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Ruless! :D Read here first. D:

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message 1: by Magical Muggle (new)

Magical Muggle (strawberryfeilder) | 24 comments ruby u r sooooooooooo cool in soooooooooo many ways but u r soooooooo weird in sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many ways

message 2: by ☮Mary☮ (new)

☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) okay...that was wierd

message 3: by Magical Muggle (new)

Magical Muggle (strawberryfeilder) | 24 comments yep

message 4: by ☮Mary☮ (new)

☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) we previously established that, i believe.

message 5: by ♫Alisa♫ (new)

♫Alisa♫ (goodreadscomaah9726) | 40 comments wow ruby, like amani said, your cool and weird. d

message 6: by Magical Muggle (last edited Aug 19, 2009 02:01PM) (new)

Magical Muggle (strawberryfeilder) | 24 comments ok so lets actually do somthin oowwwwwwwww i got 1 does anyone have d 1st 12 chapters of midnight sun

message 7: by ☮Mary☮ (new)

☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) no, i wish. do you!?

message 8: by Magical Muggle (new)

Magical Muggle (strawberryfeilder) | 24 comments yeah type in midnight sun first 12 chapters into google and ull get em

message 9: by Jordyn (last edited Aug 20, 2009 09:35AM) (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 12 comments I have to admit, though HP is better than Twilight, that I love reading the Twilight novels anyway. And Midnight Sun is pretty good....
But I have to laugh that Stephanie Meyer graduated from college with a Novelist Degree(or whatever) and a lot of high schoolers can write just as good if not better!! XD

message 10: by Micah (new)

Micah (mimikinz) i read them cuz im kewl lik that

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