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message 1: by Priya (new)

Priya (priyachennareddy) | 1544 comments I created this thread to post the trope/theme lists we use for our group reads. These are only for reference and planning.

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message 2: by Priya (last edited Nov 06, 2020 11:21PM) (new)

Priya (priyachennareddy) | 1544 comments Master list of 48 tropes/themes

- American Heiress
- Amnesia
- Age Difference
- Beauty and the Beast
- Beta Hero
- Betrothed at Childhood
- Brother's best friend
- Blue stocking Heroine
- Captive/Captor
- Class difference
- Disguise
- Duke
- Enemies to Lovers
- Epistolary
- Experienced Heroine
- Fairy tale retellings
- Fake fiance/engagement/husband
- Friends to Lovers
- Governesses/Housekeepers
- Guardian/Ward
- Heroine in Pants
- House parties
- Huge Family
- Jilted at the Altar
- Kidnapping
- Love triangles
- Mail order Bride
- Marriage of Convenience
- Matchmaking
- Mistaken identity
- Mystery
- Nursing back to health
- Pregnant Heroine
- Pygmalion
- Reformed Rake
- Revenge
- Scandal
- Second chance at love/Lovers reunited
- Secret love
- Spinster/Ape leader
- Spy/espionage
- Tortured/disabled heroes
- Twins
- Ugly duckling/plain looking heroine
- Villains turned heroes
- Virgin Heroes
- Wagers on heroine
- Wallflowers
- Widow/widower
- Witty banter
- Working class romance

message 3: by Priya (new)

Priya (priyachennareddy) | 1544 comments The month-wise list of tropes for 2018. (The number in the parentheses is the number of votes for the trope).


January - Governess/Housekeepers (26)
February - House Parties (30)
March - Nursing back to health (31)
April - Villain turned to Hero (34)
May - Disguise (27)
June - Enemies to Lovers (44)
July - Duke (31)
August - Beauty and the Beast (29)
September - Scandal (29)
October - Fake Fiance/Fiancee/husband (33)
November - Witty Banter (47)
December - Beta Hero (23)

message 4: by Priya (last edited Oct 09, 2018 08:32AM) (new)

Priya (priyachennareddy) | 1544 comments The month-wise list of tropes for 2019 Group reads. (The number in the parenthesis is the number of votes for the trope).

2019 - Trope/Theme list

January - American Heiress (14)
February - Mail order bride (19)
March - Class Difference (16)
April - Second chance at love/Lovers reunited (18)
May - Friends to Lovers (24)
June - Mistaken identity (19)
July - Brother's Best friend (21)
August - Spinster/Ape leader (14)
September - Secret love (19)
October - Blue stocking (15)
November - Tortured/Disabled Heroes (17)
December - Ugly duckling (15)

message 5: by Priya (new)

Priya (priyachennareddy) | 1544 comments 2020 Trope list for Group reads

January - Marriage of convenience (60)
February - Fairy tale retellings (41)
March - Wallflowers (55)
April - Age Difference (36)
May - Revenge (37)
June - Wagers on heroine (37)
July - Jilted at the Altar (42)
August - Widow/Widower (43)
September - Virgin Hero (35)
October - Betrothed in childhood (45)
November - Huge Families (41)
December - Matchmaking (45)

message 6: by Priya (last edited Nov 29, 2020 12:01AM) (new)

Priya (priyachennareddy) | 1544 comments 2021 Trope list for Group reads

February - Wallflowers (45)
March - Beauty and the Beast (34)
April - Governess/Housekeeper (30)
May - Bluestocking (36)
June - Brother's Best Friend (38)
July - Kidnapping (26)
August - Social Class Difference (30)
September - Marriage of Convenience (46)
October - Secret Love (30)
November - Duke (39)
December - Scandal (32)

Note: The number in the parenthesis is the number of votes for that trope.

message 7: by Joanna Loves Reading, Bluestocking of HR novels (last edited Oct 19, 2021 08:28PM) (new)

Joanna Loves Reading (joannalovesreading) | 4107 comments Mod

Previous master list will be used in challenges.

> Age Difference: Main characters with 10+ years in age difference
> All's Fair in Love and War: Books with war settings or MCs with PTSD or with war wounds
> Americana: Books set in America. Includes Gilded Age and Western set books.
> Around the World: Books set in locations other that America or Great Britain.
> Assumed / Mistaken Identity: Books where MCs take on a disguise or misrepresent themselves, where other characters think one of the leads is someone else. Also includes the Fake Fiancés/Spouses trope
> BIPOC: Black and Indigenous Persons of Color - author or MCs
> Class Difference: Romances where the MCs come from different social classes.
> Disabled Lead Character: Romances where one or both MCs are living with a physical or mental disability. Can include addictions.
> Enemies to Lovers: Romances where adversaries fall in love. Can be described as hate to love.
> Fairy-Tale Inspired: Includes Beauty & the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Ugly Duckling, etc. themes
> Forced into Marriage: Unlike Marriage of Convenience, there is no choice but to marry for at least one of the MCs.
> Friends / Sibling's Friend to Lovers: Combined Friends to Lovers and Bother's Best Friend tropes
> Humor: Books that make you laugh or smile. Includes Witty Banter books.
> Irish: Books set in Irish and/or have Irish MCs.
> It's All About the Money: Books that have gaining wealth as a main theme. Includes American Heiress, Fortune Hunters, Treasure Hunters, Gambling, Rag To Riches, etc. tropes.
> Jilted: Includes books with an MC or MCs with broken engagements in their pasts or were jilted at the altar.
> Kidnapping: Includes books that feature kidnapping or abduction. MCs may have done the abduction or saved the MCs from abduction.
> LGBTQ+: Romances with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, etc. MCs
> Marriage of Convenience: Marriages formed for convenience, for status or wealth, includes Mail-Order Spouses.
> Matchmaking : Books where the MCs utilize a matchmaker or matchmaking service to find love. Includes books where an MC is a matchmaker.
> Medieval: Books set in the Medieval time period.
> Old Skool / Bodice Ripper: Books published before the year 2000.
> Overlooked Heroine: Combined Spinster, Wallflower, Bluestocking tropes.
> Paranormal: Books that feature paranormal or fantastical elements.
> Proximity: Shifted house parties trope to a broader context (Road trip, forced proximity, house parties, only one bed, etc.)
> Scandal: Books that feature scandal as main plot point.
> Scottish: Books set in Scotland and/or have Scottish MCs. Includes Highlander romances.
> Second chance at love: Books featuring former lovers reunited. The circumstances of the separation should be sufficient to where the lovers have little hope of a reunion. Circumstances might include time, distance, or marriage to another.
> Secret Love: Books where MCs fall in love in secret. This might include forbidden loves, family feuds, "illegal" loves.
> Support Network: Books featuring one of both MCs with a strong support network either in the form of friendships or family.
> Surprise Reveal: Books where one or both MCs have a secret that is shocking or surprising. Includes hidden pregnancy, secret child, and celibate hero.
> Suspense / Mystery: Books with a mystery or suspense subplot. Includes spy/espionage themed books.
> Twentieth Century: Books set in the twentieth century.
> Widow/widower: Widow and/or Widower as the MC(s).
> Women at Work: Heroines with an occupation (i.e. Governess, Housekeeper, Shopkeeper, Secretary, etc.)
> Working class romance: Books set among the working class. No lordly titles here.

message 8: by Joanna Loves Reading, Bluestocking of HR novels (last edited Mar 03, 2022 06:32AM) (new)

Joanna Loves Reading (joannalovesreading) | 4107 comments Mod
2022 Theme List for Group Reads

January - Humor
February - Scottish
March - All's Fair in Love and War
April - Around the World
May - LGBTQ+
June - Enemies to Lovers
July - Suspense / Mystery
August - Proximity
September - Second chance at love
October - Old Skool / Bodice Ripper
November - It's All About the Money
December - Forced into Marriage

message 9: by Joanna Loves Reading, Bluestocking of HR novels (new)

Joanna Loves Reading (joannalovesreading) | 4107 comments Mod
2023 Theme List for Group Reads

January - Overlooked Heroine
February - Paranormal
March - Fairy-Tale Inspired
April - Scandal
May - Secret Love
June - Disabled Lead Character
July - Age Difference
August - Kidnapping
September - Marriage of Convenience
October - Medieval
November - Class Difference
December - Widow/widower

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