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sora came into the library like an elephant. that is to say, she made a rather large ruckus when coming in. not too many people were happy with that. they gave her disgusted glances as they turned back to their books. but she remained unbothered with this, pretending to not even see them. she walked up to the front counter and bent over the counter to see if maybe henry was playing a game. he didn’t seem the type to play, then again, people change. “Henry?” sora asked, knocking on the counter. “Where are yoooouuuu? I know you’re hiding somewhere.” she dangled the sack in her hand high in the air. “I’ve got something for you.”

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Henry had worked at the library for over twenty years, and he knew from that experience that the sound of the both library doors being shoved open, the sounds of students groaning, and giant thumps as if someone were flicking the building with their thumb, meant that Sora was here. He wasn't at the desk, in fact he was on his well deserved break reading the last few chapters of a book he had already seen befote, many times before. Still it was the only one that seemed timeless. Of course as much as he tried to ignore her she simply got louder, so he reluctantly got up from his secluded small circle table by the window, to go and kindly shut up his friend. "Sora, how many times have I asked you to use your inside body for the library?" He asked, reaching for the brown paper bag that carried the lunch he had forgotten at her house the other day.

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sora hopped onto the counter with little consideration. “I can’t recall,” she said, tapping her cheek. “I’m sure someone like you wouldn’t ask me to do something like that,” she leaned in to pat his cheek with a giggle. but she did recall. every time she came in, henry would scowl and tell her the exact same thing. “You should really stop leaving your stuff at my house, henry,” sora whispered. “It may look... odd. But anyway, I packed a few treaties too that I thought you may like.”

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He gave her a glare as she placed her ass on the counter, still loud as always, then touched his face. She knew that he hated that, and it got on his god damned nerves, of course it was interesting having another emotion besides detachment so he calmly rolled his eyes and accepted it. "Sora, I can promise you, me leaving my home ever is considered odd. It's not like we're doing anything either people who judge can fill their time ans head with nonsense." He scoffed, before opening it up the sweet smell of blood filling his nose, along with one cold something wrapped in a paper towel and placed in a ziploc bag. "What is it this time?" He asked, quietly hoping for some fresh meat to satisfy his hunger.

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