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message 1: by András (new)

András Bognár | 3 comments Dear fellow readers,

I'm looking to step up my reading game and to start unlocking a greater level of information and fulfillment via the magic of books which is why I'm taking the 52 book challenge in 2019. However, I realize that I am lacking motivation to keep going for a whole year. Therefore, I'd like to have someone join me in 2019 to read a book each week and to discuss them. I am perfectly open to read with anyone who has the time and determination to show up each week (I was thinking about 1 hour, but we can discuss the details). For me the type of the books is not an issue, I am happy to listen to any sort of stories, but to help you decide if you'd be interested in listening to me talking for a year, let me give you a brief introduction about myself and the books I am planning to read.


I am 25 years old and I'm working for an international non-profit in the field of finances. However, a few months ago I've realized that my passion lies with the world of data, so I've been planning my pivot. It appears it will still be a long journey before I'd make the change but I'm eagerly learning about this exciting new area.
But why do I think reading is important? Well, my first encounter with the hidden world of books took place in secondary school. I got accepted in 6 year long course where our headmistress was teaching grammar and literature. She was the one who showed me just how much deeper can books let you go if you listen to the words of the author. I was fortunate enough to uncover the riches of Hungarian literature and ever since then reading was no longer a chore but a chance to connect with others. But lately I have neglected that passion of mine and I'd like to take this challenge to get back into the way of living a thousand lives.

To see exactly what books I have in store, please check my Goodreads shelf (although, this might change, it should give you a good indication of what to expect):


Additional Information:

>If you’re interested you can contract me here on Goodreads or via email to


>As I said the type of books are not an issue for me, but if possible, please write a list of topics you might be interested in or if you have a similar Goodreads list that would be the best.
>We don’t have to follow a rigorous 1 book/1 week approach, this is just an ideal target, but I am open to suggestions.

I would like to thank to anyone who read the post even if you are not interested. I am very excited to hear from you!

message 2: by Blagica , Cheerleader! (new)

Blagica  | 12049 comments hi András glad you are so eager to get started on buddy reads. We actually have a thread to sign up and read with others.

Here is the link.


message 3: by András (new)

András Bognár | 3 comments hello Blagica, thank you for the directions! I am still getting familiar with the group.

message 4: by Keri (new)

Keri Sparks | 304 comments Just wondering if you found someone to buddy read with you yet. If not, maybe I could be although I am a bit pickier about which books I read since I'm currently trying to clean off my already owned and unread books (I have over 100).


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