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SRC Moderator | 4997 comments Mod
This is the thread where you can submit a task idea for the 50 Point Task contest. The thread will open for submissions on December 15 and will close at Midnight Eastern time on January 5, 2019. Voting will start the next day January 6 and will close at the end of the day on January 12. If the moderators determine that the vote is close, a 3-day runoff poll will be held. The person whose idea gets the most votes will host the 50 point task for the Winter Challenge.

The 50 point task will require:
1. Only 3 options.
2. One book per option.
3. Three books totaling at least 750 pages. Your task idea may require a higher page threshold but this must be disclosed in your entry.
4. No books with the genres children or kids on the main book page may be used.
5. Books whose main page lists any of these genres: Sequential Art, Comics, Comic Book, or Manga may not be used.
6. No “free choice” options will be allowed. This is a challenge, so tasks that have no element of challenge do not fit the purpose.
7. A task must be accessible to the majority of players, i.e. not limited to a specific format, edition, publisher, etc. and reviewable by the moderators.

Anyone eligible* to design a task may submit an idea for a task that follows the general guidelines above. Your idea should be a sketch that may be developed with the moderators.

* To be eligible to create a task, the player’s profile must be set up to accept Goodreads messages, and he/she must not have a task in the current challenge. Only one task per person per challenge.

The group will vote to determine the 50 point task. All ideas that fit the general guidelines will be included in a poll. The poll winner will develop their idea with the moderators to refine their task. The final task may differ from the original idea submission. The task will be posted as close to the midpoint as reasonably possible. The task creator will monitor and answer questions in the help thread.

Please include your readerboard name and a title for your task. The entries will be listed by readerboard name and task title in the poll. Please include only one task idea entry per post.

PLEASE DO NOT comment on people's entries in this thread - this is for submissions only - you will be able to comment when voting begins. Comments will be deleted.

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SRC Moderator | 4997 comments Mod
Opening December 15

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Coralie | 2178 comments Coralie
Three fictional Heroes

My first Hero is Hero Jarvis from the Sebastian St. Cyr series by C.S. Harris.

Book 1 – As the titles of the books in this series all begin with What, When, Why, Where, or Who, read a book with a title that begins with one of these words.

My second Hero is Hero Hollis from Trade Wind by M.M. Kaye.

Book 2 – As C.S. Harris and M.M. Kaye both use initials instead of a first name, read a book by a single author whose Goodreads name has just initials and a last name.

My third Hero is Hero Wantage from Friday's Child by Georgette Heyer.

Book 3 – As all these books are historical fiction, read a book with a main page genre of Historical Fiction.

The three books must total at least 750 pages.
No books with the genres children or kids on the main book page may be used.
Books whose main page lists any of these genres: Sequential Art, Comics, Comic Book, or Manga may not be used.

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Dee (austhokie) | 7783 comments Your Year in Books
Every December, Goodreads publishes a link that lets readers look at their year in books. I love looking at these stats because honestly, I’m a geek at heart. And as a reader, I love browsing other peoples shelves to find new books to read – so the 50 point task combines the best of (IMHO) both worlds 

You can access your YEAR IN BOOKS here -

**Three books totaling at least 750 pages.**
**No books with the genres children or kids on the main book page may be used.**
**Books whose main page lists any of these genres: Sequential Art, Comics, Comic Book, or Manga may not be used.**
**Each book option MUST come from the shelf of a different SRC member**

**As this is an interactive task – please post your following information in the thread: Your SRC user name; Avg Rating for the Year; Number of books read for the year; Number of Pages Read for the Year OR you can post your year in books link: (this is DLMRose’s link – but you can change the link by locating your user profile number) is the user profile number

1. Avg Rating – Read a book from a SRC member who has a higher average rating for the year than you do.
2. Number of Books Read for the Year – Read a book from a SRC member who read MORE books that you for the year
3. Number of Pages Read for the Year – Read a book from a SRC member who read LESS pages that you read for the year.

For example – I read 259 books (as of Dec 17) for a total of 80,264 pages and an average rating of 3.2
REQUIRED: Post the link to the SRC members shelf for each book option and identify how their shelf fit compared to your stats.

Stephanie (Librarianish) Davidson | 478 comments Librarianish
Happy 50th Birthday!

On January 6, I'll turn 50! It honestly seems like only yesterday that I turned 40, but other than wonder at how the past 10 years have seemed to fly, I'm not feeling anxious or anything negative about it. I plan to celebrate with a low-key party at our house, with our closest friends and my sister.

For this 50-point challenge, I wanted to feature the three things that would most surprise my 20 year-old self about the 50 year-old me. Read one book for each part. Total for all three books must equal at least 750 pages. All regular SRC rules apply. NO books with an mpg of childrens or kids may be used for this task. NO books with an mpg of manga, comics, or comic books may be used for this task.

Part 1: I played competitive roller derby for 5 years, two of those on a nationally-ranked team. I was never into sports when I was younger, and got into derby as many women do, in mid-life with time to spare and a need to work out life's frustrations. The movie "Whip It" was a fairly accurate portrayal of derby, with the exception of the track layout. Most modern derby is played on a flat track rather than banked, and there's far less of the showmanship in competitive derby than the movie depicted. Modern flat-track roller derby is a fast-paced, strategic game that involves getting your point-scoring player (aka the "jammer") through the opposing team's blockers as many times as possible in a 2-minute session (called "jams") while skating counter-clockwise (quad skates only, no rollerblades!) around a marked track. The tag line of the movie was "Be Your Own Hero," which makes it particularly appropriate for this season's challenge.

For this part, read a book (fiction OR nonfiction) that features a female main character who is her own hero, AND whose author's first and last initials can be found in either JAMMER or BLOCKER.
Required: in your post, state the name of the female main character, and how she's her own hero.

Part 2: After a long and arduous process I would not care to repeat, I successfully earned tenure at my University as an academic law librarian. 20 year-old me would not quite believe that I have an office with a door and a window, and that students have to call me "Professor." While I'm often reading at work, I don't have to read books cover-to-cover, so I rarely get the opportunity to count them for the SRC. If I did, they'd likely be books I was reviewing for a journal or newsletter, about law, legal research, or leadership.

For this part, read a nonfiction book that has won OR has been nominated for an award.
Required: award information must be present on the GR main page. State the award in your post, along with the year.

Part 3: I don't have any kids, but my wife and I each have a nephew (25 and 11, respectively), plus a friend's son who we've known since birth (14). We're the sort of aunties that spoil with our time and great experiences. We've cooked with the younger ones, taken them on road trips (and whisky tours in the UK, with the 25 year-old), and tried to be strong presences in their lives.

For this part, read a novel (fiction) written by a female author that features a male main character, AND that has at least two of the numbers 2514 in the page count. For example, 250 pages would work, as would 518 or 312. SRC challenge rules regarding minimum lengths still apply.
Required: post the name of the male main character.

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Sophie (drsophie) | 368 comments Sophie

The original Epic Heroes

In ancient Greek myth, heroes were humans, male or female, of the remote past, endowed with superhuman abilities and descended from the immortal gods themselves. They are however mortal, unlike the Gods.

There are 3 main groups of characters in the Iliad, one of the original tales of heroes.

1. Achaians/Greeks
One of the best known of these is Achilles. Commonly thought of in relation to the 'Achilles’ Heel’ that lead to his death. He was seen as the physical embodiment of a hero.

Task: Read a book that is the lowest ranked by an author on Goodreads (their Achilles heel). The author must have more than 5 books on Goodreads.

2. Trojans
Hector was a prince of Troy. He was a strong warrior but was primarily known for his intellect and peace-loving nature. He's referred to as the best Trojan warrior and it has been argued the ultimate hero in the Iliad.

Task: Read the highest rated book by an author with more than 5 books on Goodreads.

3. Gods
Zeus, king of the Gods plays an active role in the Iliad, trying to preserve balance and peace on Olympus and in the war between the Achaians and the Trojans. The Gods are immortal.

Task: Read a book which has won an award (the king so to speak) with the author's initials in immortal.

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Laure (goodreadscomlaure) | 474 comments LaureY
The Magical World of Dungeon and Dragons

I have recently started playing Dungeon and Dragons. What a great game for people who like storytelling! The three tasks for the challenge will be based on the game and its world.

This is a three book tasks. The books read must total at least 750 pages. No books with the genres children or kids on the main book page may be used. Books whose main page lists any of these genres: Sequential Art, Comics, Comic Book, or Manga may not be used.

1 Tieflings
As well as the usual Elves, Dwarves, Humans and Haflings, you can play your character as a Tiefling. From their fiendish ancestry, they retain horns, a tail and eyes of solid colours. Tieflings have large horns in all kinds of shapes: curling, spiral or straight.

Task: Read a book which has 'horns' on the cover. Like Tieflings' horns, they can be of any shape or form but should be reconizable as horns.

2 Elves
Since my first forays into fantasy worlds, I have always had a soft spot for Elves. In our current DnD campaign, I play a moon elf Monk with a checkered past.

Task: read a book where one of the main characters' initials is contained within the word MOONELF.

3 Classes
After picking a race to play as, you will need to choose a class. There are many to choose from: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock and Wizard.

Task: read a book whose title (and subtitle) contains all the letters of one of the DnD classes.

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Erin (NY) (erin_p) | 629 comments Erin NY - Winter Holidays

1. In December we have Christmas, Hanukkah and various other holidays that we celebrate with our families. For this task read a book featuring families,
Option 1: Genre "Family" standalone or nested is a MPG or
Option 2: picking a book from one of these lists:
- Family Sagas:
- Family Saga Series:
- Popular Family Drama Books:

2. In January we celebrate New Years. New Years is the time of firsts.
Option 1: Read a book by a new-to-you author
Option 2: Read a book that was first published by any author

3. In February many people celebrate Valentine's day. On Valentine's day we celebrate couples.
Option 1: Read a book with MPG Romance, standalone or nested
Option 2: Read a book by 2 authors listed on goodreads.

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Cat (cat_uk) | 2476 comments Cat: A Time to Read

The Winter seasons cover two years, so lets play with time for this task!

1. Read a book with narrative strands in two different times - where the book is more or less equally split between the two time periods, such as The Seven Sisters. A time travel book like A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, where there is little time spent in the first time period wouldn't.
Requirement: state the two time periods

2. Read a book with MPG Time Travel or Alternate History

3. Read a book with a instrument for measuring / marking passing time on the cover (e.g. hourglass / clock / calendar)
Requirement: include the cover

Basic requirements:
No kids / no graphic etc / 3 books to total 750+ pages

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