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The Power - Dec 2018 > Part 3 - Up to "Can't be more than 7 months left"

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message 1: by Krista (new)

Krista (booksandjams) | 746 comments Mod
How do you feel about this section? Any surprises? Any predictions for the end? Has anything stood out to you? How do you like the format and writing style?

message 2: by Michala (new)

Michala | 7 comments The writing stile is hard to read I think. It's very descriptive with where people are around others.
I'm still intrigued to see what we are counting down to. But this part of the book took a turn I didn't really care for. With the violence and with the part where women act badly because men always have been worse! The paragraphs about what men can and cannot do was a bit to much although I know that it resembles womens lack of rights in some countries. I think it got more unrealistic in this part of the book if women were to take power over the world.
It sucks what happens to Roxy but I still didn't feel it was necessary.

message 3: by Bokcamilla (new)

Bokcamilla | 8 comments I feel sick about this novel right now, Even if men have done (and do )bad things to women so are I sorry for what the women do to the men. ( My english are so bad so I can not make me understand),
I have none idea hwo this novel shall end, but I´m right intrigd to found out.

message 4: by Elsa (new)

Elsa I agree with Allie/Eve that things have gone too far. Violence against men, belittling of men, and treating them as eye candy are all gross behaviors, not to mention all the new legal restrictions in Bessapara. It's interesting to contemplate the world reversing in such a way.

I'm glad the woman on the roof did not kill Tunde as I thought she had. I hope he gets out of Bessapara or successfully continues reporting on the injustices he sees.

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