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Devak Shah Devak Shah
Mr. Hilbert
English 9
The Bunker Diaries Book Review
Kevin Brooks’ The Bunker Diaries delivers vivid feelings that most have yet to experience from the books they have read in their life. A dark mystery, The Bunker Diaries takes its readers through themes of kidnapping and loss to deliver a deeply immersive story that encourages you to look directly through the eyes of the main character, Linus Weems, A teenager who lives on the street surrounded by robbers and drug addicts. This book uses relatable ideas to draw you in and truly make you feel what the characters are feeling right up until the end of the book.
This book is about 6 people who are kidnapped from their homes and stuffed into a plain bunker with 6 rooms and no escape. There are 2 children, Linus the main character and Jenny, the innocent young girl and 4 adults, Bird, the fat businessman with a secret, Anja, The rich and pretty girl, Fred, the tough guy, and Russell, The Philosopher. They must forget their differences or at least learn how to live together so that they are able to survive and maybe even escape.
What makes this book so great is how it is constantly changing. The dynamics of the group switch often, the thoughts about the “man upstairs” are constantly switching, the understanding of the situation and even the number of characters fluctuates greatly through the entirety of the story. You want to-- you need to keep reading, you have to find out what happens next. I found myself thinking about what was happening in the book even when I was not reading it and even days after I had finished the book because the book created such a connection with me.
One of the interesting things that the story does is have a bunch of little tangents that at first seem unimportant and unneeded but in reality, they all foreshadow what is going to happen, helps you to connect better with Linus on a personal level, and help you understand why each interaction goes the way it does. This is good because once you realize it, you read more into each tangent and allow your imagination flow trying to think about what is gonna happen but it also makes re-reading the book more fun and interesting.
Often times mystery writers can get so wrapped in writing a dark and mysterious story that they struggle with making a direct connection with the audience making the books hard to read for long periods of time. This is where Kevin Brooks shines because not only is he able to craft an immersive and relatable story that creates a deep connection with the reader, he is also able to create a story that keeps its readers on the edge of their seat and constantly questioning what is going to come next.
This story is one of the best I have read this year and is recommendable to anyone who is looking for a book to pour hours into, whether that is actually reading it or even thinking about it as you go about your day, and is okay with books that are always happy. This book creates a very deep and unique narrative that is also believable and shows the downfalls of certain lifestyles. This book can legitimately change how you feel and cam brings the true feeling of grief and sadness.

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Marie I loved the sentences that were really impactful, like the first sentence in the fifth paragraph, and the last sentence in the review. The way you reviewed The Bunker Diaries was very impressive and intriguing and it sounds fascinating. I really liked that you did not spoil anything but still gave a summary to help readers understand the base of the book. I also really liked when you mentioned the scenes that seemed superfluous but weren't, because I feel like that helps us to understand the author's style and want to read the book even more. I also really liked the way you ended the review and made the book sound fascinating. Good job! :)

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