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Asylumm | 74 comments Muse A and Muse B have been happily married for two years now. They’re both financially stable and still madly in love with each other, despite encountering some of the typical bumps in the marital road. It seems like the perfect time to start a family, both Muse A and Muse B agree. They’re ready to share some of their love with a little bundle of joy. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as they’d hoped. Despite several spirited attempts at having a baby together, Muse A struggles to conceive. According to doctors, Muse A may never be able to have kids by natural means, but it’s too early to say conclusively. Rather than becoming disheartened, the loving couple decide to look into adoption. They fall in love with a sweet infant who’d been born to a teen mother, and they instantly know that this baby is meant to go home with them. Maybe some day in the future they’ll be able to conceive, but either way, they’ll love this adopted child as if he/she were their own flesh and blood.

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Asylumm | 74 comments Oscar unlocked the door to his house, and sighed as he walked in. "Baby!! I'm home!!" he shouted, he worked a double. So it was late in the day. He walked into the kitchen as he unbutton his suit. He glanced around for his wife but, she wasn't in the kitchen. Oscar and his wife, were middle school sweet hearts. A lot of people don't believe that they been together for that long but only been married for to. When they ask him why he didn't been married her. He always tells the truth, he was scared. Thinking he would fuck it up, in some type of way. But, once he realized that he that he wouldn't miss it up, he got enough balls to pop the question and her they were two years later, happily married. Every day he knows he made the right choice. "Baby!?" he shouted again as he walked out the kitchen, he throw his white button up shirt on the couch as he walked up the stairs. He then showed off his sleeve tattoo, it was the only tattoo that he got and probably would ever it. It showed off his secret love for animals since its has all the Africa animals. "Where are you?" he asked once he reached the top of the stairs.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Kyla had gotten home from work a bit earlier than Oscar and had started dinner. It was cooking in the oven when she’s gone upstairs to take a quick shower. She’d just gotten out of the shower and had gotten dressed when she heard Oscar get home. “Bedroom!” She called out in response to him, wrapping her auburn hair up in a towel so it wouldn’t be dripping wet down her back. She got up off the bed to come over to her husband, leaning up and kissing him softly right when he came into the bedroom. “Hi..” she smiled st him.

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Asylumm | 74 comments Oscar nodded when he heard her voice coming from the bedroom, he pushed open the door and there she was. Kyla the girl of his dreams, he smiled lightly as he walked in and before he knew it she was hugging him. He didn't waste no time before he hugged her. "I missed you." he said as his hug got tighter. He hadn't seen her or heard from for over 12 hours. "Sorry, i should take a shower." he said as he stepped back from her knowing that he probably seemed like a pig, whose been in the hot mud all day. "I will be back." he said. Before he headed into the bathroom, Oscar kissed Kyla on her forehead.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Kyla rolled her eyes. “I missed you too.” She smiled at him. “Alright. Dinner should be ready soon after you’re done.” She said softly, letting go of him and stepping back so he could head off to shower. She kept her hair up in the towel and headed downstairs to check on dinner and make sure it’d be ready by the time he was out of the shower. She noticed his shirt on the couch and grabbed it, going and putting it in the laundry room instead so it’d be there when she did laundry b

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Asylumm | 74 comments Oscar didn't take long in the shower, maybe 10 minutes the most. He got out the shower and dried off, he placed his towel back on the rack before he walked back into their bedroom. He through on his PJ's and headed downstairs with his wife. He walked into the kitchen and leaned against the wall as he rubbed his eyes. He was already tired and ready to head off to bed.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) “How was work love?” Kyla asked once Oscar came downstairs. She got dinner out of the oven and onto plates for them both. She set them at the table and Grabbed silverware before sitting down. She ran a hand through her hair and watched him for a moment, worried about how tired he was.

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Asylumm | 74 comments "It was hard.. but, don't worry i am fine." Oscar said when he realized she was worried by how she was looking at him. Oscar rubbed the back of his neck as he walked to the table, he kissed Kyla on the forehead before he sat down. "I promise.." he added, he glanced at the food and smiled. "It looks great. I don't even want to touch it." he said with a smirk before he picked up his fork.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) “You just look extremely exhausted..” Kyla explained softly. She shrugged at him and smiled a bit. “Thanks. I try to make food look good..” she commented softly. “Hopefully it tastes good too.” She said before picking up her fork and starting to eat.

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