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Travis (traviscannon) | 132 comments Mod
Here's where you share stories of how you got into watching Castle?

message 2: by Travis, Fanatic In Death (new)

Travis (traviscannon) | 132 comments Mod
I'd seen the promo for it a handful of times, and found the premise of a writer shadowing a detective intriguing. I'd heard of Nathan Fillion before, watched Firefly on DVD during college, so I knew him, but only vaguely. It was the concept that drew me in. I kept it in mind as time went on, and when it premiered on TV, I watched the pilot episode... and was immediately enthralled. I'd never shipped two characters faster than I did with Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. And the rest is, as they say, history.

message 3: by CatZinger (new)

CatZinger | 3 comments I heard that Captain Reynolds was starring in an interesting murder mystery series on ABC, so I gave it a try. The pilot was fantastic, and the rest is history.

message 4: by Jana Fisher (new)

Jana Fisher | 2 comments I was recovering from shoulder surgery and channel surfing. I actually caught the rerun of S1E1 as it started. I had no idea who anybody was on the show, never heard of them. I loved what I saw after episode. The new ones were actually on S5 so I went into Amazon and downloaded all the seasons available and binged them that week till I was caught up on the newest season. Never looked back after that.

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Anja (crazysecondname) | 7 comments The first time I heard of Castle was in 2012 when the season 4 final aired. I followed a few people on tumblr who watched Castle and suddenly I saw posts about it.
I didn't know anything except that apparently the main characters finally got together and were kissing against a door.
And I thought:I should watch this show.
somehow I didn't watch it though??? I don't remember what I watched instead but yeah

in 2014 when the season 6 final aired I followed more people on tumblr, more people I followed were watching Castle. there were a lot of posts about this finale.
And I was like: wait I wanted to watch that show 2 years ago I should watch that show
then Cops and Robbers as on TV and well that was that (I was 100% convinced this episode was from season 5 and was trying to figure out why they use the formal Sie in the german dub but that's a different topic.)
anyway I started watching the show. had shitty wifi so I had to buy the dvds and was finished with all 6 seasons 3 weeks before season 7 started

message 6: by Kerstin (last edited Sep 04, 2018 04:57AM) (new)

Kerstin Polo | 25 comments I was a huge fan of White Collar, watching the show and reading fanfic about it like mad.

Then a friend told me about Castle but I still was hooked to White Collar and didn't want to hear anything about a new show.

Then I came across a trailer for episode 5x1 of Castle when Rick sat in bed and Kate came into the room with his shirt on and coffee in her hands. I whatsapped my friend and asked her, what???? there is romance in that show???? I thought it's only crime.

Well, she said, that's the reason I told you to watch it!

So, that was the day I got all the DVDs available and binge watched Castle and White Collar was history, ended then anyway in an unsatisfying way.

Caskett is really a wonderful couple but the show was destroyed after season 7, so I ignore season 8 completely and to be honest, I haven't watched it for quite some time because I am addicted to US shows in general like Blue Bloods, Madam Secretary or This is Us.

You can't watch German shows, they suck, honestly! There is no humor, the dialogue is boring and they don't know that you can bring romance and humor in a crime show. Only the US TV-industry knows how that goes.

So, I'm addicted to US shows all of my life and I'm always amazed that there are always new shows that make me fall in love with.
But Castle and therefor Caskett will always have a special place in my heart.

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S.R. Garrae (srgarrae) | 18 comments My parents said I'd like it. They were right!

message 8: by Wendy (new)

Wendy (wendykw) | 42 comments My husband saw the promos for the show before the first episode aired, and he thought we'd like it. We watched the first episode live and really enjoyed it. When my work schedule changed, and I was working evenings, I'd watch it on the DVR when I got home at 1 am. While I was unemployed in 2013, Castle became the distraction/obsession that kept me sane. Many of the episodes were on youtube (probably illegally), and I spent hours watching them. I still record all the episodes on TNT, even though I own all the DVDs. Because of Castle, I discovered, twitter, and tumblr. Once I was employed again, my DVR was set for new episodes and all the reruns on TNT. Castle has brought new experiences and new people into my life.

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Kate Burkholder (katebecks19) | 12 comments I remember seeing the promos before Castle premiered, and I knew who Nathan Fillion was thanks to One Life To Live. It looked good, but I can't recall why I didn't tune in. It took "Fool Me Once" (2x04) to suck me in when it aired after Dancing With The Stars. That was an excellent first episode, but I didn't tune in the following week. I started watching every week when Dana Delany (from Desperate Housewives) guest-starred as Jordan Shaw. I watched casually during Season 2, 3, and part of 4 while casually shipping Castle & Beckett. I wasn't that into it, but the season finales made me cry. I developed a curiosity of moments & scenes from episodes I had never seen or episodes I didn't remember well and explored a couple Castle-centric Tumblrs. I went at that hardcore, and BOOM/BAM...I was now a devoted fan & big time Caskett shipper. Crazy, right? And from 4x09 onward, I didn't miss an episode (with the exception of the 2 Beckett-less Season 8 episodes) and loved Caskett like no other couple. And that love remains strong.

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