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Cinder by Marissa Meyer
I'm thinking since most of us have school, we should start September 8th. It's a Saturday and I think enough time to get the book. If anyone has any problems with the start date please message me and we can postpone!

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Yep, it does. I think we're going to read it at your own pace and then post in the discussion board about what your thinking about it!

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Is everyone liking the book?! It's so good right now, I can totally relate to Cinders attitude

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Whitney (helloooooo) | 3 comments I am surprised by this book! I admire Cinder as a character. Smart and tough and a mechanic! Not the typical girl protagonist I was expecting, based on the book cover. Even though we're not supposed to judge books by their covers, I do anyway. :( I mean, come on, a red high-heel shoe? It's not healthy for anyone's feet to go in those. Cute, yes. Practical, no. Whoever designs YA book covers needs to try harder.

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That made me laugh, I totally get it. Some of these covers are way messed up and I doubt the creators even read the books. *eye roll*

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Kassie Hey probably put red because it’s a brighter color and would catch the eye more. In a way it’s putting a spin on the glass slipper, I much prefer the red to glass. Personally I love all the covers in the series.

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Kassie Sorry doing another one.
The shoe very well fits the book since it is a Cinderella retelling in a way. It shows that very well in my opinion and like I said I like the red better, it gives that twist and shows one of the most iconic part of the original shoe. I get what you’re saying but think of it like this. Would a glass slipper or a red slipper fit cinders personality more?

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Hmm I've be re thought of it like that! I think she wooould wear a glass slipper, only to like, go to the ball or something. But I have to say she would rather wear the red slipper...it does for her better.

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Kassie II usually don’t get this into book covers but each of the books shows a spin on the main characteristics of the main story. Cinderella is the shoe, made it red instead of glass (I think in different countries it might be glass tho). Snow White it’s the apple, red riding hood it’s be red good etc etc. Even though the cover itself doesn’t necessarily resolve around the story t does resolve what they are based off of. Giving credit to the original fairy tails.

Sorry about the little rant thing XD

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LOL it's okay! I totally understand!

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