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message 1: by C. J., Cool yet firm like ice (new)

C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4304 comments Hello WSS!

I can't believe it but after all this time being a mod of this wonderful group I have now done a first for me. This is the first update thread that has been done which makes me think I should have thought of this a while ago.

Just saying this but I couldn't help notice a pattern over the past year or so. The voting periods being low, the large amount of members but the small amount of responses here in the WSS.

What I want to know is: Are there any questions or concerns about the group? Anything that needs to be improved?

We are all in this together here in the ship of the ole WSS so I really want to know from my shipmates if there is any reason behind this and any other concerns (even about interest in becoming a mod).

Anyone? Feel free to share.

message 2: by C.P., Windrunner (new)

C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 658 comments I love the group! My participation doesn't always show that, but I do love this place and everyone here. I want to start contributing more in the contests and hope to start doing so. I'm trying out some new things with my writing, so hopefully that will help.

And if you need help with all of the mod responsibilities, I would be glad to do so. I've moderated a challenge group for a couple of years and know that it can be difficult to do on your own.

message 3: by C. J., Cool yet firm like ice (new)

C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4304 comments Thanks for your comment CP. Glad to know you will be participating with your great writings soon. We here at WSS have missed seeing them.

Also glad to hear you are interested in being a mod as well. I will definitely let the others know of your interest in doing so!

message 4: by C.P., Windrunner (new)

C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 658 comments Just let me know if/when you need help. :)

message 5: by Garrison (new)

Garrison Kelly (cybador) | 9608 comments Hey there, everyone. I don't really have a question, but a concern about my own participation in this group. Yes, I've been competing every week with chapters of Incelbordination, Beautiful Monster, and Silent Warrior (my most recent first draft novels). But some things in my life have come up recently and all I could do for this past week's contest was post a half-assed blog entry about an Evanescence concert I'm going to soon. Coincidentally, you can read all about these new life developments in that blog entry. To give you the Cliff's Notes version, I have a lot on my plate both emotionally and professionally. My participation might be affected by this and I apologize in advance for not keeping things moving.

message 6: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahsweetz25) | 11 comments This is an awesome group.. a group where I feel like a part of my family. You are really doing good CJ

:-) Sarah

message 7: by C. J., Cool yet firm like ice (new)

C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4304 comments Hi Garrison. Yes I have noticed your entries lately but it is completely understandable if you are going through life stuff. We all need some time to get back to things if we have personal stuff to deal with. Post whenever you can and if on a week you can't it's no biggie. I hope things start getting better for you soon, buddy, whatever it may be! :)

message 8: by C. J., Cool yet firm like ice (new)

C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4304 comments Thanks for the encouragement Sarah. I like many others feel a family-like vibe here too! :)

message 9: by Garrison (new)

Garrison Kelly (cybador) | 9608 comments You're an excellent moderator, CJ. Thank you for the kind words. :)

message 10: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (sclough1836gmailcom) | 49 comments I love this group, the main reason why I don't always post is because I'm trying out different contests. I just entered one a couple of weeks ago and I'm on pins and needles! I do have a suggestion though: ether change the word count for the short stories or maybe throw in a random challenge every month. Like write a country song or a haiku! I love the freedom with the poems, but I think a random element might make things interesting too.

You're doing a great job and I can't wait to see what new prompts we get in the future!

On second thought, I do have a question. Can I post a short story here even if it has nothing to do with the contest? I'm just curious to see if I'll get any feedback since I don't know if I'll ever try to publish some of the poems and stories that I've posted here.

Keep up the fantastic work!

message 11: by C.P., Windrunner (new)

C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 658 comments Samantha, there is a folder for "Your Writing" where you can make your own folder and post whatever you like. :) I will try to link it when I'm on my computer.

message 12: by C.P., Windrunner (new)

C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 658 comments Here is the folder that I was talking about: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/group...

message 13: by Edward (last edited Sep 04, 2018 03:17PM) (new)

Edward Davies | 1727 comments I have no questions. I'm just enjoying using this group to help me finish off stories and poems that otherwise would never see the light of day! This group, by giving me a time frame, forces me to get some writing done that I would otherwise put off indefinitely.

message 14: by C.P., Windrunner (new)

C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 658 comments Have you ever missed a week, Edward? You must have loads of stories and poems from your time in this group.

message 15: by Edward (new)

Edward Davies | 1727 comments I've done every week for poems since January 2015 and stories since December 2014! That's 183 story prompts! This will be 184!!

message 16: by C. J., Cool yet firm like ice (new)

C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4304 comments Edward is impressive in his prolific writing.
I always have starts and stops and sometimes I do stories for about a month straight but that was long ago.

message 17: by C. J., Cool yet firm like ice (new)

C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4304 comments And Edward I am glad to see this group has helped you fine-tune your craft. I love when you do book-length stories. They are my favorite of yours!

message 18: by Edward (new)

Edward Davies | 1727 comments Thanks guys! :D It doesn't strictly follow the rules, but if I hadn't done this my current book would have sat on my flash drive gathering digital dust.

message 19: by C.P., Windrunner (new)

C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 658 comments Wow, that's a lot!

message 20: by M (new)

M | 11454 comments This is a wonderful group. I’ve never come across anything else like it. I joined the W.S.S. at a time when I was unexpectedly at loose ends, and in a few months wrote more poems and stories for the contests than I had written in years before that. I had forgotten that writing could be so much fun!

I discovered I wasn’t the only one to have noticed that the group has a kind of magic. That “magic” of the W.S.S. has proven too elusive to define but is something that has come up several times in my private conversations with other members.

message 21: by C.P., Windrunner (new)

C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 658 comments I love that this group has had such a positive impact on so many people. I've never found a writing group online that worked as well for me as this one has.

message 22: by Neil (new)

Neil I haven't followed the contests in years (because LIFE) and I'm not sure I ever plucked up the courage to submit anything. But I still get the emails, and if life wasn't so, well, LIFEY, I would work on something. I feel like I have missed out on a great opportunity by not being a real part of your group-family, and I continue to lurk in the hopes I will be able to join in properly one day. This is exactly the kind of group I should be participating in!
So keep up the great work :)

message 23: by C.P., Windrunner (new)

C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 658 comments I hope you're able to participate one day, Neil. And don't feel like you have to participate extensively. Life is life and it doesn't always go how we plan or want, but feel free to share when you can.

message 24: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (sclough1836gmailcom) | 49 comments C.P. wrote: "Here is the folder that I was talking about: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/group..."
Thank you very much! I want to wait to see if I make the cut this time, so please wish me luck. I feel like getting published this way will help me achieve my dream of publishing my novella!

message 25: by C.P., Windrunner (new)

C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 658 comments Good luck with the contest! I need to start sending out stories again myself.

message 26: by Whit (new)

Whit | 6 comments How do you direct reply to someone in a thread so it shows the quotation above the comment.

message 27: by C.P., Windrunner (new)

C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 658 comments It can only be done using the desktop version, not the app. There should be an option near the bottom of a person's post that says reply.

message 28: by M (new)

M | 11454 comments I usually copy the original post to Word. I use the HTML code to italicise it. I can reply in Word, at my leisure. Then I copy the whole thing to the blank in the GR thread.

message 29: by Whit (new)

Whit | 6 comments Thank you both! :)

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