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message 1: by Karly (new)

Karly | 307 comments Hello! My November reads were mostly slow going unfortunately, though still enjoyable. I also got on a small organized crime book kick in the middle of the month.

A Sloth’s Guide To Taking It Easy - Sarah Jackson. 5 stars. This was a quick 10 minute read but it was pretty cute and funny.

The Witch Elm - Tana French. 3 stars. Incredibly meh. Really slow and barely any action. Good characterization and atmosphere though.

Gomorrah: A Personal Journey Into the Violent International Empire of Naples’ Organized Crime System - Robert Saviano. 3 stars. This was recommended to me by a native Southern Italian as THE book on Italian organized crime. It was very eye opening and interesting, though there wasn’t really any connecting thread for the various stories and could seem random at times.

The Godfather: The Official Motion Picture Archives - Peter Cowie. 4 stars. The Godfather is my favorite movie so I was compelled to read this! Lots of good background info on how the film was made, though there were some bizarre typos and editing issues...

The Soprano State: New Jersey’s Culture of Corruption - Bob Ingle and Sandy McClure. 5 stars. Being born and raised and currently living in NJ, this was quite the eye popping read for me. All events in the book are true but it’s so unbelievable it reads like fiction. Truly anything goes here in the Garden State!

Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness - Marie Tourell Soderberg. 4 stars. A fun and light book on the art of coziness, a nice way to start the holiday season!

To kick off December, I’ve just started David Lynch’s biography. Happy December reading to all!

message 2: by Barry (new)

Barry (barrypz) | 2964 comments Long ago, I took a "history of Jersey City" course at Jersey City State College. It heavily featured Frank (I am the law) Hague. y eyes were similarly agog.

message 3: by Ann (new)

Ann (annrumsey) | 14291 comments Karly: All enjoyable books is a good way to be. :) The Witch Elm was a longer more thoughtful book, it took a while to read and try to figure out what was going on; eventually done and (view spoiler) still glad I read it.

message 4: by Karly (new)

Karly | 307 comments Barry - yes! The “Anything Can Happen in Jersey” slogan for the lottery takes on a whole new meaning... anything can indeed happen here lol

Ann- yes! I felt similarly. Was glad to have read it in the end- the group discussion really helped open up new aspects of the story that gave it new life for me.

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