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Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 170 comments Mod
Houses a variety of different animals, Lions, Tigers, Monkeys, Elephants and Giraffes to name a few, beware, the Hyena's bite.

message 2: by Anastacia (new)

Anastacia (ana3) | 130 comments Mimi parked close to the entrance of the zoo, stepping out of the car. She grabbed the stroller out and carefully moved Zoe into the stroller, without waking the toddler. She then helped Sandy out of the car and waited for Maya.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 170 comments Mod
Maya climbed out of the car and shut the door behind herself leaving her book in the car but keeping her cell phone and wallet with her. "So, where to first?" She asked Mimi.

"Wonder what animals they have here." Sandy asked.

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