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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments My Guy

Name: Issac Harbour
Age: 25
Job: History Teacher at Grand Forks Central High School
Apperance: (view spoiler)

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Asylumm | 131 comments Name: Hazel Stanley
Age: 22
Face claim: -- Emily Bador --

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments Issac woke up from his surgery, head in a daze as his hand immeditally went to the long cut in his chest. He had no idea that he even needed this until he passed out in class one day and was rushed to this hospital. Appearantly, Issac had sarcoidosis and had passed out from his lung swelling. The had cut a peice of it out and replaced it witha healthy lung from a donor he had to thank once he had enough thinking power to do so. Sitting up a little, one eyed stayed shut so that he could see more clearly, the haze was stil there though and it made him dizzy. "God." He coughed a little and looked at the bland room. "They did a fuckin' number on me." Issac spoke to no one in particular, no one was there for him yet, but he would have parents and friends visit, he knew they would come.

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Asylumm | 131 comments A day before ●●●

Hazel and Xavier were heading to his family. They had to tell his family, they were separating. Hazel loved Xavier, but he found someone else. Which made it clear that he didn't love her, so why would she argue with him to stay with her. "Why do i have to come with you again?" Hazel asked, Xavier rolled his eyes at her words. "Because i asked your ass nicely." He said, Hazel sighed and decided to just leave him alone. He just wanted to be with his new girlfriend. So why would he even bother asking her to come with her. Hazel stayed looking out the window. It was quiet until Xavier decided to call his girl.

And with one wrong turn. All Hazel heard was the tires and then everything turned black. The next thing Hazel knew she was looking at the ambulance take her body away. It was totally weird, Hazel understood her fate. But she was so young, and thought she had her whole life ahead of her but it seemed like fate had another plan for her.


Hazel walked the hospital. She saw different spirits in one day. She couldn't leave the hospital, she tried but it hurted like hell when she tried to walk out the door. So obviously was suppose to be there for some reason. At least thats what she thought. So she just walked around the hospital. Steadily she seemed like she was heading somewhere. She felt she was suppose to be somewhere. Something was guiding throw the hospital, she ended up in the 3rd floor. She stopped infront of a door. Room 130 is what Hazel read.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments Issac looked over, his haze now xleared up but the drugs he wa spumped full of making him still feel nice and slightly numb. There was a woman standing at his door, reading it and he smiled a little. The door had been left opened by one of the nurses checking up on him and he spoke in his slight southern drawl. "Think you got the wrong room, Miss." Though as he said it, he felt like he lnew this girl. From what he had no idea, and Issac was pretty sure they were strangers. It was just a gut feeling that he had to shrug off. He looked a bit like a wreck. His hair was shaggy and a dark brown color, along with his sweet mustache and subbly combonation. He looked sweaty and his fingernails were chewed off from a nervous tick of his. He took a hand to wipe his forhead and noticed all the equipment around him and sighed, not thinking it was all required.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Hazel heard a voice, she glanced over and saw a man sitting on a hospital bed. She frowned at the site of him, she knew him. But how could she, the only men she spoke to was her father and Xavier. She sighed at the small thought of him, he lived through the crash. He was actually on the 2nd floor, he had broken leg and ribs. While she walked the halls unseeable by everyone that was living- But the man just spoke to her. Right? She glanced around the hall no one was there but her. But how could he see her when no one else could? She stared at him for a moment before she decided to go learn more at the man, who was in room 130.

Even thought she only been dead for only a day, she knew how to teleport. One second she was infront of the man's door next she was in the file room back on the first floor. Even though she knew to do it didn't mean her spirit liked the trip. It needed time to get use everything. Hazel searched through all the file trying to find out who the hell the man was and why he could see her.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments Issac looked for a moment than blinked. She was gone? That quickly? He sighed, figuring she must have hurrried off to find whoever it was that she was looking for. A nurse came in a few moments later to check up on him and to inform him if all went well, that he'd be able to leave by tommorow morning, but would need a week or two off of his work for light movement and check ups here. He smiled, thinking it was the best new he had heard yet, as Issac had been here for over a week as they tried to figure out whay was wrong with him. Issac gave the nurse a weak hug amd hummed to himself as she left. "Thank goodness. I was getting sick of were this all the time." He laughed a slightly raspy laugh and relaxed, clicking on the television to kill the time he had left.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Hazel was still in the file room, she couldn't find anything on the man in room 130. She felt like she had been looking for hours. Until she hear nurses talking about a man on the third floor. Hazel walked out the file room, she stood right beside the nurse as she spoke to the corner lady. She told her that he would be leaving soon, she also told the lady about the surgery and how well it went. Hazel was smart she was an all A student from elementary to college. She could put a problem together quickly and she remember an assignment for one of her Psychological science classes. They talked about ghost feel and the extra assignment was about how ghosts get attached to an human. Some say from a item that the dead owned, like a watch or their favorite hair-pen. But others believed it took more to be attached to a ghost, they believed that ghosts could be attached by a bodily organ that the live got from the dead. A heart, lung, an eye... etc.

The memories reminded Hazel of when she signed or her organs. She didn't think she would ever dead so young but she still thought it anything was to happen to her. She wanted her body to be able to help others. And it did, it helped a man live to see another day. Hazel smiled softly, maybe he would use his life more wisely than she used her own. Hazel left the nurses said and went back up to room 130, she peeked from the corner of the door before she walked into his room completely. She just stared at him.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments Issac had spaced out for the most part, the tv droning on and on about some wonderful new product that would change the world. Yeah right, he hoped most peolpe would know better than that. Those products are hunks of junks that couldnt do anything well except maybe one specific thing. Issac sighed and flipped the channel to see the woman return. He tilted his head a little as she entered, trying to remember where on earth he had seen her. "Well, hello again. May I ask who you are?" He guessd that she was a former student but he had only been at Grand Forks High School for two years now and last year those classes were huge. This year was better and he got to know his students, but he just gave a cyrious look as he wiped his mouth. Their had still been some drool from when he was out cold and was starting to make Issac feel gross.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Hazel opened her mouth to speak but, quickly decided not to. She close her mouth and just stared at him. He was the new owner of her lung. She walked up to his bed, she said nothing but just looking into his eyes. He had pretty eyes, she thought eyes were the most beautiful body part on anyone. Hazel stepped back and sighed before she walked out his room once again, he was leaving tomorrow. Would she dead, when he left the hospital? She kinda of hoped so, Hazel decided to pay someone a visit.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments Issac's smike slowly faded as she didnt say anything and just stared at him. This girl was a strange one that was for sure. "Uh....Miss?" He kind of pushed away a little when she got a close and gave a perplexed expression. She was interested in something about him thats for sure, and she just had something that drew him towards a little. Then just like that, the woman left and Issac was left alone. He shook his head and got up, being a bit wobbly, having to use the wheely iv stand to move, but once he started going he didnt need it as much and followed her. "Miss!" He called out, not yelling but loud enough hopefully for her to hear. He got some weird looks by the nurse and one slowly began to get up to check up on Issac.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Hazel stopped walking when she heard the man's voice. But it wasn't coming from the room. She glanced back and saw him walking toward her, he was going to hurt himself. She sighed and raised her hand as into tell him to stop. "Stop, your going to hurt yourself. We will see each other again." she said with a small smile, her voice was soft but her Canada accent was strong. One moment she was standing in front of the man. And next she was standing in front of Xavier's room. She walked in and saw him with Phoebe, his girlfriend. She didn't know what she excepted from him. He seemed happy, even with her dead. She knew that he knew, she followed the nurse when she told him the new. And only hours later, he is with Phoebe. Well at least she didn't have to be a witness to him loving her for the rest of her life. Hazel sighed as she walked out the room, she decided she would never go back to his room. She was nothing but, his past. So she had to except that.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments All Issac did was blink, and she was gone. Once she left he felt some of his strength leave him, like his curiosity was keeping him completely upright an dthen had to heavily rely on the stamd as the nurse slowly made his way over and directed/helped him back into his room. He sighed, grabbing a small leather book that he always kept with him, glad his father had dropped it offf during the surgery, and scribbled a little drawing and a note. *disappearing girl?* Issac was a huge lover in conspiracy therios and the supernatural, so amytime anything strange happened to him, he wrote it down in the book. With his note written he laid back down and trued to get some sleep and soon passed out for the night, waking up only a few times, a coulpe to use the restroom or eat, and a coulpe to see if that girl was there. It defiently nade him interested to say the least.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments All Issac did was blink, and she was gone. Once she left he felt some of his strength leave him, like his curiosity was keeping him completely upright an dthen had to heavily rely on the stamd as the nurse slowly made his way over and directed/helped him back into his room. He sighed, grabbing a small leather book that he always kept with him, glad his father had dropped it offf during the surgery, and scribbled a little drawing and a note. *disappearing girl?* Issac was a huge lover in conspiracy therios and the supernatural, so amytime anything strange happened to him, he wrote it down in the book. With his note written he laid back down and trued to get some sleep and soon passed out for the night, waking up only a few times, a coulpe to use the restroom or eat, and a coulpe to see if that girl was there. It defiently nade him interested to say the least.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Hazel walked the hospital halls all night sometimes she couldn’t help but to walk passed room 130. Everytime she did though, he was sleep. More like knocked out, the medications that was giving him most have been good making him snore has loud had he was. Hazel saw other spirits from people that dead, they went with the reaper. Hazel always got scared when she saw the reaper thinking he was coming to get her. But she wasn't ready to leave. Not even sure that she could even if she wanted to. She waved goodbye to the little girl, that killed by her own father. She was only 8, the youngest spirit she ever saw since she been in the hospital but it was going to be morning soon.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments The morning came and Issac got dressed in a tshirt and jeans, throwing on a heavy brown coat as well, and grabbed everything else he needed before signing out and steeping out into the North Dakota winter. He was not use to being in the cold, being from Tennessee and having only been up here for a year or two. He shivered and looked back one more tume to make sure nothing else weird happened before steppingg into a cab and giving hin his street name and they headed off. He pulled back out the leather book and worked on the small sketch he had going of the girl, trying to rely on memory as he wrote out some notes on if it was just his exaughstion or if it was something else. He looked preoccupied.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Leaned up against the door, Hazel watched the man get ready to go. She thought it was the end for her, she sighed as he passed by her. She shrugged at the idea of this being her last sight on earth. She heard the reaper's footsteps coming down the hall. I guess he is here for me this time. She thought to herself, she glanced down the hall in the direction the footsteps were coming from. She saw the reaper, if she had a heart it would have probably have beated right out her chest. All she did was blink and she wasn't in the hospital anymore, she was sitting on a trunk of a taxi, her long straight hair danced in the wind. She was confused for the most part, but once she turned around and saw the man from room 130. She understood it all, where he goes she goes. It made sense once she really thought about it, has long has he his living she was to. She smiled has she looked around, she was so happy to finally be outside rather than be stuck in that hospital.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments Issac silently shut the book and pulled out a small phone and glanced back to see a person on the trunk and he let out an audible cry of exclamation. The drive gave him a dirty look amd pulled over to the street he was suppose be on. Issac quickpy paid the man and got out, making sure this girl was still there before making his way into the apsrtment complex and up the elevator to room B13 and he fumbled to find his keys. This must be some weird dream or he was going crazy, Issac thought, finally getting the riggt key bedore entering the cluttered, but cozy apartment. It was dull of books, board games, dice, and large notebooks full to the brim with ideas and concepts.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Hazel glanced back, when she noticed they were stopping. She sighed in sadness, she loved the wind blowing through her hair but she knew she had to go in with the man. She jumped down off the trunk and headed inside the building that the man just walked into. Only minutes before her, she saw him inside the elevator before the doors closes. She glanced around the first floor, the building was nice. They had a theme in the lobby, gold and marble. Hazel loved it,she noticed the theme traveled through the whole building. She heard the elevator make a bell sound, meaning he made it his floor. Hazel transported to the floor, he was on. She made it just in time to see him walk into B13 She transported again inside his apartment. She stood in the kitchen and glanced around. Staying quiet.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments Issac was thinking about how despite it having a nice lobby, this apartment complex was pretty small and dingy. Most folks lived here because it was cheap, and the rooms were pretty small. He took off his coat and picked up the stack of mail he had. Bills, bills, bills, magazine, and a whole lot of letters from kids and students wishing him well. That made him smile as he walked towards the kitchen wanting to get a drink and he looked up, and nearly fell over in shock. It was that girl again. He imeditally reached into his coat and pulled out a swiss army knife and flicked out so that the blade was showing. "I dont know who you are but you need to leave. I dont have anything you can steal, okay?" Issac was terrified by the sudden appearance of the familar woman.

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Asylumm | 131 comments Hazel glanced over when she saw the man coming in the corner of her eye. She turned to face him completely, she had to be honest. She didn't except him to pull out a knife on her and if she wasn't already dead she knew she would be scared is hell. But he couldn't hurt her so she didn't show any sign of fear. She frowned at his words, and shook her head. "I am not here to steal anything for you, i never stole in my life." she said, she giggled at her own words. If she knew she would dead at of twenty-two, she would have done a lot more. Hazel walked closer to him as she continued talking. "I am not here to hurt you either. So you can put that away." she walked passed him, her eyes glanced around his apartment. It was small but it had a cozy feel to it. She use to live in a studio apartment, only two blocks away. Maybe that is way he looked so familiar maybe she saw him around, when she was on her way to school or something. "I like your place." she said as she glanced back at the man.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments That defiently was not what he expected, so much so that his hand that had the knife pointing to her dropped a little in pure confusion. "What are you doing in my house then?" Issac asked, ttying to get his mojo back, but that had thrown him way off kilter. He was nervous but so far she hadnt tried to 0ull anything so he went and got himself a drink of kool aid. Even though it was childish, Issac still liked the stuff and drank it as his primary drink. He kept an eye on this woman the whole time though and quickly caught up to her, drink in one hand, knife in the other. "Who the hell are you?"

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Asylumm | 131 comments -- I just had an idea, maybe he could a old friend of Wyatt. And thats why they seem familiar to each other. What you think? ---

"Well, lets say you lead me here.." she said. Hazel took her eyes off the man but she could feel his eyes on her with every move she made. She wasn't mad that he didn't trust her, shit. If she was in his shoes she probably have a mental break down. Hazel just looked around at his stuff, pictures that he had hanging up on the wall, and she glanced at his book shelve. Some books she recognize and others, she had no idea what they were about. "My name is Hazel Stanley... I am dead." she said bluntly as she reached for a book but it went right through her hand.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments ((Whos Wyatt?))

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Asylumm | 131 comments -- Hazel's ex that caused the accident. Have you been reading my posts?? loll--

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments ((His names Xaiver.))

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Asylumm | 131 comments -- Lmao, i swear i named him Wyatt but i just looked over it. Yeah your right --

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments ((Yeah, they could be old buddies))

"Lead you what on earth are you-" He stopped mid sentence and took a sigh, having to walk over and take a seat in his recliner, a nice little table next to it to set his drink on. When she said her name he closed his eyes and thought. Where had he heard that name before..Hazel..Hazel..Issac quickly snapped hos finger and pointed at her. "Your Xaiver's old girlfriend." The next part of what she said than sank in and he looked bewildered and very curious. "Dead. Your dead?" He shot up from his chair and had to stop as that hurt hima bit before more carefully walking to the book shelf and scanning until he found his basic dictionary on the supernautral.

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Asylumm | 131 comments She glanced back at the man with a frown. How he knew Xavier she thought, she watched him walk over and grabbed a book. "Yes, but.." she said before she paused, he knew Xavier. Which made her less comfortable all of a sudden. "Who are you?..." she asked, she knew she recognized him from somewhere. Him knowing Xavier wasn't something she ever thought of. She sighed as she watched him flip through the book he grabbed. All that was on her mind was Xavier. And how this man, knew him.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments He rubbed his eye as he scanned through the oages until he made it to ghosts, spirits and other forms of spectral peolpe. "Im Issac Harbour. Me and him use to hang out in high school and I check his facebook every now and then." He didnt really hang out with a lot of peolpe now and days, keeping to himself made things a lot easier. Issac put a bookmark ina certain page of the book he had and grabbed another nearby one. He had grabbed three or four of them before reyurning to his chair amd was going yhrough them to figure out what the fuck was going on and why he had a dead girl in his house talking to him.

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Asylumm | 131 comments "Issac? Really?... He told me about you, i saw pictures of all two when y'all was younger." Hazel said, Issac looked different from the picture Xavier showed her. But he had the same eyes, she sighed softly and watched him go through his books. "Why don't you just ask why i am here. I am sure it would be more easier than going through all of them books." She said. "You have my lung, its pretty simple." she said with a shrug of her shoulders. "Now that i am part of you.. i guess i am here to stay." she said as she kept trying to grab a book she wanted to read. She thought ghosts can touch things but, it seemed like she couldn't or at least not yet. Which slightly annoyed her.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments He waved his hand in a dismissive way. "I figured that much out, I just want to figure what kind of ghost you are. There are thousands of diffrent kinds. I was just curious as to what kind you woukd be." He didnt actually know that part about his lung, and that helped narrow the search. Issac saw Hazel reach for a book, and was amazed as it just slipped right through. He blinked and she was gone for a moment, like a flickering image, and he was a lone before she appeared again in the same spot. "Im going fucking insane." He chuckled and kept reading on banshees even though he knew tgat wasnt right.

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Asylumm | 131 comments "Nope, are not. At least not yet anyway." she said not looking back. She was trying to focus, maybe that was the key to move items. It wasn't like their was a class on how to be a ghost. Hazel glanced back before she spoke. "I am actually shocked on, how well you took on me being a ghost." She knew she would have had a heart attack if she was talking to a ghost but, here he was just reading trying to see what type she was. "I am obviously not a portuguese." she said, she wasn't angry at least she didn't think she was. Even though her death was caused by Xavier paying more attention to talking on the phone rather than on the road. She wasn't really mad about the situation.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments "Im talking ti a ghost. Pretty sure I am insane." He shook his head and fumbled around until he grabbed his reading glasses. "I got no problem with the supernatural. I already knew you all existed. It was just a metter of time before I got proof of it." Issac loved the fact he now had proof to show peolpe, but maybe onpy he could see her? Maybe she really was just a figment of his imagination and he was losing his mind. Issac didnt know, but he was willing to find out. "I think your a spectre. A kind of friendly ghost where we get the idea of guardian angels from." He showed her the drawing in the pag of a woman witg a spectral big man behind her, arms folded and looking to sheild her from behind. "Im not for certain though."

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Asylumm | 131 comments She glanced at the book, she saw the picture. She giggled at the idea of her being this man's guardian angel. "Well, i am not the guardian angel you would want to fight for you." she said, Hazel didn't have a tough bone in her body. Stopping someone from hurting Issac wasn't her calling. At least she personally didn't think so. "Maybe.." she said after she thought to herself.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments "No, god no, I dont think your a gurdain angel. It is just wyere we get that idea from. A spectre simple is a spirit that is clinged onto one person and is there. I dont think other folks can see you but for some odd reason I can." The shock gad not hit him quite yet, so Issac was able to just ramble and act as if this was all totally normal. "I think thats what you are anyways. Do you need food or anything like that?" He set that book down and pulled out his own leather book and began to make notes on the girl as quick as he could. She would flicker out of exsistence for hik for minutes and then reappear again in mid sentence.

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Asylumm | 131 comments "Luckily for me, i don't need to eat anything. I know for a fact that ghost don't need food." she said. Hazel eyes looked for more things to look at, she noticed there was a hallway. Why not go check out the rest of his apartment. She started walking through the hallway without saying anything to Issac.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments "That is good to know." He quickly jot it down before shutting thebook and looked up to realize she was gone. He saw her tail end though go down thw hallway and he hauled ass to make surw she didnt fo anywhere she shouldnt. "Lets not just go into my room, alright? Theres privatw thinfs in there." It had kicked exactly what was happening and his breath seemed to grow more and more shakey by the minute. He was actually realizing that holy hell there is a ghost in my house and he took a weary step back. "Lets just..lets just stay in the living room. Okay?"

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Asylumm | 131 comments Hazel heard the shaking in his voice. She stopped walking to glance at him, she saw the look on his face. He is scared? she thought to herself. She nodded and walked back into the living room with him. "Sorry if i made you feel uncomfortable, i won't go down there anymore." she said as she started walking toward the couch. Without thinking, she sat down. And instead of sitting on the couch like a normal person would. Hazel went through the couch and the floor. She ended up in the apartment Issac's. "Just great.." she said in annoyance. Being a ghost isn't as fun as the movies made it seem.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments Now that it fully sunk in, he just wanted this girl gone, let him just have a normal life. He rubbed his eyes making his way back to the living room to see the girl gone. "Good." Issac said oyt loud, maybe now this crwzy vision would be over. Ha ing a ghost around, peolpe would think him crazy but when she floated bsck up, Issac did not see her, her appearance gone but would be able to hear here if she spoke. Maybe some food would make him feel better. Pulling out his smartphone, Issac checked everything he missed the last few days as he began to make a PB&J

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Asylumm | 131 comments Hazel was about to go back to Issac's apartment. But she decided not to given go. He seemed scared of her, Hazel thought he was fine but obviously he wasn't. Hazel didn't like being with or around someone that didn't want her around. So she just decided to walk around in the building. She knew not to try to leave the building, amusing that she couldn't since she couldn't leave the hospital.

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