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I'm kind of random when it comes to my taste in music. I like a little bit of anything except if it involves reidiculously loud guitar, screeching vocalists, or anyone from Disney Channel. Haha. Rap is okay sometimes, but I don't listen to it much.

message 2: by Carlee Jane (new)

Carlee Jane (chycebelle) I'm a lot the same. I have a varied taste, and I'm very open to trying different genres out. I shy away from screamo, though there was I point where I kinda liked it. Now I just appreciate the guitar skills in those songs. Disney Channel I don't really care much about. I love Disney movie songs though. There are a few rap songs that I like, but it's one of my least favorite genres.

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I can't stand anything that comes off of the Disney Channel. My friend is trying to convert me to MCR, and it's almost working. Flyleaf is the only metal band that i'm kind of into, right now, and that's because the chick sings like a blowtorch. I have no idea why that's appealing to me, but it is.

Music is like candy, you have to throw the rappers away. My friend Anna Chekov said that!

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Anony-miss a-non-y-miss | 14 comments I listen to a lot of stuff - I don't even know where to start!

I mostly love the heavier stuff, but I love some indie rock and classical music every now and then =)

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