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The Power - Dec 2018 > Part 2 - up to "Five years to go"

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Krista (booksandjams) | 746 comments Mod
We've made it about half way. What are you thinking so far? Anything surprise you or make you think? How do you like the characters? Have any of them done things differently than you might have?

Bokcamilla | 8 comments I like Tundes parts in the book, then we get a mans perspective and not only from womens view. And Tunde is even that man that are all in for the women take the power to rule. (My lack in the english language made it very difficutlt for me to explain my thoughts).
I like even Margot ( expect that she need to cover up that she have the power) she think of way to help the women, And help are right because many man feel attacked of women now have the power.
I wonder if Alderman is christian, because she make it some christians thought in the history with Roxy?

Michala | 7 comments I was a bit confused with the last chapter with Roxy starting to sell drugs and her being in a man dominated environment. I didn't know what to do with it.
Margot is a tough woman but to go through with the election because she wants to beat a man didn't suit the idea I had of her. I really like that she have made the camps for the girls.
I still think that a lot of the women are interesting but very not personal. I don't really relate to any of them.

Elsa I don't like the way this book is heading. Tunde is the only character I like, and I think he may be finished. Margot is respectable for now.

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