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One of our September/October Featured Member-Author Group Reads is Covert Dreams by Mike Meyer Covert Dreams by Mike Meyer


What if the government said that your missing wife never existed?

A business trip to the Middle East for Stan and Valerie Halsey ends in chilling confusion and despair as Valerie seemingly falls off the face of the earth, leaving no trace of her existence behind.

Back in the States, B.J. wakes up night after night in a cold sweat from the exact same torturous nightmare that takes place in a country he has never been to. Both B.J. and Stan suspect that they have been sucked into a conspiracy that threatens to consume them and everyone they love.

With time running out fast before they can get answers, they have unwittingly entered into a very dangerous that they may not survive.

Let's Read and Discuss!!!

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Mike Meyer I am honored and thrilled that COVERT DREAMS is one of our Author Group Reads. I will be on a Rhine River cruise from September 16th though October 5th, but both before I leave and after I return from Europe, I will be sure to be involved in the discussion here of my book. For starters, here is a Question and Answer segment from my Amazon author page:

Q. What inspired you to write Covert Dreams?

Mike. I love a good mystery. I like to be thrilled. In addition, I have always been intrigued by the relationship the United States has had with Saudi Arabia, one of the most restrictive societies in the world, where I have been a personal witness to the fact that life here and life there is as different as being on two separate planets. What we take here for a given is nearly always a no-no there.

The area of parapsychology has always intrigued me, and where better to deal with something such as this than in a very hidden-from-the-rest-of-the-world location. The mixture of live and let live as practiced in Bavarian Munich, coupled with the fervent zeal of Arabia, enhanced by American involvement--and the plot just seemed to thicken, drawing me into it as I wrote, without my ever knowing precisely where or how it would end, but loving every minute of it.

Q. What writing technique of yours are you most proud of?

Mike. My answer can be summed up by one of the many readers who have left reviews on my Amazon website: "One last point: at the end of most of the chapters the author used an unusual and effective technique that really won my respect. I felt I was in the hands of a master. Terrific book. I would recommend it to anyone." This particular review really had an effect on me since I had worked extremely hard to perfect this specific technique.

Since COVERT DREAMS has two alternating stories that are linked in a horrifying way at the end, I wanted to keep the reader in suspense the entire journey. I especially wanted to ensure that this would be a page-turner. So what I did was to link each chapter together with endings that would titillate the reader, making one want to hurry on to see what was going to happen next.

Q. Is there anything else you would like your readers to know?

Mike. The locales I write about are real. For instance, COVERT DREAMS is set primarily in Munich and in Saudi Arabia. I have lived and studied in Germany, and I know Munich as well as I know the back of my own hands. Also, I was a college professor at the University of Petroleum and Minerals, in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. I have traveled extensively throughout Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

By the way: COVERT DREAMS will be on sale for only $0.99 on a Kindle Countdown Deal from September 7th through September 13th. Also, my book is part of the KindleUnlimited program

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