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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Thriller/global event/sole-survivor. Man wakes up to find everyone missing, girlfriend not answering her phone. He sets up camcorders in town to run through the night, as well as in his room while he sleeps. [s]

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message 1: by Paul Johnson (last edited Nov 08, 2018 03:24AM) (new)

Paul Johnson | 4 comments ***SOLVED***

I started reading this book on kindle about 5 years ago, but my amazon account was deleted and I have not been able out find the book again. Can't remember author and I was sure the book was called "Night Shift" but that doesn't seem to return any results. Book is written in English (or translated at least). The book was set in Poland I think, there was reference to a river, and it was winter in the book. The main character takes echinacea drops to prevent a cold. He wakes up to find everyone is missing and no trace of anything having happened. He sets up camcorders in town and in his flat to record whether anything strange happens over night. He also visits his fathers flat (dad not there) and sets up a camp in the flat too. I never got beyond this but the book seemed like it was about to get to the good bit!

If anyone has any clue as to the book i would be extremely grateful.

message 2: by Kate (new)

Kate Farrell | 4069 comments Mod
Paul Johnson ~~
You can bump this book every month or so to keep your thread at or near the head of this Unsolved folder. More eyes will see it, and someone must know this book.
Good luck!

message 4: by Paul Johnson (new)

Paul Johnson | 4 comments Juels wrote: "Night Work by Thomas Glavinic?"

YES!!!! Absolutely fantastic thank you so much. I spent so long searching for Night Shift and Night Watch!! Thank you so much!!

message 5: by Juels (new) - added it

Juels | 2562 comments You're welcome.

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