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Morgaine Unlike most holiday novels, I 100% devoured this book in a day and I was wondering if anyone had any recs similar to it? Where there's actual depth to the character and story? I sampled books by Holly Martin, Tilly Tennant, Mandy Baggot, and a few others afterwards and none of them seemed to compare!

Candie Schaal I really liked Love and Other Words.

Dave I am *so* on board with you on your thoughts! The way this book captured such emotional depth and intensity (for all the characters) was spellbinding. After reading and thinking about it for a while, I have realized that while the plot itself is captivating, it's the way it is told and the unique voice used that makes it a pure gem. It's what I aspire to do with my own writing (capture intense emotion) and I will be following this discussion closely for new recommendations.

Although in a slightly different genre and somewhat more aggressive in tackling controversial issues, I would highly recommend "Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes and "The Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah. I realize these two books are mainstream and maybe already read, but both capture emotion in hat I feel is a deep and compelling way.

Leigh The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo one of my all time favorite romance books. The author even wrote a little blurb on the cover of One Day in December!

Graham Watson a truly awful book so poorly written with characters that come from Instagram

Aafreen if you like this book you should definitely read 'what if it's us?' by Albertalli and Silvera. it's got the same kind of meet-cute, love at first sight type of thing

Raymond  Frost I'm here only because One Day in December was one of the first fictional titles I have ever read. In the past I have only read technical books and some biographies but now in my latter years I'm trying to find the material I would like to read, it seems anything goes if it complements your own mind set.

Anyway, I would just like to give you "Rosie and Ruby" by Patricia Dixon, I really enjoyed this story and the arrangement different and refreshing.

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