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message 1: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 10 comments Hi everyone, Not sure how i found this group and i must admit I haven't read many Christian historical romance novels but I am now! I wrote a nonfiction book for dads a few years ago and thought I was done writing but driving the roads of Colorado looking at the old homesteads and cabins, I was inspired to start writing a story about that period, a favorite era for me. The story centers around Romans 8:28 and how it might impact our lives in ways we don't always get to discover in this world. Somehow it turned into a time travel love story between a 17 yr old snowboarder from present day Denver and a 16 yr old Christian girl from 1850 traveling the Oregon Trail with her family. Emma, the heroine is a wonderful example and role model for teen girls of today and an encouragement to all of us to be faithful even when we don't understand what is going on and what God is up to. The women who have read it said they laughed and they cried, then wanted their daughters to read it. I dedicated it to my own daughter, Emma, to always be an inspiration. Would love to get some feedback from those of you who love that period. God bless!

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Margaret Chind (cherryblossommj) | 395 comments Mod

message 3: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 10 comments Hey Kate, Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it. The snowboarding is just casually mentioned to help establish the kind of kid Wes is. Only women have read the book so far and found Emma an example of a young Christian girl coming of age. That took a lot of work on my part! LOL! A pastor's wife said she would have her daughters read it. I don't think women could identify with the boy but if they think back they knew plenty of boys like him. The real story is how spending time with Emma he is transformed into a much more mature young man. The impact she has on him actually has a powerful impact on her descendents, proof that even as we Christians sometimes struggle to see God's purpose in the things that occur in our lives, He does always have a purpose. As I watched Wes struggle with Emma's unique 19th century Christian worldview as they dealt with encounters with bears, mountain men, and even Indians, I watched him slowly fall in love for the very first time, something we all remember. I think I fell in love with Emma too, as she struggled with so many confusing emotions yet refused to compromise on her faith. I was actually half way through the first draft before that purpose actually surfaced and it surprised even me. The night I gave Emma the first copy and she read the dedication....for me that was pricelss.

message 4: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 10 comments Key Kate, Now I'm even more curious as to what you think of the book! I'd be happy to send you the whole book on email. I really can't afford to send a hard copy. I write as a labor of love and something to leave my kids when I'm gone...and hopefully bless a few people along the way. I think if I tried making money at it I'd get miserable. I hate the fact people have to spend money in order to enjoy my books. If you'd like just send me your email to

message 5: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey (kindredspirit) | 2 comments This sounds like a wonderful book! I'm intrigued. :-)

FYI, you can wishlist it on and wait for a copy to come through - I think that's what I'll do.

(You can either buy a credit for one book or trade your books in to earn credits, and if you need a referral feel free to put johnsgirl! :-)

message 6: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 313 comments ooooo, interesting conversation going on. I've been gone for a week on Vacation. I'm with Kate on this, it seemed for the younger generation, which is great, but after reading you explanation more it kinda intrigues me. :D I love historical fiction too. Kate can attest to that! I'll have to check out the Never heard of that!

message 7: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 10 comments Hi folks, I too have never heard of the paperback swap so will have to check that out. Funny how I didn't consider the story a young adult book. The characters are but the message is for all ages, I believe. Tuesday night while driving with my wife and Emma in the back seat, we were involved in a head on collision. I have now lived the most horrible moments of my life. Right before impact my last thought was that my wife and I would not survive, but would Emma? The impact was incredible with breaking glass, crushing metal and airbags and smoke. I was shocked when I realized both my wife and I were concious and I could hear Emma screaming in the back. With the smoke I figured fire but both front doors were jammed. Wonderful bystanders came and got my door open. I rushed to get Emma out and opening that door not knowing what to expect is still haunting me. Thankfully, she was fine, and my wife and I are just banged up, sore, and bruised, with only a few possible hailine fractures. To be honest, i still can't pray without crying, I am so grateful. Please remember to wear thos seat belts and have your kids in the right seats. And appreciate evry day god gives you with your loved ones. Life is so fragile.

message 8: by Charmaine (new)

Charmaine (empress_charla) | 114 comments Wow, I'm very glad to hear that God & His angels protected you and your family! I'm so glad that there wasn't any serious injuries. I hope the car will be fixed soon or God will bless you with enough money to get a new one. You're right, we must appreciate every day. Thanks for reminding us! :-) Prayers for you & your family!

message 9: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 313 comments That's definitley scary! I know what it's like to see your life flash before you eyes in a car wreck. Thank God you and your family are ok.

message 10: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 10 comments Kate, jennifer, Lindsey, If anyone wants a copy of A Place in Time I can mail them to friends for $12.38, that $10 for the book and $2.38 shipping. Again, I wish there was no money involved (or tons of money like famous authors) but for me its a ministry. Amazon was $11.95 plus shipping so it saves a few dollars. Just wanted to let evryone know thats another option. I hope Gods people are sensing His love today.

message 11: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jennafraugh) | 313 comments Yep, gonna have to go with Kate on this one. Got a stack to read right now, but when the time comes I'll let you know. :D

message 12: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 10 comments Hi everyone! Not sure who will read this old thread but didn't want to start another one. I hope you all are enjoying this special time of year. My novel, A Place in Time is in a few Christian book stores and I am very happy with the reviews I've gotten from the 40 or so books sold. I am really curious what readers from this group might think of it since you are really into historical chhristian work. I really can't afford to send out free copies but I thought maybe I could mail a copy to one of you with the postage money to send it back when you've read it, then you could let the group know what you think. I probably can't compete with the books listed on here but I am curious. If anyones interested, just let me know.....THANKS!

message 13: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 10 comments Hey Kate, Jennifer, Lindsey, I put my books on and planned on letting you all know, but almost immediately they both were requested! Didn't realize it worked that fast! So my idea of getting someone from this group to read my novel didn't work....and I ended up giving away the book anyway! So since I don't know how long it takes before a book shows up again, if any of you are interested in readin A Place in Time and letting me know what you think of it, I'll just send you a copy. Maybe when you're done you can put it on paprbackswap for me. I had the most incredible response from a Christian book store owner and her 17 yr old daughter that I am now really intrigued with how those of you who are real Christian romance readers respond to it. Can't afford to send three so whover lets me know first can have it. I hope you are all doing well.


message 14: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 10 comments Hi Molly! Send me an address to mail it and I'll send it out to you. I appreciate it! My email is


message 15: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 10 comments Book is on the way, Molly. Tahnks so much!!

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