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Willow | 154 comments >> Muse A and Muse B have had a roller-coaster type of relationship for a few years. One day, they’re up. They’re laughing and happy, looking forward to their future. The next day, they’re down. Yelling and crying, threatening to call it quits. They’ve been in a relationship for so long that they’ve become comfortable in this toxic pattern. It doesn’t make much sense to outsiders why they bother continuing on together, but they can’t honestly imagine being without one another. One day, after a particularly explosive fight with Muse A, Muse B storms off. Muse A lets Muse B go, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before Muse B comes back and they make up. Only, days go by, and then weeks, then a year and Muse B doesn’t return. Muse A has a hard time dealing with the unexplained disappearance, but gradually learns to move on, even though they occasionally wonder whatever happened to Muse B. When Muse A least expects it, Muse B shows up at their door in the middle of the night, begging for Muse A to invite them in. Muse A is stunned to see Muse B after so long, and startled because Muse B seems different somehow, but nevertheless, Muse A invites Muse B inside to talk. Muse B tries to break it as gently as possible – that night they stormed off over a year ago, they were attacked by a vampire and now Muse B is one. Muse A doesn’t believe it, until Muse B shows them. Muse B promises that they won’t hurt Muse A and that they’ve only stayed away so long because they wanted to be able to control their bloodlust before coming back. Muse B has had time to reflect on how much they need Muse A in their life and how much better their relationship could be now because they’re hell-bent on making up for all of the bad times they used to have and they have an eternity to do so. Muse A must decide if they can trust Muse B at all, especially after Muse A accidentally witnesses Muse B feeding on someone.

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Nina (lananina) | 341 comments Would you mind posting the idea here please?

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Nina (lananina) | 341 comments Name: Caroline Hunter
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Vampire

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Willow | 154 comments

Axel Wilson Carter [A.C] | | 26 | | 5'11''
Faceclaim: Brian Whittaker
description description description

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Nina (lananina) | 341 comments Great! Who should start and where?

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Willow | 154 comments "So are you saying that at twenty-six that you have given up on love?" Xavier asked Axel, they were radio hosts. Built their business from the ground up. Axel nodded and spoke into the microphone. "Yes, that's what I am saying." he said with a straight face and all. It had been years since Caroline disappeared on him. And he never dated anyone afterward, he only had flings every now and then. But he made sure that they never got too serious. "That's young is hell to just be ready to give up like that dude." Xavier said with a chuckle. Axel shrugged with a smirk. "Well, I talk to different women just never cuff them.. If you know what I mean." he said. "Oh, you heard it here folks.. Your loving Axel is a player out here." Xavier said with a chuckle. Their radio convection went on for another three hours. They took some fans calls and even answered a few of their questions no matter if it was relationship advice or something else. Once they turned off for the day, Axel and Xavier walked out their building. "We going to the bar or what?" Xavier asked. Axel shook his head for the first time this week, he turned down going to the bar. For some reason, he wasn't up for it. "I will pass today but, throw me a text when you're home.. Alright." he said, Xavier nodded with a smirk. The boys were orphan brothers, they were raised in the same orphanage and neither one ever got adopted so they were each others family. "I will bro, don't worry about me." he said. Axel waved at Xavier and walked to his car.

He heads to his apartment, the same apartment he has been in for since he was eighteen. It was nice and he never thought he should move, even with the bad memories that the complex held. Axel walked inside and was tackled to the ground by Max. Axel's Doberman, that he has had just as long as he lived in the apartment. Axel petted Max on the head as the big dog laid on top of him. "Hi boy, missed me much?" he asked with a smirk. Once Max got off Axel, he was able to close the door himself.

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Nina (lananina) | 341 comments Caroline looked up at the familiar apartment building. She had lived her for years with Axel and Max before that fateful night. She shuddered and her hand went to her neck where he had bitten her.

Years ago, Caroline Hunter had been just a normal human living her messy life. She and Axel had been together for a long time and even though the relationship was toxic to the both of them she couldn't imagine life without him. He was the love of her life no matter how many fights they had, they would always make up in the end. But one night, about two or so years ago they had a major fight that ended with Caroline storming out of the apartment. She had planned on coming home after a few hours or maybe the next day but then he, Jaxson Michaelson came to her. She now remembered him compelling her and forcing her to go with him to a bar or club. She remembered drinking a lot and getting flirty with him. He had taken them to a back room where they had done things that she was disgusted by now and then he fed from her. He had almost completely drained her body of blood when he let her feed from him to heal her. After he let her feed he killed her. She had woken up as a vampire days later. She had asked Jax why he turned her and all he told her was that he was bored and she would make some good entertainment for a while. She had stayed with Jax for a while to learn how to be a vampire. But she had not gone back home because she was afraid of hurting Axel. She had only just learned how to control the blood lust and wanted to find Axel again but then she had gone back home only to find him in bed with another woman. She had been hurt and upset, but she understood. So she went back to Jax. She and Jax had eventually became friends and then something more. They had stayed in a small town and were treated like a King and Queen. To sum it up, they were having a ball. But then a vampire hunter came after them, the hunter had killed Jaxson and forced Caroline to run. Now she was back home. She walked up to the apartment door and knocked.

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Willow | 154 comments Axel was making him and Max dinner when he heard a knock at the door. He sighed and figured it was Xavier. "The boy can't go anywhere without him." he said under his breath but Max was all of a sudden tensed, the scent of someone familiar was behind the door but, at the same time it was different. He dark a few times before Axel came to the door, he snapped his fingers. "Hey, dude relax." he said, his neighbors always complained about Max's barking. He was a big dog. It was normal for him to have a loud ass bark. Max whimpered as he lowered his head, but he lifted it back up once he noticed Axel wasn't mad. His stub of a tail wagged. Axel smirked at Max and went to open the door. "Dude, I told you I wasn't in the mood.." he said but frowned at the sight of Caroline. He thought it was Xavier, the last person he ever thought it would be was his ex. He hadn't seen her in years, he sighed as Max stepped in front of Axel as in to protect him, Max can tell she wasn't the Caroline he once knew. "Easy boy.." he said as he patted Max's rear and Max sat down but stayed in front of Axel. Axel glanced down at his dog and sigh, he looked back up at Caroline with a raised eyebrow. "So.. Your back huh?.." he asked as he leaned against the door frame.

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Nina (lananina) | 341 comments Caroline heard Max bark and grinned. She loved the dog. She remembered when they had gotten him. But of course, now that she was a vampire it was different. Many animals were frightened of her. They knew that she was a predator and would protect themselves or their family from her. She saw the door open and Axel. She bit her lip as she took in the sight of him for the first time in years. He still looked like the same boy she had fell in love with all those years back. She had a lot to make up for. She nodded. "I am. Can I please come in? I want to talk." She said softly. Becoming a vampire had changed Caroline in more ways than one. Caroline had taken the time being apart from Axel to change a lot about her. She was no longer that angry girl who picked fights with Axel just because. Rather she had more compassion and... well, she had more love for Axel. She had never stopped loving him. Even when she tried. Even when she had been with Jaxson, she was always thinking about Axel.

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Willow | 154 comments Axel shook his head as he chuckled but it was nothing funny at all. But he knew if he didn't laugh, he was going to get pissed off. He shrugged at her question and opened his door wider. "Yeah, Whatever." he said as he backed up and walked off. Max sat there and stared at her of a few seconds before he followed Axel into the living room. Axel pointed to the couch. "Sit... Stay" he said, Max did a huff with his nose like a bratty teenager, which made Axel smirk every time. Axel walked into the kitchen and started finishing up dinner like Caroline wasn't there. He had to act like it was no big deal even though it totally was. He had been through enough. He didn't trust people before he met Caroline. Xavier was the only person he ever opened up to and he was sure that he wouldn't open up to anyone again. But then he met her, and she changed his life just to do what she promised she would never to leave. He knew their relationship was toxic, everyone knew but she was the only person he needed. He never cheated or hit on her, it was just two angry people trying to make everything work. Axel life didn't get better once she left it got worse, his anger got worse and he was more anti-social in public. That's why he never did or will ever do meet and greets for his fan. Axel stayed quiet the whole time he was cooking not wanting to say anything at the moment.

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Nina (lananina) | 341 comments Caroline frowned slightly as he laughed. She nodded and moved forward. "Shit. Uh, can I get invited in?" she called into the apartment. One thing about vampires is that they couldn't enter a house or an apartment that was owned by a human until they were invited in by the owner themselves. She heard the huff from Max and had to stifle a giggle. He still did that. She remembered that huff clearly back when she lived with them. Once she was invited in she walked in and looked around. It seemed that Axel hadn't changed anything since she left. She bit her lip, she was not going to get emotional right off the bat. She took a deep breath and kneeled down beside Max. "Hey buddy." She said softly. She sighed softly as she stood up. "I'm not gonna hurt you or Axel, sweetie. Not again, anyways." She told the dog quietly. She had kept listening to Axel and Xavier's radio show after she left. Jaxson always had gotten upset when he came into the room to hear her ex on the radio. But it was something that Caroline just couldn't give up. No matter how hard Jaxson tried to get her to. She had heard how much more angry and cynical Axel had seem to become after she left. And she had wished she could come back to him but she had to control herself but then she had gone back and seen him with another woman and she had been upset and jealous and left. Again. She cleared her throat. "I've always listened to you and Xavier's show." She told him. "I only missed a day because I had been passed out but..." she trailed off and shrugged. "Anyways." She bit her lip. "How have you been?" she asked. She wanted to smack herself. How has he been? Seriously? What a stupid fucking question to ask, Caroline. She berated herself.

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Willow | 154 comments "Come in!" he said as he rolled his eyes at her words. She was acting weird but he wasn't about to go into all that, at least not now. Axel heard her saying something to Max but he couldn't make it out. He shrugged when he heard her talking to him about his radio show. How have I been he repeated to himself. He smirked and glanced back at her for a moment before putting his attention back onto the food on the stove. "Well if you have been listening to the show then you already know.." he said in the nicest tone he could possibly do in a situation like this. "But obviously you have been doing awesome to stay away from me for these long..." he said. "Let me guess, the dude broke up with you or some bullshit like that, right?" he asked as he turned around deciding not to hold back on how he felt. Axel to try to commit suicide for so long after she left but, Xavier would always find him and take him to the hospital just in time. He has been in the hospital so much that he knows all the nurses by name. Everyone kept tell him to move on that she had obviously found someone better suited for her than he was and he should try to do the same. But he knew could, no matter who many females he slept with he could never replace Caroline.

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Nina (lananina) | 341 comments Caroline nodded. "Yeah. I know. It was a stupid question. Sorry." She bit her lip and scoffed. "Yeah, awesome." She looked out the window and shook her head. "No. He died." She told him. She cleared her throat. "I didn't leave you because I found someone else, Axel." She told him as she turned. She wondered if she should actually tell him what happened. He would understand right? He was the love of her life. He had to understand. She cleared her throat. "That night I stormed out, I was planning on coming back. Like I always have. But something happened that night that made me pass out for a day or so and when I came to. Well, I had changed. And with that change I," she took a deep a breath. "I was protecting you by staying away." She told him.

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Willow | 154 comments "So let me make sure I understand this correctly.. You didn't me for another dude buuuut, you ended up with one. That died and now your here excepting me to greet you with open arms.." he said he ran his hand down his face and chuckled. "Wow, that's the best lie you have ever told." he said and waved his hand at her, he wasn't about to get into it with her. He turned around and went back to his food. He put his food in a plate and put on the side. He put the pot in the sink. He grabbed Max's dog food from the corner and poured it into his dog bowl, he already had water in his other bowl so Axel didn't bother that. "Come on boy." he said and in seconds Max was running into the kitchen. He slides on the tile floor and Axel smirked and shook his head at the sight. "I told you to stop running in the house." he said, Max wasn't listening his head was inside his bowl. "Protecting him huh?" Axel said and looked over at her. "Well..Caroline, thank you so much." he said not really meaning it, he rolled his eyes and grabbed his plate. "Finish up, then you might get a treat." he said to Max. Axel walked into the living room and sat down.

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Nina (lananina) | 341 comments Caroline rolled her eyes. She missed his sarcasm and his ability to call her out on her bullshit. "It's not a fucking lie, Axel. And I never expected you to greet me with open arms. We never were that sort of couple anyways. And yes. I did end up with another guy but I didn't love him. Not really. I was only with you because I couldn't be with you. And besides, dont act like you weren't with other girls." She said with another eye roll. She ran a hand through her blond hair and sighed. "And yes. I did it to protect you. Because if I had come back after I had changed you probably would be dead. Or maybe like me." She mumbled the last part.

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Willow | 154 comments "I know I fucked other girls.. But I am not the one who walked on you.. Am I?" he asked as he put a fork full of his food in his mouth. He sighed and shook his head as she spoke. She was right though they never had that sugar high type of relationship. And that was the part he loved most about it. They were honest no matter the bullshit, or how they thought the other might felt. He was about to speak again but he decided not to, he just shrugged his shoulders and continued eating quietly.

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Nina (lananina) | 341 comments "Goddamn it, Axel. I'm sorry. I didn't want to leave you. I promised you I would never leave you. That I would always come back. Well, guess what? I'm back now, aren't I? Yeah I may be late but I had to do something before I came back. In order to protect you from me. It killed me not to rush back to our place as soon as I woke up. But I had to feed and I had no desire to feed on you!" She said pacing back and forth. She was getting agitated and could feel her fangs beginning to descend. She stopped and took a deep breath. She calmed herself down and then turned to him. "Maybe it was a mistake coming back here." She said softly. She turned her back to him and looked out the window once again.

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Nina (lananina) | 341 comments ?

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Willow | 154 comments Axel sighed when she spoke. He rolled his eyes at her words. "Just forget it.. Your here now so whatever." He said with a shrug. "Are you hungry?" He asked her as he glanced up at Caroline. She was beautiful like always, her eyes always made him melt. He sighed as he glanced back down. "Plus I am sure Max would like to spin some time with you." He added.

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Nina (lananina) | 341 comments Caroline turned and looked stage. She nodded. "Uh, sure." She still ate regular food but it didn't do anything for her. She never gained any weight. She bit her lip. But the regular food helped her with her urges for blood. She glanced down at the dog and sighed softly. "Im not so sure Max trusts me right now." She told him. She bent down and held out her hand to Max. "Hi, sweetie. You remember me right?" She asked him softly.

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Willow | 154 comments Axel nodded and stood up, he started walking to the kitchen but stopped walking and looked back at her when she spoke about Max. Max glanced up at her, he reached his head to her smelling her body slightly first before he turned his head to her hand. He moved his head quickly but he didn't get up and follow Axel. "Well at least he didn't bite, like he did with mostly everyone in town." He said with a slight chuckle before he walked in the kitchen. Mac was only ever nice to Axel and Carolina. Everyone else either got a grilled at until Axel tells them to stop or they would get bite on simple. Axel came back into the living room with an plate. "Here." He said as he handed it to her and sat back down and ate the rest of his food.

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Nina (lananina) | 341 comments Caroline sighed softly as Max turned his head away from her. She nodded. "Yeah. That's true." She said with a sad smile. "I know sweetie. But I'm not gonna hurt you or Axel. At least not again anyways." She stood up and then sat down on the couch. She chuckled as she ran her hands over the couch. "You still have this damned couch." She said shaking her head and smiling. She looked up at him and took the plate. "Thank you." She said. She began to eat and moaned softly. "Ah man. I almost forgot how good your cooking is." She said softly.

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Nina (lananina) | 341 comments .

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