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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments This is for characters and information that is involved with this roleplay

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments More can be added to the template if you'd like, but please have these items.
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Name*: (First Middle Last): Crystalyatwen Lree

Nickname(s) Twen / Lree / Crystalya / Crystal

Age*: Looks 16 but is really 300

Gender*: Female

Sexuality: Complicated

Side*: (False King, Rebel or Neutral?) Neutral

Rank/Occupancy*: Oracle

Glamour Appearance:

True Appearance:

Appearance Description:

Personality*: Twen is both order and chaos. She tries to be the balance that no one else seems to understand. She tends to be secretive and a loner. This drawback is mostly because of her gift. She keeps everyone at arm’s length. To many she will seem withdrawn and cold but she’s really a warm loving person who’s afraid to let anyone close.

History*: Twen was born in the kingdome of Elfhame within the lands of Fae. Her childhood wouldn’t have been much different than any other family that resided there. If it wasn’t for her unique gifts that appeared and bloom at a very young age at an alarming rate. It had been years since one so young had the gifts of an oracle with such strength. That she was brought before the royals of the kingdom to display her gifts as an oracle. After she was tested she was placed in the capable hands of the Oracle Temple in Llachar Lle Logres. Growing up within the temple was full of lessons, duties, and visits of those seeking guidance. The temple and the grounds were the only place she could freely roam without being under guard. As she got older she was often called to the palace to give council. After one of these visits she had a vision of her death if she continued to stay. Full of fear she made her escape from the temple. She found a way to escape to start a new life as a student. Until she is plagued with visions that won’t rest causing her to find herself at a loss of what to do. She tries to keep to her self, afraid that if anyone finds out the true value of her gift she may once again find herself trapped.

[Magic/Abilities] She is a Oracle with the gifts of Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Divination, Precognition,
Presentience, and Remote Viewing,

Family Tree*: Unknown

Relationship Status: Complicated

Other: She is of the Seleighe/ Sidhe/ Bright Court Fae Oracle

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments Character 2

Name*: Lancer / Yellow Dancer

Age*: 20

Gender*: Conflicted (Lancer is the male ego / Yellow Dancer is the female ego)

Sexuality: Clearly in Question

Side*: (False King, Rebel or Neutral?) Neutral

Rank/Occupancy*: Currently Unknown


Appearance Description: Lancer has deep sapphire eyes with pure silver hair that goes to his mid back which is usually tied back at the nap of his neck. He is slender and well-built with clear porcelain skin. He is often dressed in a light armor that is often mistaken as formal clothes which come equipped with a unique helmet that hides his face during battles.
As Yellow-Dancer has deep sapphire eyes with pure silver hair that flows to the middle of her back. She is slender and well-built with clear porcelain skin. She is normally dressed to impress those who she is entertaining. She tends to favor clothes in the colors of silver, ice blue and white with accents of feathers and simple silver jewelry.

Weapons / Abilities: A long sword and companion dagger, along with a curved dagger and two small knives. She has no magical abilities but is a very talented bard. She is talented in song, dance, and many instruments.

Personality*: Lancer was once a kind, caring, loving, brave and mischievous. And with her identical twin bother they charmed and caused mischief among their people. That chanced the day she lost her family. She became distant and quiet. She is even more secretive that ever. In an act of honor, she took her brother’s armor and don it as her own. She then in a way became her brother acquiring his traits and her acting as the man her brother was. But she is also herself but calling herself Yellow Dancer. As Yellow dancer she can be that loving caring person she is. Her sorrow and love can often be heard in the song she sings for bardic trade. While dressed in the armor she is serious and coldly calculating. Yet as Yellow Dancer she is the opposite. The one thing that doesn’t change is her issues with trust. Be sure that you know what you risk it you betray that trust once it’s given.

History*: Lancer was born into a noble family along with her identical twin brother and were happy among their family and people. As her brother became one of their people’s fierce protectors, she became a celebrate bard among them. Yet if they were to switch roles no one would be able to tell the difference. In there little kingdome there was happiness and peace. That was until the darkness came and over took the people ending the lives of many of the people, among them was Lancer’s family. Her heart in pain she decided to set out to find the heart of the one responsible for this tragic event. Lancer took the place of her brother and don her brother’s armor. Then created an alter ego in which she could also be herself. Using both she has made her way across the kingdomes in search for the one that caused her tragic loss. As Lancer the protector she has gained a reputation as a hero, while also gaining a high status as a bard as Yellow Dancer. She has now arrived to where she thinks her answers lie. Hopefully her secret will not blur the way to what she really wants.

Family Tree*: No longer important

Relationship Status: Complicated

Other: Lancer and Yellow Dancer are the same person.

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