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Bamma | 5135 comments Name







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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (So what kind of pairings do you want to do for this one?)

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Bamma | 5135 comments Hmmmm I'm not entirely sure which one are you in the mood for?

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Lol I'm down for whatever. I usually go for the traditional FxM but I cool with the others if you want to do something besides that.)

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Bamma | 5135 comments Hmmm one MxM and one MxF? You want to make the girl? :)

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Sounds good to me. Yes please!)

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Bamma | 5135 comments Okay then we have a plan! :)

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Name: Amaryllis Redwood 'Amary'

Age: 17


House: Raven claw


Status: Pure Blood


Name: Dimitri Ravendale

Age: 18


House: Gryffindor


Status: Half Blood

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Bamma | 5135 comments Name: Caleb Grange


White Raven


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Bamma | 5135 comments Leopard Angelo





Beware do not give sugar! He will not be held responsible for his actions other wise..

Will steal boyfriends clothes in apologetically.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Aww they are both cute! I take it Caleb is for Amary and Leopard is for Dimitri??)

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Bamma | 5135 comments Yup on the nose! :) you want to set up Smart and I'll set up Leo? :)

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Sure! How do want them all to start off?? New year of school or school has already started?)

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Bamma | 5135 comments (Hmmm school already started I think :)

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Bamma | 5135 comments Leo
I had one of the previously stolen sweaters of Dymitri's on as I walked over to Gryffindor table and sat myself on his lap instead of the bench beside him as I tried to steal a bite of his waffles but the fork was taken away from me before I could. "Hey," I pouted but I should have known. I was notorious about sugar. Even the sugar for my tea was limited at my house table!

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Sorry fell asleep but yea that works for me!)


I roll my eyes and chuckle as Leo comes over in one of my sweaters which was a bit big for him. He plops down in my lap as I eat breakfast and tries to steal some of my waffles.

He pouts a little about it and I chuckle dipping a piece in the syrup before offering it to him. "You can't eat all my breakfast, elf." I tease him, nipping at his ears a little.


I keep my nose buried in a spell book from the library as I eat my breakfast. It had some interesting spells and possible uses for them which were pretty ingenious. I'd have to try them out later when I have a free period.

I gasp as something sticky hits my head. I reach up to peel away an extra syrupy waffle from my head. I glance over hearing some Slytherin girls laughing away with cruel smiles. I close my book, trying not to tear up as I get up and run out of the main hall to go clean up my sticky hair.

I tear up a little more and under up running straight into someone.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Leo
"At least you let me have something sugary in the morning." I sighed happily. I grinned taking the bite and pecking his lips making myself comfortable on his lap. Another cup of coffee appeared next to his which was mine thanks to the house elves.
"Hey woah there." I said softly catching her before we both toppled over. I frowned and cast a quick scourgify spell making the sticky mess vanish. "Are you alright.
(Lol it's alright I went to bed not along after I posted :)

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Dimitri

He sighs happily that at least I let him have something sugary in the morning. He grins taking the bite and pecks my lips before he gets comfortable in my lap. I turn turns eating and feeding him bites of my waffle.

"Mmm they don't let you because you are a little sugar addict." I tell him. "I shouldn't be encouraging it either but you are too cute when you pout."


A pair of strong arms catches me and says woah there. I look up to see a guy with white hair. He frowns a little and used scourgify to get the syrup out of my hair. He asks if I am alright.

"Yea, thanks." I say softly with a little blush. He was really cute and that was sweet of him to fix my hair. "Sorry about running into you."

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Bamma | 5135 comments Leo
I grinned accepting the bites he offered me, ignoring the gagging from the surrounding lions. "I am not a sugar addict." I scoffed playfully. "My house mates describe me as a hyper active pixie when's I have sugar thank you very much." I teased sipping my coffee. Entirely engulfed in his sweater just how I liked it. I rested my head on his shoulder.
I shrugged easily. "Its alright." I told her. "Not all Slytherins are cruel or assholes." I teased lightly trying to cheer her up now, isn't that what my hufflepuff puff friends say. I need to be nicer?

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Dimitri

He grins as he takes the bites I offer him, my house mates gagging at us. Not that I really care. I was a pretty open guy and I didn't mind that my boyfriend was a very pda person.

He scoffs and tells me he is not a sugar addict and his house mates describe him as a hyper active pixie when he has sugar. "Yeah, that is pretty spot on." I say with a chuckle as he rests his head on my shoulder.

"How are your classes going? You paying attention?" I ask him.


He shrugs a little and says it is alright. He teases that not all Slytherins are cruel or assholes. "Most of them are." I mumble and notice the color of his sweater. "But not all of them." I quickly add blushing a little embarrassed.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Leo
I pouted playfully as he agreed with my housemates. "Besides if I was addicted to sugar would that make you my dealer?" I asked cheekily. I chuckled softly. "My classes are fine, yes I'm paying attention in them and I'm getting O's." I told him chuckled softly. "How are your classes...any more explosions?" I asked chuckling softly as I played with a lock of his hair. I usually fidget with things but Dymitri usually didn't mind.
I chuckled softly and tucked my wand back in my holster. "Slytherins tend to be defensive to people on the outside due to...our reputation and obvious disfavor with the rest of the school. But I know some can be unnecessarily cruel so this is what you do." I told her winking. "Take your wand point I it at the jerk and say Morosis Prarapraxis." I told her. Spell crafting ran in my family. "It won't cause physical harm." I assured.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Dimitri

I roll my eyes as he says if he was addicted to sugar would that make me his dealer. He chuckles and tells me he is doing fine in his classes. He asks me about mine.

"Good and hey that was only one time. The kid next to me bumped my arm when I was pouring an ingredient into the potion." I tell him as he plays with a lock of my hair. My little hyper active elf.


He tells me that Slytherins tend to be defensive to people on the outside due to their reputation and obvious disfavor with the rest of the school. He knows some can be unnecessarily cruel. He tells me to take my wand and point it at the jerk and say Morosis Prarapraxis.

I look at him with wide eyes. I hadn't ever heard of that spell. He assures me that it won't cause any physical harm. "Well then what does it do?"

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Bamma | 5135 comments Caleb
"It makes them say a true and incredibly stupid thought or surge. It turns the embarrassment and attention on them instead of you." I told her. "Its my own spell so keep it between us yeah?" I said with a wink before heading into the main hall for some breakfast.
I shook my head. "I've told you you shouldn't stand so close to the other students in potion"
s." I teased him grinning as I squirmed in his lap getting myself comfortable.. "Are you free for hogsmead weekend?"

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Amary

He tells me that it makes them say a true and incredibly stupid thought or surge. It turns the embarrassment and attention on them instead of me. He adds it is a spell of his own design so to keep it between us. He winks before he turns to head into the main hall.

"Thank you." I say a little too loudly and blush before I clutch the spell book I was reading to my chest. I hurry out of there and my heart is racing slightly.


He shakes his head telling me I shouldn't stand so close to other students. "Not my fault I am a big guy and half the time they end up putting their stuff in my area." I tell him.

He grins and squirms in my lap as he asks me if I am free for hogsmead this weekend. "Yea, I've be down for that." I tell him with a grin and peck his lips. "But only if you get your homework done first."

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Bamma | 5135 comments Caleb
A flurry of white feathers flew past her. Rufflicng her hair as my Raven landed on my shoulder. "Ichabod where have you been huh?" I murmured rubbing his beak gently. I smiled back at her as she said thank you before going to sit with my year mates.
I chuckled softly and shook my head. "You say that every time you know." I teased him grinning but I didn't mind he was just looking out for me,. "Okay once an finish though we go to Honeydukes, I need to restock my stash." I bargained grinning. I kissed him gently.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Amary

I blush a little more seeing him smile at me before he heads into the main hall. I shake my head a little. "Don't get all gooey now, Amary." I tell myself. Someone as cool and charming as that probably has a girlfriend already, even if he is a Slytherin.


He teases me that I say hat every time and he says once he finishes, we are going to honeydukes. "Fine but don't spend your whole month's allowance on candy." I tell him and kiss him back with a smile. He's a good guy, a little scatterbrained but he is smart in his own way.

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Bamma | 5135 comments (Lol poor Caleb has to fight his house stereotype XD)
I fed Ichabod a pence of bacon as I opened my daily prophet talking quietly with Cissa and Reggie. They were the only two blacks that weren't insane, and Sirius well...he was bad as his parents ignoring his brother like his parents ignored him when he got sorted into Gryffindor. I thought house prejudice was incredibly stupid, the founders were able to come together and make this school the students should swallow their pride and come together as well.
"Of course not, I have you SaaS and butterbeer to spend it on, silly boy." I teased him grinning. Dymitri was my grounding force always had been, I would be a be completely out of control without him, I was sure of that.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Amary

I head to the library to find a quiet spot to read until classes start. The sorting head hadn't been off at all sorting me into Ravenclaw. I was a big book nerd and I loved to learn. I wanted to know is much as I can about magic. It's all so fascinating.


He teases me a little with a grin. I chuckle and peck his lips. "Yeah, yeah. Just don't spend to much." I tell him holding him close as I finish my coffee.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Leo
"Well....your definition of too much and mine are very different."? I teased. I was an only child, I got spoiled by my parents and I loved to spoil my boyfriend, Maeko hopped up onto the bench next to us purring loudly. I reached over and scratched him behind the ears.
I finished a light breakfast before saying goodbye to my friends and taking out my slip for the forbidden section of the library. I showed it to miss Price and she waved me off with a stern glare. I resisted rolling my eyes but I felt them twitch just because I was a Slytherin did not mean I was evil. Ambitious yes clever definitely. Cunning you bet but that does not mean I was evil. Merlin was a Slytherins for heavens sake! I took out my leather bound note book and a ball point I had bought off of one of the juggle horns. I perched myself on one of the tables and summoned the books I had been reading for the past week.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Dimitri

"Definitely mine." I tell him and smile, nuzzling his neck softly. He liked to spoil me even though I told him he didn't have to. Sure I wasn't rich or anything. My parents did the best they could but they are muggles so it was hard sometimes for them to make sure I had what I needed to go here.


I glance up and see books flying around over my head. I get up quietly and peek around the corner to see the guy from earlier, sitting there. I blush and quickly duck back behind the bookshelf.

I was surprised to seem him here. Most of the Slytherin house avoided the library. I peek around again to see him writing away in a note book.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Caleb
The restricted section of the library was kind of a hide away for me, I could conduct my research without nosy students trying to copy my work down. I glanced up. "I don't bite little raven." I said lightly tucking my pen behind my ear as I started to read the Latin texts.
I shivered as he nuzzled my neck. I melted in his lap like a happy kitten with his attention. "Hmmm your going to have to convince me you know." I teased him.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Amary

I squeak with a deep blush as he glances up and notices me. He says he doesn't bite and tucks his pen behind his ear. He looks back at his books.

"I wasn't spying or anything." I say shyly. "I come here to read in peace. I wasn't expecting anyone to be in here."


"Mmm I'm sure I can." I tell him with a grin as he melts into my lap. I nip at his ears with a smile. He was seriously too cute sometimes.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Caleb
I smiled at her. "Its alright professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick wrote me a permission slip for the restricted section for my research in spell crafting." I told her smiling softly at her as an wrote down another note.
I kissed hi. Gently and grinned. "Its going to have to wait though I have to hurry and get to class...unless you feel like playing hooky." I teased him.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Amary

He smiles and tells me it was alright. That professor McGonagall and professor Flitwick wrote him a permission slip for the restricted section for his research in spell crafting.

"Oh." I say surprised and bite my lip a little. "Well I'll leave you to it." I say grabbing the spell book I was reading to go find another spot to hideout and read.


He kisses me and teases me about it having to wait until later unless I want to play hooky. "Nope, class first. I'll see you later though." I say kissing him one last time before I nudge him to head to class so I could do the same.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Caleb
"Wait." I called for her to stop wanting to address this. "Look just because I am a Slytherin doesnt mean Im dark or Evil, we are abitioys cunning and adapttivd. We are the house of Survivors. Your a Ravenclaw one of Ready mind wit and learning? Shouldnt you know bettter than to assume all people in one house are the same? There are dark people in all houses little Raven. Dont be blinded by stereotypes." I told her softly.
I sighed playfully, "goody two shoes." I teased him before running along to catch up with my year mates.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Amary

He says wait and tells me that just because he is a Slytherin doesn't mean he is dark or evil. That since I am a Ravenclaw I should know better then to assume all people in one house are the same.

I blush looking at him a little upset. "I never said that I felt that way. I know that there are good and bad in every house. I just figured you wanted to be alone to do your research. That's way I was going to leave you be to work on it." I tell him a little offended that he assumed that I was like everyone else.


I watch him catch up with his house mates to head to his classes. I smile and head off with my own house mates to get to my classes.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Caleb
I raised an eyebrow at her. "Oh? You didnt think that when you saw the green and silver tie like most peop,e do?" I asked her dryly. I sighed. "Im sorry, that I offended you." I told her tapping my pen on my paper, "Would you like to sit with me?"
I smiled heading out to herbology practically bouncing on my toes.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Amary

He raises an eyebrow and dryly says that I didn't think that when I saw the green and silver tie like most people do.

"I knew about the rumors and been bullied enough to know that not everyone there is nice. But I also know that they aren't all bad. My older cousin was sorted into Slytherin and he is a total sweetheart. A bit mischievous but doesn't have an evil bone in his body." I say with a little huff.

He apologizes for offending me and asks if I would like to sit with him. I clutch my book a little and nod. I take a sit across from him and reopen my book to start reading again.


(Time skip to after classes?)

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Bamma | 5135 comments Caleb
I nodded and watched her as she sat down. I flicked my finger lightly and the pages flipped rapidly until I came to element magic which is what I was curious about. All the courses were linked to an element. According to some notes that I found. I scribbled down a note and underlined it. "Heirs?' I doodles around it curious. "Do you every wonder why Dumbledore took away so many classes?" I asked her musing out loud.
Leo (Sure!)
(Also this is Maeko: https://pin.it/jupb24o7pvwe54)
I grinned carrying Maeko in my arms as I walked up to Gryffindor tower. "Ssugar quills." I chirped the fat lady swung open with a chuckle and I climbed in making a b line for Dymitri stepping over one of the marauder and flopping on the couch next to Demi. "Hi." I grinned kissing his cheek.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Amary

I glance up as he asks about if I ever wondered why Dumbledore took away so many classes. "Umm... because they weren't that important?" I say guessing. I mean I never really thought about it before.


I smile as I see Leo come in with Maeko. He heads right over to me and flops down on the couch. He kisses my cheek and says hi. "Hey, elf. How was your classes?" I ask him as I kiss his temple and reach out to stroke Maeko's head.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Caleb
"You don't think Alchemy, Elemental, Occlumency or Legenimency is important?" I asked bewildered. "What about wizarding customs for muggle borns? Teaching them to hold a quill or learning Latin and Greek?" I asked tilting my head. "Dueling isn't even properly taught." I muttered writing down some notes. "I mean Hogwarts is claiming to be the best but it isn't offering a quarter of the classes other schools are offering." I said scowling to myself.
I grinned. "Fine, I made Slughorn frustrated again with my inability to keep still."? I chuckled softly. I smiled as Maeko purred deeply her intelligent green eyes watching him. "And I already did my home work before you ask dad." I teased him.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Amary

He lists off a bunch of classes I didn't been know that they had here. I mean I heard they got rid of a bunch of classes but that was a few years before I came here. He seems really worked up about this.

"Well those are all pretty important... weird that they got rid of them." I say thinking about it with a little frown. I wonder why he would get rid of all those classes.


I smile and chuckle a little as he teases me about doing his homework. "Good boy." I say and tilt his chin up to kiss him softly before I nip at his lips. I didn't want to be bossy but I wanted him to pass his classes because I know he can do it.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Caleb
I tilted my head slightly. "I don't know I just find it curious....and what about the founders portraits? And their notes? And their Heirs? What happens to the wards around this place? Are they related to the founders blood lines?" I asked as I wrote down my questions. "And what about landless magic? I mean obviously we can do it accidental magic and all, could we access it without being in high emotional situations?" I was insanely curious about all this I had been working on theories since first year. "I'm sorry I've been mulling over these theories for years." I said sheepishly.
I kissed him back letting out a soft squeak as he nipped my lip. I blushed and giggled lightly. "Only for you big guy." I said blushing and ducking my head shyly.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Amary

He bring up the founders portraits and their notes. The wards around the school and landless magic. It was all curiously puzzling and I had no clue the answer to any of them because no one talks about it which was a curious thing in itself.

"It's okay. These are interesting theories and kind of curious to think about. I mean no one ever talks about any of that. We all just assume Hogwarts has always been like this." I tell him.


He kisses me back and lets out a soft squeak. He blushes and giggles saying only for me and blushes as he ducks his head. I chuckle and wrap an arm around him holding him close to me.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Caleb
"That is because hardly anyone gets into the restricted section, it is hard as hell to get a pass into here and all these books? They are from the canceled classes not to mention the books in the headmaster office. And the founders heirlooms...the only one still around is Godrics sword and the sorting hat." I said turning towards her leaning for her. I mean Nicholas Flamel went here...Alchemy had to be taught here." I said curious. (I just noticed we have a char for each house lol)
I smiled and snuggled into his side kissing his jaw lightly teasing him as he read his book. I grinned slyly.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Yep lol worked out kind of perfect)


"I never thought about it like that." I say when he brings up that a lot of these books are from canceled classes. He turns and leans towards me, saying Nicholas Flamel went here so Alchemy had to be taught here.

"I guess that would be true." I say thinking that I had seen an Alchemy book back here by him. "I wonder if something happened. I mean that seems like the only big reason that they would do away with a lot of stuff."


He snugs into my snug as I read a book for one of my classes and kisses my jaw lightly. He grins slyly and I turn my head to capture his lips. "Mmm you better stop that or else I am going to think of better ways to spend my free time right now." I whisper roughly in his ear before I nip at it.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Caleb
"I don't think Dumbledore doesn't want anyone to become very strong and risk another dark lord." I shared my theory. "Or maybe he's afraid of the heirs rising up because Hogwarts would follow her creators." I said thinking about it. "I don't know." I admitted. Dumbledore seemed untouchable and not much was known about his past.
I kissed him back deeply and shivered as he whispered roughly in my ear blushing like a school boy. I bit my lip holding back a groan as he nipped my ear. "But it's fun to tease you." I said softly I kissed him again nipping his bottoms lip lightly as I stayed tucked into his side.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Amary

I think about it for a second. "Yeah, that could be a possible reason." I say with a little nod. I mean that was a fear everyone seem to have. No one wanted another dark lord. Part of the reason everyone was hard on the Slytherin house.


He kisses me back and shivers as he blushes. He bites his lip and says it is fun to tease me. He kisses me again nipping at my bottom lip lightly.

"I'll pay you back for that teasing, elf." I growl softly capturing his lips for a deep kiss before one of my house mates calls out get a room. I flip them off still kissing my elf.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Leo
I melted under the growling and the deep kiss kissing him back as the rest of the world was easily blocked out as I kissed him back. I leaned into him as we kissed. I pulled back breathless. "I look forward to it gigantor." I said blushing slightly.
"But then that doesn't explain the lack of lessons for those raised in the muggle world. I mean that's what Salazar wanted he wanted those with magical blood to be brought into the community because sometimes Muggles react violently to things they don't understand. He wanted to protect children from abuse not murder them. Just because his ideals were twisted into an evil light and perverted...I mean it doesn't make sense for all the founders to be friends and build a school together if one of them was a murderer. I mean Riddle has followers not friends." I said.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Dimitri

He leans into me as we kiss and then he pulls away breathless. He blushes saying he looks forward to it. I grin and nip at his lips. "One more chapter and you are all mine." I tell him and hold him close to me as I read.


"People around here don't exactly like the wizards and witches who aren't purebloods." I say biting my lip a little. It was a sad thing to see. People around here really looked down on them even through they were wizards and witches just like we were. They just didn't grow up with the same luxuries for magic that we did.

"It's all kind of strange. I mean... I don't know... I feel like there is a lot more going on then anyone is telling us."

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