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Heresiologist | 193 comments Mod
Cthulhu furshlugginer fhtagn, that's pricy!

Does this include the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion? I've got a PDF copy of the Companion that is 572 pages.

It's been a few years, but I think I got it (for free) off this site: Cthulhu Reborn.

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Heresiologist | 193 comments Mod
In case you feel a compulsion to have your mind blasted by eldritch nasties without the comfort of a GM: Alone Against the Dark (CoC solo adventure)

There are some other CoC solos available, too.

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Heresiologist | 193 comments Mod
I have the original Alone Against the Dark and, though it's been many years since I played it through, I remember enjoying it quite a bit. If I remember right, pen and paper mapping skills make a big difference when it comes to exploring and escaping an Egyptian pyramid.

I also have Alone Against the Wendigo, but didn't enjoy it near as much. Which is kind of sanity blasting considering it boasts a prehistoric beast infested Lost World type area as well as various Bigfoots traipsing about the Great White North.

I remember Blizzard Pass, but can't remember if I ever tried playing it. It belonged to a friend and the invisible ink reduced replay value.

For Chaosium style fantasy role play, DriveThruRPG also has three solo adventures for RuneQuest. I spent a lot of time exploring Scorpion Hall, though a good chunk of that time was probably spent rolling up new characters. I think I eventually found every nook and cranny in the place by playing some hulking troll devoted to a troll god of war and berserkery.

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