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Plot Twists

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What are some plot twists in the books?

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Paloma I want Sophie to realize she doesn't like Fitz and they weren't meant to be together and Keefe is better.

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Katey Abbott | 70 comments Mod

So I am about to go on a little rant. Feel free not to read it.
Okay so at the end of the book sophie is unmatchable. And Fitz the Golden Boy will most likely be like.
"I need to be a Vacker person thing. therefore I cant be with you sophie." Then he is going to go and be with somebody else.
Then sophie is going to end up with Keefe because Keefe wont care about the shame because he is obviously totally in love with Sophie . (And because his dad would hate that) And this would be the best thing that has happened in elvin history. Right next to The Great Gulon Incident.
FYI I kinda love Sofitz and Foster-Keefe
Now I have a random rant about Sofitz and their togetherness-
Sophie and Fitz were the two main characters first introduced. As a writer, I know that if THAT happens, something important will happen between the two of them(I wish that it were not so painfully true). Fitz actually showed Sophie WHO SHE IS which is something so special, Keefe is going to need to come in to show Soph. There wouldn't even be a KOTLC series if Fitz hadn't found Sophie. Also, Fitz had been looking for Sophie for SIX WHOLE YEARS before he found her. Therefore, when he found her, it is plausible to conclude that Sophie made a giant impact on his life that only would strengthen their relationship. Fitz was there to lean on when Sophie first came into the Elvin world, when she was struggling with reality. He was calm, steady, and everything she needed. He still is but Keefe is better in every way. THE HAIR for one thing. HIS HUMOR for another. HIS OVERLY CUTE KINDNESS is just one more thing. I could keep going but I think you understand. This situation is comparable to someone COMPLETELY NEW coming to your school from, hmmm, let's say Portugal. They only speak a few words of English and everyone thinks they're weird because they do things differently and can't communicate properly. Would you look out for this kid and help them learn? If you chose to do so, this would form a relationship. This is the relationship that Sophie and Fitz have. Sophie and Fitz have a deep trust and understanding between them because of this....
Which brings me to the next subject. Cognatedom. According to the Cognate article on the Wiki, "Cognates are required to share everything with each other and their bond is based on trust." As of Flashback, Sophie and Fitz have shared everything with each other. In my opinion, all relationships should be built off of trust so instant bonus. Keefe breached Sophie's trust but that kinda just adds to their relationship because they were able to overcome that.
I think we should also consider Sophie's feelings in this matter (She is in denial about Keefe but...whatever than I get him) . Sophie has had a crush on Fitz since chapter one, book one. The only person who can calm Fitz is Sophie. But, the only person who can really calm sophie is Keefe.
Now I have a point that is more in Keefe's favor.
I love that Keefe says he won't pressure Sophie into making a choice and that it's her choice, and not his, so he won't try to make her choose him if Sophie wants to choose fitz .He says he'll accept what choice she makes. He is totally lying to himself though.
Sophie and Keefe trust each other and try to be there for the other (e.g. the window slumber parties in Neverseen when Keefe was upset about his mom, Lady Gisela). Sophie has "fluttery moments" with Keefe as well as Fitz. As the series goes on, Sophie grows closer to Keefe. Fitz seems to realize that to some degree and becomes jealous of Keefe. Keefe clearly likes Sophie. Sophie seems to like Fitz but has shown signs of liking Keefe as well. One of the many reasons Sophie and Keefe fit so well together because they both know what it is like to be different. Keefe has his parents, and Sophie has her brown eyes and all her different abilities that some don't see as special. Especially in Neverseen and Lodestar and Nightfall, Sophie and Keefe grow closer as they rely on each other to move on from their losses. Keefe is always putting Sophie before anyone else, and Sophie him. They always try to keep each other safe, even if they don't think, like when Keefe joined the Neverseen, trying to act as a spy. He's constantly trying to act like a hero for her.
Sophie cares about Keefe a lot. Every time Keefe gets hurt she gets worried and does her best to keep him safe, and as far away from danger as possible; and yet, Keefe always comes back for Sophie.
Keefe is always the first one to volunteer for anything Sophie plans and was the first one Sophie let into her plans and secrets. Keefe dubbed their team 'Team Foster-Keefe' in Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile. In the first few books, Sophie clearly states that she has a crush on Fitz. However, in Everblaze, those feelings start to shift towards Keefe. In the latest books, Sophie cannot decide between Fitz and Keefe. Sophie also tries to keep herself from liking Fitz in Nightfall to improve their Cognate relationship. However, in book 7, Flashback, Fitz and Sophie had confronted each other's feelings, and that made them (sort of) start a relationship. So the chances of Sokeefe happening had lowered. But it is still possible that Sophie and Keefe are going to get together. Fitz and Sophie's sorta relationship had only lowered the chances of them getting together, so no one knows.

Also I love these!

1. “Keefe tried to break the tension, pumping his fist and shouting, “LORD HUNKYHAIR LIVES! Say it now, Ro. Say it!”

2. “...if you lose, you’ll have to wear a metal diaper to school and call me Lord Hunkyhair from now on.”

“Uh... yeah, no,” Fitz said as Biana asked, “Hunkyhair?”

“Lord Hunkyhair,” Keefe corrected. “What? It’s accurate.” He tossed his head like he was in a shampoo commercial. “I think we need to make it a thing either way- don’t you, Foster?”

“I think you’re ridiculous,” Sophie told him.”

3. “Why else would you spend so much time helping Miss Fosters causes?”

“Uh... you’ve seen how cute she is, right?” Keefe asked.”

4. “Aw, did you hear that? Ro thinks I’m pretty! I mean- I usually go for more of a roguish handsome, but...” He tosses his hair and fluttered his eyelashes.

Sophie’s lips curled into a smile-without her permission.”

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OMG thanks! I was just kinda saying what went through my head. So if any parts dont make sense thats why.

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