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message 1: by Sruthi (new)

Sruthi (sruthisays) | 34 comments Hello,

I am looking for books where both the H and h has their scars from their pasts. They both come with their baggage and still form a beautiful bond and in the process heal each other emotionally.

I have watched a series in my regional language with the same theme , and it was beautiful. I want to read more of it.

Please do suggest . Non-HP books are also welcome.

Thanks in advance .

message 2: by Melanie♥ (new)

Melanie♥ (meliaann) | 180 comments I enjoy this theme in my books as well. I have a Damaged-Hero-heroine shelf. Feel free to send me a friend request so that you can take a look and see if anything peaks your interest.

message 3: by Lillianrose (new)

Lillianrose | 7 comments -You are a wonderful person.

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