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message 1: by Jaya (new)

Jaya (jayathebookworm) | 6 comments Hey guys, at the moment I have quite a situation on my hands, I have a large TBR shelf but I am in a reading slump (and I mean a bad one) I thought I would get out of it by buying books because I thought that would motivate me to read other books. But no it is not working, I am trying to get a book called A Man's Search For Meaning but it is quite a heavy book, so could you guys recommend a light stand alone book so I could get out of my reading slump or give me some advice for how to get out of it.

message 2: by Jaya (new)

Jaya (jayathebookworm) | 6 comments I don't really have a genre that I like I just don't like horror but recently I have been trying to get into YA fiction and historical fiction

message 3: by Jaya (new)

Jaya (jayathebookworm) | 6 comments Thank you so much Il check them out

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