual

Claire Cadwell (Mother, Alive, 34)
Sekijiro Cadwell (Father, Alive, 33)
Remi (Cousin, Alive)
Rei (Cousin, Deceased).

{Hobbies}: Reading, Playing Video Games, Listening to music, Playing the Guitar, Stargazing

{Theme Song}: Be Somebody by Phil Good

{Other}: Yuki's mother was actually Rei and Remi's Aunt. Of course, the two never met the woman because she ran off with some boy when she was younger. Remi and Yuki are somewhat aware of each other's existence, they just don't know much. Yuki knows what Remi looks like and that she's actually a queen at Wellston. Remi on the other hand really only knows that Yuki has the same ability as her and what she looked like before she dyed her hair and got contacts.


"Just because your a higher tier, doesn't mean I can't still kick you butt."
"Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack."
"Being weak doesn't make you useless. Being strong doesn't make you invincible."
"Some appear weak when they are strong, and others appear strong when they are actually weak."
"Each betrayal begins with trust."
"Betrayal is the only truth that sticks."
"Beware of the person who stabs you in the back and then tells the world they're the ones bleeding."

~Yuki's Template, Please don't use without Permission! If you wish to use this template, don't be afraid to PM me for Permission. I'm not all that mean, so I won't bite you or anything.~

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Name: Krystal Koizumi(The last name I usually use)
Nickname: Kris
Gender: Female
Cultural background: American(With hinges of Japanese in her ancestry)
Age: 14
Class: Freshman
Occupation: Royal, Student
Appearance: When using her powers Kris' eyes glow a light cyan
She wears the original uniform as a female student, however, underneath the skirt she wears tights under it. She usually wears the tie that is used in the men's outfit and the normal school shoes.
Outside of school:
Her shirt is black with a white infinity symbol on it, most of the times she wears an overall over it, covering most of the symbol, and brown boots.
Height & Weight: Her height is about 5'1, shorter than a lot of the students and 121 lbs.
Personality: Kris is rather shy, to say the least. She believes in equality and despite being a freshman queen she tends to be clumsy, tripping over things. She can easily be questioned on how she became a queen in the first place or why but the moment someone messes with her twin or her, they can count on having their face in the ground with her just skipping away. She hates bullies and those that pick on the weak. Despite her shortness, she can be pretty scary, sometimes "activating" her power to get people to back off whenever she gets mad.
Likes: Her twin, reading, superheroes(Yes she's that person XD), doing the right thing
Dislikes: Bullies, people hurting those she loves,
Ability: (What is their Superpower?) Explosion
Level: (Where, from 1.0 to 10 do they land on the scale? Remember the rules.) 5.3
Strengths: Despite her looks, her powers are a lot stronger and gives her a boost of defense
Weaknesses: Her powers take a lot out of her, meaning she can be vulnerable if she uses it way too much, she hates fighting, some people take advantage of her sweetness, she's slow when it comes to fighting
Rank: Royal
History: Krystal and her twin sister, Leila, have been through several different schools. Their parents moved them around a lot, due to a combination of their jobs forcing them to move around and Leila and Kris would get into all kinds of trouble at school because of how protective they are of each other. Someone would comment on Leila’s eyes and Krystal would blow them sky high. Someone would call Kris destructive and Leila would give them third-degree burns. Someone would take a swing at either one of them and they’d completely wreck the building. They’d get carried away at Turf Wars and get in trouble with both schools involved, that kind of thing.
New Ocala seemed promising when their parents finally landed a semi-permanent position as sales managers there until the Queen of the middle school set the place a-glowing. As far as the twins know, the Queen at the time was somewhat mad with power, and the rest of the class was attempting a mutiny. Attempting is the keyword, there, because the radioactive blast even put Kris on the ground.
So, everything within a mile of the school now so radioactive it glowed for a month and a half even with cleanup crews and the bizarrely high rate it faded away, the Koizumi twins were forced to look for alternative schools and wound up at Wellston.
Leila Koizumi-Twin sister
Matthew Koizumi-Father
Lola Koizumi-Mother
Hunter Koizumi-Little brother
Akilo Koizumi-Newborn brother
Sexuality: Lesbian
Relationship Status: Single
Theme Song: Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park
Stats: (Stats refers to the character’s Strength, Defense, Speed, Recovery, and Trick. Ranging from 0 to 10, this is how we get a handle on your character’s abilities. Strength is self-explanatory, as are Defense and Speed. Recovery is their ability to heal or handle strong blows, and Trick is their ability to hide things or deceive.)
Strength: 8
Defense: 5
Speed: 3
Recovery: 6
Trick: 2

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) | 366 comments Mod
Basic Information
Name: Leila Koizumi
Gender: Female
Cultural background: American but with some Japanese ancestry.
Age: 14
Class: Freshman
Occupation: Royal, Student
Rank: Jack
Face Claim: Mei Misaki from Another

Appearance Information
Related image
Clothing: See image montage at the bottom.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 103 lbs
Notable Features: Leila has heterochromia, or a genetic "error" that gave her two different eye colors. As a result of this, her eyes glow two different colors when she uses her power, which even she finds freaky, especially since she is blind in her green eye. She keeps her blind eye covered most of the time.

Psychological Analysis
Personality: Leila is often described as blunt and anti-social. It's not that she doesn't like people, it's just that she doesn't like how people remark on her weirdly colored eyes. She's also kinda self-conscious about her eyepatch. A fast way to get decked is to comment on it, whether it's a compliment or an insult. Despite being ranked weaker than her sister, Leila is somewhat protective of her sister, which, combined with the fact that she is often so blunt it comes off as rude she's not that popular.

Power Analysis
Ability Name: Pyrokinesis
Description: Leila can create and manipulate flames in various ways. Sometimes she may wish to just shoot a jet of fire, other times she may desire to wrap her arms in fire and give you third degree burns everytime she punches you.
Level: 5.3
Leila is immune to almost any form of heat, and can seemingly be burned only by chemicals. Although electricity would damage her, she would not have a mark on her body from it.
Fire is an unpredictible force of nature, and this is carried on in Leila’s fighting style. The versatility of her flames is not to be underestimated.
Fire is fire, and things that put out fire can really mess with Leila’s power unless her flames can stand up to it at the time. If she is unprepared, water or wind can really screw with her fire, and if you were to do something really douchy like push her into a lake, until she dried off you would be safe from her fire, but probably not her sister.
While Leila is immune to heat, she is vulnerable to the lack thereof. If the area is cold enough, she won’t be able to do much more than a cigarette lighter could.
Fire requires three things to exist; heat, fuel, and air. Leila provides the fuel, but if someone were to suck one of the other two components out of the equation she would be rendered vulnerable.
Strength: 6
Defense: 8
Speed: 6
Recovery: 5
Trick: 8

Miscellaneous Information
Leila and her twin sister, Krystal, have been through several different schools. Their parents moved them around a lot, due to a combination of their jobs forcing them to move around and Leila and Kris would get into all kinds of trouble at school because of how protective they are of each other. Someone would comment on Leila’s eyes and Krystal would blow them sky high. Someone would call Kris destructive and Leila would give them third degree burns. Someone would take a swing at either one of them and they’d completely wreck the building. They’d get carried away at Turf Wars and get in trouble with both schools involved, that kind of thing.
New Ocala seemed promising when their parents finally landed a semi-permanent position as sales managers there, until the Queen of the middleschool set the place a-glowing. As far as the twins know, the Queen at the time was somewhat mad with power, and the rest of the class was attempting a mutiny. Attempting is the keyword, there, because the radioactive blast even put Kris on the ground.
So, everything within a mile of the school now so radioactive it glowed for a month and a half even with cleanup crews and the bizarrely high rate it faded away, the Koizumi twins were forced to look for alternative schools, and wound up at Wellston.
Family Members:
Krystal Koizumi (Twin Sister)
Matthew Koizumi (Father)
Lola Koizumi (Mother)
Hunter Koizumi (Little Brother)
Akilo Koizumi (Newborn Brother)
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationships in General:
Theme Song: Kryptonite by Three Doors Down
(view spoiler)

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{Full Name}: Chizu Makoto
{Nickname}: Chi, Zuzu, Anything you can think of :)
{Name Origins}: Makoto means sincerity while Chizu means A thousand Storks
{Ethnicity}: Japanese
{Age}: 15
{Alignment}: Neutral
{Occupation} Freshman Jack
{Gender}: Male


~Insert Image!~
Related image
(view spoiler)
{Face Claim} Mochizou Ooji from Tamako Market
{Hair}: Brown
{Skin Tone}: Pale
{Eyes}: Brown
Image result for unordinary uniform
Casual Clothes
Related image
Image result for long sleeve shirts
{Height}: 5'9"
{Weight}: 125 lbs
{Body Frame}: Slender
{Other Distinguishing Features/Important Info}:


Chizu Makoto was born to two very well known people. His mother was a writer for young adult books, children books, and even used to be a news reporter. His father on the other hand worked as a lawyer. He went on many cases, defending many different people.

And Chizu? Well, lets just say his parents never really wanted him to be thrown in the spotlight as a baby. They didn't want him to get targeted or even lose his freedom to choose what he wants to do with his life. They didn't want eyes to constantly be on him every moment of his life. So, they left him at a small orphanage.

At that orphanage, he was raised as a normal child. He also made a few friends there, one of them who soon became his best friend. He met her when he was only 3. The girl had just been dropped off at the orphanage and she seemed super confused. So, Chizu, being the person he was, decided to go up and talk to her. He helped her out and the two became rather quick friends. The two did practically everything together and became really close. Chizu realized his feelings for her when he was around 7. His friends were constantly teasing him about his little crush on her, which would always lead to him getting embarrassed and making a fool out of himself.

However, his friends were also very supportive. They would constantly encourage him to tell her. However, he never managed to actually grow the courage to tell her. Years passed by and they were in their first year of middle school. She was the Queen, and well, he was the king of his very small middle school. Before he managed to tell her how he felt, he heard one of his closest friends talking to her. Chizu stopped, he didn't know why, but he just did. The boy asked his crush to be his girlfriend. Now, Chizu did not expect this from his friend. They were extremely close, and Chizu even managed to convince the rest of the royals to let his friend be a Jack. The two had been friends even longer than he had been friends with the girl he likes, Autumn.

It had hurt Chizu, especially since his friend had known Chizu liked Autumn for a really long time now. But what hurt the most... was when she said yes. Chizu, now had been betrayed by his best friend and heartbroken by the girl he thought he had loved. Of course, he was devastated! The thing was, the two didn't even like each other. They literally dated for a few months before they started arguing and then broke up!

And Chizu's parents? Well, he met them for the first time. He begged the orphanage to tell him the name of them and to maybe make an appointment with them so he could meet them, only if it was once. He had so many questions, and he wanted answers. The orphanage managed to get through to both of the parents, and they both agreed to meet him. Chizu met up with them and learned that the only reason they put him in the orphanage is because they wanted the best for him. And Chizu's father? He was still a lawyer, but he was also a superhero, which Chizu had thought was totally awesome. According to Chizu's father, he had bought the book UnOrdinary before it was actually banned. All Chizu's answers were answered. Not only did he managed to meet them, they were actually offering him a chance to live with them. According to them, his mother was just about to give birth to a baby girl. His parents had regretted greatly for letting him stay in the orphanage, and were willing to change that. They told him that with a new baby girl coming into the world, she'd need a very strong older brother to protect her. So of course, Chizu accepted the offer and his parents adopted him, taking him back into custody. He spent his next two years of middle school home schooled and he would often help take care of his little sister when his parents had work, even though they had a maid for that. Chizu didn't feel right making the maid do everything, so he took care of his little sister and helped the maid clean and cook, and in return, she tutored him. He soon came to think of her as an older sister of the sort.

He studied hard and eventually got into Wellston Highschool. Before he knew it, his new friend was encouraging him to challenge the freshman Jack. Of course, after much convincing he did. Not expecting to actually win, he challenged the jack, and surprisingly enough, he actually won. He tried to back out of it, but eventually was pressured into the spot by his "friends." He was perfectly fine with being Jack, having been King before, but it was just very difficult for him to be open about his ideals and beliefs about cripples with everyone constantly watching and judging him.

Chizu Makoto is pretty chill and calm most the time and often would get lost in thought. However, when he has something on his mind, he becomes this massive dork. He's super clumsy and easy to startle. He seems to constantly stutter over his words and is honestly a bit dense. He's easily embarrassed, like, super easy. Most wonder why he's a royal and often question his authority. He's not all that frightening from what they can tell and is a total pushover. However, he can be serious too. When he's serious, he seems more concentrated and more aware of his surroundings, hence why he's survived turf wars and is still a Jack. To most, they see him as an embarrassment of a royal, seeing as he's not all that authoritative and no one would ever look to him for protection. He treats low tiers and Cripples as equals, never ever looking down on them. He's always willing to help in any way he can. Chizu is also still a bit upset about the whole heartbreak thing, but he's slowly getting over it. He tries his best to move past it and have a more optimistic outlook on the world, despite his actual ideals. He's an easy target for bullies outside of school. They see him as weak, and because he doesn't want to fight back unless he absolutely has too, he tends to get injured quite a bit. He's also very very naive. He believes that no one has a reason to actually lie and trusts what others tell him. He also tends to be super shy.

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{Class}: Freshmen
{Ability}: Darkness Manipulation; The power to manipulate darkness/shadows. Opposite to Light Manipulation.
{Level}: 5.2
{Rank}: Jack
{Strength}: 3
{Defense}: 6
{Speed}: 7
{Recovery}: 6
{Trick}: 8

{Ability Analysis}:
Darkness Healing; The power to heal by using darkness. Variation of Elemental Healing. Combination of Darkness Manipulation and Healing.
✿ Can Not Heal Severe injuries, just minor ones like cuts and stuff.
✿ May not be able to heal light-based attacks.
✿ Healing consumes a lot of energy, and this applies to Darkness healing too. Darkness healing can take up a lot of energy from the user, even if it's just minor cuts. The worst and the more injuries there are, the more energy this sub ability consumes.

Animated Shadow; Animated shadow is basically like an illusion created by the shadows. The user can make these to look like the most audacious monsters or even humans. They look real, but they aren't. These illusions consists entirely of darkness.
✿ Maintaining the shadow may be draining to the user. It takes a lot of mental capability and concentration to make these animated shadows and keep up the illusion. The user has to imagine everything they say, do, and still have to keep up a constant image of said illusion.
✿ May require light to create a shadow. We all know that without light, there are no shadows. So, the shadow's illusion is stronger depending on where the sun/light source is placed. This ability is far more effective during the day.
✿ Shadow may be impaired or even destroyed as the normal shadow. Shadows are shadows, no matter how you look at it. One simple touch can disrupt the entire illusion. This means the user must consistently make up new things to project and quickly.
✿ This skill is only useful as a sort of surprise attack. If the opponent know's what to expect, than it's rather easy to ignore the illusions. Making the ability absolutely useless.

Shadow Stealth; The user can hide themselves within the shadows of others and remain undetected from whoever's shadow they happen to be hiding in. They can use this technique to spy on individuals without leaving behind physical evidence.
✿ Must be able to touch or be near shadow or darkness to hide within it.
✿ Users can be detected if they speak or make noises while hiding.
✿ Drains a lot of energy in general. It's difficult to hide within someone's shadow and then not be detected.

{Weakness In General}: May be unable to create darkness/shadow, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources.
May become affected/corrupted through extended exposure. (Become ill, ect.)
Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user, and their power's natural limits.
Light manipulation is especially effective against Darkness, having being it's natural opposing force. At the same time, it could also strengthen the ability, seeing as shadows need light to be created, however for this opposite effect to happen is pretty rare. It depends on the user's skill and knowledge.

*✿ = Sub Abilities' Weaknesses
Might add more weaknesses in later ;)


{Food}: Cake
{Color}: Red
{Song}: JOLT by Unlike Pluto and 'Photograph' by Ed Sheeran
{Instrument}: Piano
{Animal}: Wolf

~--\\Other Info\\--~

{Birthday}: July 11th
{Pets}: N/A

~Animals, sweets, Stars, Children

~Murder, Jerks, This whole system thing, when people treat cripples as if they're not even human.

~Falling in love again, Getting hurt (emotionally), losing someone important.

{Sexuality and Status}:
~Single, Straight.

{Hobbies}: Reading, Drawing, Stargazing, Cloud watching

{Theme Song}: Hole In My Heart by Luke Friend

{Other}: He is really good at combat! When he was in the orphanage, he trained every now and again and when he started to get home schooled in his second year of middle school, he actually took professional classes where they taught him how to do martial arts.


"Cripples aren't all that bad. Some of them have much better personalities than most high tiers."

~Yuki's Template, Please don't use without Permission! If you wish to use this template, don't be afraid to PM me for Permission. I'm not all that mean, so I won't bite you or anything.~

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Lily Marie | 14 comments Mod
junora's basic information

junora fae greymark

nickname: juno
age: 15
gender: female
sexuality: lesbian
rank/grade: sophomore ace



(sailor mars)

appearance: junora is approxmently 5 foot 10 and weighs about 120 lbs. She has dark, long hair and dark eyes offset by a smooth and elegant face.


style: junora tends to wear her uniform neatly with her hair straightened or in a sleek ponytail.

a couple common outfits when she isn't in her uniform:

and if she's having a bad day, then this is the outfit:

it doesn't matter if it's a school day or not, she's high enough tier not to be bothered for being out of uniform.



history + personality

personality: junora is a bit of a hothead when anyone dares to light her afire. she tries to maintain control over herself, she really does, but it rarely works. she is calm and serious when not angry. her playful side can be brought out by anyone she is close to, or the people that just feel right to her.

likes and dislikes: junora likes fire, swords, archery, and painting. she hates people who are insensitive, bullies, and things that aren't aesthetically pleasing.

history: junora comes from a wealthy family. she's always had everything she's wanted- if her parents allowed it. junora's parents were incredibly strict and wanted their daughter to succeed. however, they also had the 'old money' way of doing things- and her sexuality was not allowed. junora's solution was to set fire to their mansion- though it was put out by her older brother, who can manipulate water. her punishment was to be sent off to the boarding school she is at currently, but she loves it there. junora flourishes in this environment, and the heirachy only benifits her. she's never agreed with the system, but she doesn't complain. all complaining could do would be to hurt her. some new friends could change that though.

theme song: 'feeding the fire' by hayley kiyoko.


Level: junora sits at a 7.5 on the scale, having truly honed her abilities in. she is weak at defense and trick, but she really wants to improve. her power and speed is truly remarkable.

ability: junora's ability itself is control over fire. she can create 'fire whips'- two long rope-type strands of flame that she controls. junora also can create fire balls that she can throw from about 25 yards away while maintaining accuracy of about 80%, accuracy increasing as she gets closer. she is immune to damage by fire and not very succeptible to electicity but weak to water.

Strength: 8
Defense: 3
Speed: 7.6
Recovery: 5
Trick: 2

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ι'м a goddeѕѕ wιтн a вlade - ѕee мe and ѕoon yoυ'll вe dead, coмe on ѕнoυт мy naмe loυd, loυd, loυd, loυd ι coυld тaĸe ιт тo тнe тop - no ι don'т need yoυr нelp, вecaυѕe ι aм a вad gal, gal, gal


naмe: Maya Tsunemori
age: 15
gender: female
cυlтυral вacĸgroυnd: Her father is Japenese, and mother is Spanish
claѕѕ: freshman
ranĸ: Royal (Freshman Ace)
occυpaтιon: Student and secretly a part-timer at a maid cafe


(view spoiler)
work uniform:
нeιgнт & weιgнт: 155cm, 52 kg


Maya is often described as exotic and magnetic. As deep as the sea, and, depending on her mood, as calm or as tempestuous. She is extraordinarily intuitive and keenly interested in any esoteric, occult or spiritual experience that offers any deep insight or connection. She is in tune with the fundamental forces of life and nature and often moved by the great tides and events of human experience.

Maya should never be taken lightly. She isn’t flaky, fluffy, or a helpless creatures by any stretch of the imagination. Direct, and brilliantly sharp, she solely focuses on the fundamental essence of any issue, disregarding the superfluous. Clear endings and beginnings, with no grey areas in between. She wants her certainties to remain just so – absolutely rock steady and assured.

She wants to understand everything and knows how to craft just the right question to obtain the answers she seeks. She is greatly intuitive, however also controlling, and sometimes self-destructive, but in all this she has a certain deadly beauty. Fearless and stubborn, even when life gets a little tricky she merely takes it on the chin and perseveres. Self-confident, resourceful, and strong, Maya is driven to succeed in anything she attempts; she works hard and is willing to sacrifice anything to get to her goals. She will stive towards her goals no matter what sacrifices she must make or secrets she must give up. However, she is also complex and secretive, choosing who she divulges them to carefully. Intensely passionate and surprisingly emotional, she can be an enigma to her lovers. Her real feelings and intentions are sometimes murky, hidden deeply, and obscured. She loves with a fierce devotion and is deeply passionate.


Maya is the daughter of two conmen. Not exactly something she is proud of. Her mother's ability allowed her to influence the minds of others, whilst her father could manifest his psychic energy into physical extenstions of himself. Both abilities made conducting a heist a piece of cake. Love blossomed and, though they weren't married, they decided to have a child. That child was Maya. They loved her more than the world. But not more than their life of crime. Leaving her in the care of her grandmother, they eloped. Maya hasn't seen them since.

Maya's grandmother was her whole family. She raised her and was her mother, father and grandmother. As a child, Maya was quite mischievous. Going into middle school, the development of her abilities did nothing but fuel her troublemaking. Her grandmother had had enough. Maya was bright, but never studied. Her grandmother wanted her to have a future better than that of her parents. When Maya's grandmother collapsed in her last year of middle school, she finally decided that enough was enough. She had to brush up her act for her grandmother's sake. She studied hard, and got a job at a maid cafe to support her grandmother, and graduated at the top of her class. She ignored the rumours that she used her ability to do so. Maya had worked her butt off for that, and her grandmother knew that. If her grandmother was proud, then nothing else mattered.

Her aim was to go to Wellston High, and so she passed the entrance exams without much difficulty. It was a new start, and so she decided it was best for her to keep her head down and dilligently do her work. She did not once use her ability, and so other freshmen started to think she was a cripple. They taunted her with names, and when she told them she wasn't a cripple, the sneered, saying that they would only believe it if she managed to somehow dethrone the current Ace. They were all dumbfounded when she managed to do so. Coming into the spotlight, she didn't mind and started to socialise. She wanted to become a better person than her parents. Maya wanted to get a good career and become a good person to honor her grandmother.


ѕeхυalιтy: bisexual, leaning towards men (she's a downright flirt)
мarιтal ѕтaтυs: single and open
ғaмιly: Mother and father's whereabouts unknown. Lives with her grandmother. No siblings she knows of.

lιĸeѕ & dιѕlιĸeѕ

+ a challenge
+ anyone who is funny, generous or kind
+ sweets
+ coffee
+ flirting

- snobs
- narcisists
- bullies
- sour things
- being sad

ѕтrengтнѕ & weaĸneѕѕeѕ

+ strong-willed
+ persistent
+ charismatic
+ good at masking her emotions and lying

- lonley
- can become so consumed with something that she looses sight of everythig else


aвιlιтy: Psyche (similar to Doctor Strange) Her level is 5.9.
Rather than manipulating psychic energy liker parents, Maya's abilities lie in the manipulation of mystic energy. She can harness such energy to:
- create tangible objects that act as extensions of her body. These range from weapons to barriers and shields
- telekinesis: move objects with her mind
- mental influence: it is less mind control, and more mental suggestivity. She can make her target see things, induce emotions and pain
- astral projection: she can project an intangible version of herself (essentially her soul)
mental influence and telekinesis are like second nature to her as they were the first she began to use as a child. It takes little to no effort for her to perform any feats with this ability. She also learnt judo, tai chi, karate and freestyle martial arts, making her a dangerous opponent even without her abilities. When astral projecting, Maya can interact with the material world and she can be hurt, however she experiences no pain and any injuries sustained disappear when she returns to her body.
though she can produce tangible objects, it is somethig she only recently discovered she was capable of, and so has little experience as to how to control it. Astral projection, though usefull, leaves her actual body open to attack and more vulnerable the further her astral form strays from it. Also, the longer she is outside of her physical vessel of a body, the harder it is to return. Also, though telekeniesis and mental influence have little to no strain on her body, of she were to use them for prolonged periods of time and suddenly stop, she can go unconsious due to brain strain. If used for too long, she even risks brain death.

ѕтrengтн: 6
deғenѕe: 7
ѕpeed: 8
recovery: 2
тrιcĸ: 9

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Alex Arpayan | 89 comments Name: Axel Frost
Nickname: AX
Gender: Male
Cultural background: British and South Korean. Moms Korean, Dads British
Age: 17
Class: Senior
Occupation: Student
Clothing: Skinny jeans black, short sleeve big white shirt Beany black and white converse hightops.
Height & Weight: 6´5 180 pounds
Personality: Calm and cool-headed. doesn´t get mad and can calmly analyze situations.
Likes: Sweets and writing, helping others.
Dislikes: bullies and spiders
Ability: Time manipulation.
Level: 5.0
Strengths: Can calm down others and come to a solution without fighting
Weaknesses: He doesn´t have total control of his powers. he can only manipulate time from ten seconds ago no longer than that. the more he uses his power the more tired he gets.
Rank: Royal
History: Born in South Korea, Dad came from Britain and came to Korea to escape the poverty in Britain. His mom met his dad at a concert and from there they started dating and they ended up together at 25. Axel went to a private charter school. later on, coming to the high school, he is at right now.
Family: Dad- Alexander Frost, Mom- Saku Frost
Sexuality: Bi
Relationship Status: single
Theme Song: Venom Eminem
Other: Really good at dancing
Strength: 5
Speed: 7
Recovery: 2
Trick: 4
Image result for hipster anime
Image result for hipster anime

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M!lo (yaboy_milo) | 251 comments Name: Kaso Mayanaki
Gender: Male
Cultural background: Japanese-Caucasian mix
Age: 15 (just turned 15)
Class: Freshman
Occupation: Janitor for HS
Appearance: He has shaggy, uncombed, jet black hair. Scruffy stubble and acne freaking everywhere. Pale skin with long narrow chin. Dull grey eyes.
Clothing: Wears black hoodies with dark jeans in and out of school. Often has hood up.
Height & Weight: 6 feet 4 inches, 143 lbs.
Personality: He is unwelcoming and cold to strangers. Not too vibrant or happy. Often avoids social situations and prefers staying in the shadows. He's nicer and more open once you get to know him. Has aspirations to be a Royal.
Likes: Being Alone, Loud Music, Darkness, Fear, Pranking People, Being Accepted
Dislikes: Sunlight, Bright Colors, Attachment, Criticism, Lies, Pineapple
Ability: Caeco Eye: Can generate a electro-optic modulation field that causes opponents to temporarily go blind. Kaso can only keep this up for a maximum of 25 seconds before resting.
Level: 4.4
Strengths: He has quick wit and amazing hearing. Also is very stealthy and inconspicuous.
Weaknesses: He rarely believes in himself. Is easily persuaded. Very physically weak.
Rank: Civilian (might go for royal)
History: His father, Reo, was a wealthy god-tier vigilante until disappearing when Kaso was 11. Kaso never knew his mother, so his dad's disappearance left him to live with a cripple uncle.
Family: Dad: Missing | Mother: N/A | Uncle Fuminori: Alive
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single (Willing to change)
Theme Song: SAD!
Strength: 3.5
Defense: 4
Speed: 7
Recovery: 4
Trick: 7

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Turtleturtlyness | 208 comments Name: Tori Giles
Gender: Female
Cultural background: American
Age: 14 (Going on 15)
Class: Freshman and proud member of the school newspaper committee.
Appearance: She has long red hair that is constantly tangled and frizzy. She is also covered in freckles from head to toe.
Clothing: School Uniform, but when she isn't in school she wears oversized sweaters and black leggings.
Height & Weight: Tori is a little short for her age, and very lean. Her weight is the same as a 13 year olds.
Personality: Tori is always wanting to be helpful, she prefers to be around people she looks up too. She also is afraid of people being mad at her, so apologizes for almost everything.
Likes: Warm and fuzzy blankets, stuffed animals, sweets, spending time with her family.
Dislikes: Spicy food, itchy sweaters, scary movies, loneliness.
Ability: Ability Gauge
Level: 2.3
Strengths: Writing, Reading People, Playing the Piano...
Weaknesses: Singing, Reaching High Places, Thinking under Pressure.
Rank: Civilian.
History: Tori is very sweet and still has her sense of childhood innocence. At one of her old schools, she was picked on for being bisexual. She is very gullible, and picked on easily. Students often beat her up for being an easy target. Her brother and her are very close, he is caring and sweet. Always been silly and had a good sense of humor. Stands up for her at the drop of a hat. She wouldn't have ever expected him to be guilty of anything! Especially not targeting of high tiers.
Family: Tori's brother was the only person accepting of her, and so now they live alone together. Her brother has a small job at the mall, being an ability gauge. Because of his job being so small, their family has always struggled to get by.
Sexuality: bisexual
Relationship Status: Single (currently)
Theme Song: Secret Base Piano Music
Strength: 2
Defense: 1
Speed: 4
Recovery: 3
Trick: 6

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Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 1 comments Name: Sai Sugashima, nickname: Si-si
Gender: Male
Cultural background: Korean
Age: 16
Class: Freshman , ( no club yet
Clothing: School: Light grey blouse, black shoes,grey long shorts, light blue and gold jumper, dark blue tie, Casual: picture
Height & Weight: 6'1, 108
Personality: Kind, sweet, plain, loveable, Caring, amazing, stubbon
Likes: Dancing, dark colours, music, reading, paining
Dislikes: nothing other then heights
Ability: Shadow illusion
Level: 5
Strengths: 7, ( can make slightly strong illusions)
Weaknesses:4, ( some illusion are weak)
Rank: Assassin
History: Sai started painting and dancing at the age of 12, he lived with is Mum til she passed when he was 6, Sai can paint about anything and make illusions of people loves and fears, he feeds off of people's fear and love.
Family: Mother ( Dead), Father( missing)
Sexuality: Bi, leans more towards Guys
Relationship Status: Single
Theme Song: No more sad songs
Other: none
Stats: 5
Strength: 4( some illusions are slightly strong)
Defense: 5( the illusions make a great defence)
Speed: 3( the illusions react depending on the time and place Sai is in)
Recovery:4( The illusions recovery is a bit slow)
Trick: 5.3

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Deepthi (d-star) | 49 comments Name: Ewan Lee

Gender: Male

Cultural background: American and Korean

Age: 14

Class: Freshman

Occupation: Student


*eyes while using power*


*when in school*

*when out of school; pairs the hoodie with jeans*

Height & Weight: 5'9; 114 lbs.

Personality: He has some trust issues because his best friend had betrayed him in his previous school. He is often labelled as Cold and Quiet, but that's only because he doesn't want to get hurt for a second time. He's pretty closed when you see him for the first time, then he becomes outgoing with you when he starts feeling comfortable with you (which will take a long time).

Likes: K-Pop, Books, The Library, Games, Comfort

Dislikes: Bullying, Death, Back-Stabbers (he can get violent in this one),

Ability: Telekinesis (Can move or stop objects with his mind)

Level: 5.8

Strengths: Can fight and defend himself well, and can keep secrets

Weaknesses: His ability goes down once he's injured, can not lift heavy weights, his power goes down when he's sick

Rank: Civilian

History: He found out that he could improvise his abilities in his last school, where he could defend himself when someone had attacked him in the hallway.
His friend admitted that he had been with him only because he had pitied him as he (Ewan) was a low-tier before, and there was no need to doing it now. Which, therefore, leaded to his current personality.

Father - Hwang Lee
Mother - Emily Johnson

Sexuality: Bi

Relationship Status: Single

Theme Song: Run by BTS (( might change if I find a better K-Pop song to depict what he feels))

Other: Also has Athazagoraphobia, so don't be surprised if he suddenly comes to his friends and starts acting like he's really comfortable all of a sudden, then goes back into his shell after some time.

Stats --->

Strength: 4.5

Defense: 6

Speed: 7

Recovery: 5

Trick: 8.7

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Kit-Kat Name: Suzana Regwan
Nicknames: Suzy, Suze
Gender: Female
Cultural background: Faint Japanese background
Age: 14
Class: freshman
Occupation: student
Height and weight: 5’ 3” 90 pounds
Personality: Suzy is very kind and cheerful, always having a smile on her face. She does her best to keep everyone’s spirits up, even when the situation seems at its worst.
Likes: Blue, bows, chocolate, bubbles
Dislikes: Black, sadness, needles
Ability: Bubble
Suzy can form a protective bubble around herself or others that protect from outside attacks, but is stationary and keeps the person from interacting with things outside the bubble until Suzy dissolves it or it fades away (usually after an hour)
Level: 3.2
Strengths: lots of energy
Weaknesses: needles. At the sight of needles Suzana gets dizzy and may pass out
Rank: student
History: Suzy was picked on a lot at her old school for not fitting in. There was different groups that everyone seemed taken a part of, but Suzy never belonged to any of them, so was an outcast. It dimmed her bright glow, but she kept her head up and kept doing what she did best: being herself.
Family: Father and mother
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship status: single
Theme song: Loser like me
Other: Using her power, Suzy’s eyes turn a glowing light blue


Strength: 2
Defense: 3
Speed: 4
Recovery: 4
Trick: 4

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Please remove the spoiler :)

Also, What's his ability?

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) | 366 comments Mod
Based on his strengths and weaknesses, I'm gonna low-ball it and assume his power is based on the ability to manipulate light. I would say this would definitely be a higher level, but based on the fact that he defaulted to low tier literally a hop, skip, and a jump from being John's dad, I'm gonna guess he's a flashlight. And that's adorable.

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Florida_Man16 (jon_the_metalhead) | 366 comments Mod


nvm. I looked to quick and he looked like Arata.

My Hayagami and I are gonna go hide in the corner now

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