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A Singular Hostage
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Historical fiction set in British India. [s]

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message 1: by Tamara (new)

Tamara | 2 comments Years ago I read a book I’d like to find again! All I remember is that it followed an upper class British lady who ended up somehow having to look after an Indian child who was special in some way, I can’t remember why. She had to marry the father who was from Lahore I think, and of course fell in love with him along the way. Any idea what it was called?

message 2: by Mai (last edited Dec 03, 2018 11:25AM) (new)

Mai | 1254 comments A Singular Hostage by Thalassa Ali? (Book one, it's a trilogy)
Found via Google search:
In a land of exotic splendor, a young Englishwoman finds herself guardian of an orphan child believed by a dying maharajah to be endowed with magical gifts. It is a role that will take her on a perilous journey into a kingdom’s walled city to protect a child she doesn’t know from a culture she doesn’t understand...

The child's family is from Lahore and she does marry the father (per reader comments)

message 3: by Tamara (new)

Tamara | 2 comments Thats the one!!! Thank you!

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