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1. There will be no God-Modding. God-Modding is when you actively take control of someone else’s character or do something that would be impossible, like survive having your brain ripped out of your head. Unless the situation calls for it, you will not take control of the character of someone else. You need their permission or your own character must have some sort of ability which would allow them to. However, such characters can only exist with the express permission of the entirety of the mod staff.

2. You will be respectful. You will be respectful to your fellow members and to the mods. If you seem to be going out of your way to irritate or antagonize, not only will you be making everyone angry at you, but you also risk being booted. If you must fight with your fellow members, take it to the private messages and do not allow it to affect the group. You are responsible for damage control if you screw up, and the penalty for failing to at least attempt to fix your mistakes is perm ban.

3. The word of a Mod is law. The Mods hold the final say over anything, and the head and deputy mods hold say over the other mods. A decision made by a mod is final and can only be overturned by a senior mod. Everything you can do in this group is allowed at the discretion of the mods, from your character’s powers to whether you are allowed to post in whatever topic, and if a Mod takes issue, it is in your best interest to come to a compromise with them.

4. There are character limits. This is a world where almost everyone has some kind of superpower. As such, there may be some powers that are, by definition, Over-Powered. The average person’s power level in this world is 3, while anyone above five is considered High Tier, and anyone over 6 is God Tier. There is a topic explaining this. You must request permission from a mod to have a High Tier character, although mods do not have this restriction. Only Mods may have a God Tier character, although only five God Tier characters are allowed.

5. Keep it PG-13. There are kids here, maybe. Mild profanity is okay, but it is not allowed to escalate to the point of the F-Bomb, N-Word, or C-Word. Some people also consider the word “retarded” to be profanity, so that’s off-limits too. You must also keep the scenery PG-13. If you’ve read the comic on WebToon, then you already see how gory and violent you are allowed to be. When you start ripping out people’s intestines, then there’s a problem, because not only are you a sick individual, but also that’s no longer PG-13. Think your average anime, and that’s about as far as you can go there. This also applies to relationships between characters. When the clothes come off and you start getting touchy feely with the fun parts, it’s time to take it to the PMs.

6. You’re gonna have to take part in the RP. Listen, guys, gals, and whatever other weird gender concepts have rose in the past few years, we all have our own lives that we must live. It is totally okay that if something comes up and you are unable to post that you disappear for a bit, we understand. But at least warn us in advance if you can, or we will probably assume the worst. If you do not show activity or interest in the RP within a week of joining without warning one of the mods in advance, you will be removed.

7. Be detailed in your RP. We are telling stories, people. When you post in a roleplay, we need action AND thoughts. “Gary passed the butter.” isn’t gonna cut it. “Gary rolled his eyes and passed the butter. What am I even doing here?, he wondered. He hated dinner parties.” That’s the kinda detail we need. It’s not hard, although we have all gone “Gary passed the butter.” at some point, let’s be a little more detailed here. Connect the dots. We are coming together to tell a story. Example: In the WebToon comic that inspired this group, Arlo and a pair of other powered people find out in the worst possible way that not only does John Doe have power, he is possibly the most powerful student to ever attend the academy and nearly kills one of them, puts the other in a coma, and easily shatters Arlo’s barrier, an act previously though impossible. Then Elaine, the girl Arlo calls to heal his friends, asks what happened. Arlo convinces her to keep this to herself, and sends her on her now less merry way. Later, Elaine is called by Seraphina because John Doe came home all kinds of busted up. She pieces two and two together and is now scared for her life, especially when John Doe pretty much threatens her life if she tells anyone. So now both Arlo and John are telling her not to tell anyone, and she is terrified of them both, and nearly has a heart attack when Arlo confronts her about the possibility that she has told someone. That’s the kind of story and character development we’re after, here.

8. Rules are subject to change with time. As new situations evolve that we are not prepared for, rules may be added and editted without notice. By joining this group you are agreeing to follow the rules however they may change in the future.

10. If you are booted, your characters will be up for adoption. If you are removed from the group for breaking the rules, your characters will be put in the Adoption topic, where someone can claim them. If, however, you can convince a Mod to let you back in and return your characters to you, any non-adopted characters you previously owned will be returned to your possession.

11. Powers have limits. In this world, almost everyone has a superpower of some form. Due to this, the rules of powers in canon are tweaked here.
Characters have a single primary active (At-will activated) power, such as nuclear fusion or forcefield or even just turning your hands into the blow-driers in public bathrooms.
And then they can have a few passive abilities related to the power that either prevent them from being injured by the basic functions of the power or simply allowing the power to exist, such as having minor regeneration to compensate for how your ability messes stuff up.
Powers such as regeneration or invulnerability have a threshold they cannot cross, because physics. You cannot regenerate an arm that was just cut off because that mass has to become somewhere, but if you were to pick that arm up and hold it in place long enough for the breach to heal back together and then you have both arms again, that's fine. If your character is able to negate all damage, then there needs to be a threshold for how much damage they can negate at any given time before they start taking damage. Such are the examples.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 94 comments Priscilla Sage

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Phoenix~They/Them | 214 comments Mod
Raven(I can do my best on posting)

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~Yuki (I Plan on reading the webtoons comic, unOrdinary, and this group only gives me an excuse to do so :)

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Lily Marie | 14 comments Mod
Lily Marie (I'm on chapter 32 of unOrdinary and I just started tonight! I actually love this and i'm so glad Yuki invited me to this group.)

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Ryan | 77 comments Ryan (I was trying to read the webtoon story before I got here but it blocked me today, however I think I understand the basics. :) )

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Deepthi (d-star) | 49 comments Can I make my character (if possible now) and start RP-ing on 21st of this month..? My Midterms are starting this Thursday (13th December) and are ending on the 21st.

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That'll be fine, Deepthi

Turtleturtlyness | 208 comments Turtleturtlyness, but anyone is free to call me Ava.
I just recently finished what is currently available. I like the story line, and enjoy roleplay. I hope we can all get along!
(Also, I am kinda a klutz, if there is anything I mess up on, feel free to tell me!))

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Agreed! May I have a high-tier character of a 5.7 skill level?

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Lisa ~ (Loving the webtoon so far! Almost done and I'm so glad Yuki invited me to this group <3 If she hadn't, I couldn't have discovered unOrdinary and become as obsessed as I am now ^-^ I will do mu best to make a variety of characters and roleplay to enchance the storyline and everyone else's experience in this amazing group!!)

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Kit-Kat Katarina

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