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Asylumm | 104 comments ♧ Muse A is a princess/prince living in a peaceful kingdom, with no knowledge of the whole other realm that exists beyond its borders. While wandering in the forest near dusk, much to their escort’s dismay, the kingdom comes under attack by creatures/beings thought only to exist in fairytales and ancient legends. When a rider comes to warn Muse A that the castle has been taken, they are beseeched to flee to safety. Fearing for their parents’ lives, Muse A refuses to run away and makes haste back to the castle. Before they can reunite with their royal parents, Muse A is captured by the enemy. Muse B is Muse A’s captor, who is under orders from their king/queen to kidnap the prince/princess for the purposes of ransom. Muse A is taken to the other realm, where no person in the kingdom has ever gone. Muse A is locked up in a cell with Muse B as their guard.

Despite the circumstances, Muse B treats Muse A with compassion, providing companionship, kind words and extra sustenance. After a few days of captivity, Muse A and Muse B are managing to get along; Muse A is terribly homesick and worried about the state of their kingdom. In an act of selflessness, Muse B helps Muse A escape. Muse B promises to keep Muse A safe from harm, as long as Muse A does not run away from them. Muse A agrees and Muse B keeps their promise. One night, while they’re asleep in the forest, soldiers from Muse A’s fallen kingdom attack. They rescue Muse A and take Muse B as prisoner. Upon returning to the castle, Muse B is imprisoned. Feeling for their captor/turned savior, Muse A shows Muse B the same compassion and care that Muse B showed them while they were imprisoned.

With the threat of backlash from the other realm looming, will Muse A and Muse B’s budding friendship survive? Will Muse A appeal to the king and queen to spare Muse B’s life and to end the impending war between realms?

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Okay so do you want to make character bios for this?

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Asylumm | 104 comments Sure. OR we can jump in thats up to you.

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments How detailed do you want the bios? Just simple, like name, age, and appearance, or do you want them to have more?

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Asylumm | 104 comments They can be simple

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Asylumm | 104 comments Name : Willow Mathew
Age : 19

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Name: Arthur Richards
Age: 20

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Asylumm | 104 comments Do you want to start, or should i?

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Can you start us off please.

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Asylumm | 104 comments It was night and Willow was walking the woods that surrounds her kindom, which was forbidden. But every night she couldn't help herself. It was peacful out in the woods, nothing like what her father told her. When she was young he told her stories about beats being out in the woods. Waiting for people to walk out in the darkness, so they could eat them down to their bones but her she was in the woods. Still breathing, with all of her liams still attached to her body. Her father was over protective, with her and her mother. But what did everyone except from the king himself. Willow had been walking in the woods gor what seemed like hours, the animals were super quiet. At least they were until loud thuds started. They came from the same direction of the kingdom, Willow frowned at the noises as she slowly started making her way back home. She was miles away from home, she sighed annoyed with herself. If she was home like her father wanted her to be, she would know what was going on.

Soon the noises stopped, Willow felt better thinking that thoses nosies could have been the bells from the churches. Meaning her father was sending out soliders to look for her. But her thoughts were soft lived when screams started being heard. The animals started to run from the area, making it heard for Willow to get back to her kingdom. They were under attack but by who. Her father was about to agree to a peace treaty with the other kingdoms. Her walk turned into a full run home her parents where in the castle all alone. She had to get back home. She was only a mile or two from home, she spotted Wyatt. He was one of her fathers trusted soilders, he was on his horse but he didn't look so good.

"P-princess..." he was able to say before he fall of his horse. Willow ran to his side, she lifted his head and placed it on her lap. The horse stopped and stayed by its own side, like any loyal animal would. "Wyatt, whats going on?" She asked as she searched to found a wound on his body. She felt the half broken blade in his back. Tears started to form in her eyes, Wyatt was like a older brother to her. "The kingdom, i-is being attacked... your father sent me out to find you.. he w-wa-wants you to ran." He said before he started coughing. He wasn't going to make it and he knew it. He whispered for his horse to come closer, he grapped the rope that was attached to his horse and handed it to Willow. "Go, run and never l-l-o-look back." Was his last words. Willow closed his eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks. For a second Willow thought about listening to Wyatt and running away like he wanted her to but seeing him, only made her worry about her parents even more. She got onto Wyatt's horse and headed to her kingdom.

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Lurking through the shadows of the woods, Arthur searched for where the woman was that he needed to retrieve for his mission. But even if he did find her, he was instructed to only get her after the fight had started and only then. They said something to him that it would teach her fear and she would be less likely to fight back when she was captured by him. He looked around the woods seeing animals that paced back from him because they felt an evil energy from him which was the monster stored into body. He finally heard a loud crash which he assumed would be the catapults or something much worse than that. He had no idea what was going on but with his trained ears he heard some footsteps that sounded like they belonged to a human. He quickly and silently made his way up the trees and continued to where the step were. He saw the girl from above the tree and was going to jump down and grab her but then he saw a horseman come to her and he decided to wait and watch what was going to happen.

He watched the interaction the two had and how the horseman was already on his death bed which made it easier for him to get the princess with very little resistance. He looked as the girl cried and took off with the horse to the kingdom. He jumped down and looked over to the knight who was already dead and thinks to himself that he lasted this long this far from the castle, he must have been one tough bastard and not one he wanted to deal with. He quickly looks over to the horse and quickly pulls out one of his throwing knives throwing it at the horse which was already a good distance away from him. It hits the horses thigh which makes it stop and collapse to the floor. The Princess was now just laying on the floor thanks to the horse making sure that she didn't get hurt.

Without hesitation he started to walk over to the princess and was ready to stop her from running and take her to the camp he had set up so they could transport her for a ransom. He looked down at her and once he was finally there to her he says "Well, looks like someone is lost. Would you like me to direct you to the nearest camp." He kidded around with her because either way if she wanted his help or not he would have taken her to his camp. He wasn't going to use a weapon as well since he didn't want to damage her or else he would be in trouble. "Now let's get you up and get you out of here."

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Asylumm | 104 comments Willow was emotional, she just saw one of the most important people in her life die. It's not something anyone could take lightly but she had to stay focus on the big picture getting back to her family. She could cry about Wyatt another time. The horse started to slow down, it kneed down. Had a noise came from it, like it was trying to warn Willow. Willow hopped down from off the horse, she rubbed the horse maine. "It's okay girl, dont worry about me." Willow whispered, her heart started beating faster as she started worrying about whoever was watching her. She heard footsteps, her eyes meet with the man. Who mostly shot the horse.

The man spoke, she sighed and decided to just ignore his words. The horse tried to stand but it was clear that that wasnt going to happen. "No, girl.. Just relax.. Don't worry about him.." Willow said glancing at the man before putting her focus back on the horse. She could see it in the horses eyes that she didn't want to give up. Willow smile but it quickly faded when she hear the man's voice again. She turned to him as she spoke. "Can you just stupid for two damn minutes." She put her eyes back on the horse leaning her forehead to meet with the horses nose. "I am sorry, Angel." She whispered, the horses eyes never left the man that stood a little to close for it's liking.

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Arthur knew that she really liked that horse and that it was very important to her that the horse lived on. He didn’t want to try and threaten the horses life but he saw it as an easy way to get her to go with him away from this area. He didn’t really like that idea though since he hated to kill people or creatures for very little reason and tried to avoid getting blood on his blade and hands whenever he could. He shakes his head and looked the horse in the eyes thinking about what to do with it and just decided that he would spare it’s life. “Look... I’ll spare your horses life and even heal it so it can go back to where you live.” He says to her keeping his distance but also being ready to stop her from doing anything. “All you have to do is come back with me and everything will be fine for you and this horse.”

He didn’t really know if this plan was going to work or not but he was sure that it was going to worth a shot and if it doesn’t work out hen he would just have to get more forceful with her and just take her to his camp. He knew that the energy from the monster inside of him could heal other people if he concentrated it to his palm. He saw the animal on the floor trying to get the two of them away because the animal knew that he was more than just a man. The horse could sense the immense dark energy from his body and feared him. “Let me take my knife out of your horses leg first though.” He says as he kneels down and reaches for the knife and takes it out quickly making sure not to hurt her any more than she needed to be. He gets up and puts his throwing knife back into its pouch.

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Asylumm | 104 comments Willow heard the mans offer, she just never spoke. She just watched him take the knife out of Angel, she sighed when the horse seemed more relax. Angel couldn't relax fully however, since a monster was staying in front of her. And her poor princess had no idea, Willow hated herself for even thinking to go with him. But family first. Right? Angel was family just like her parents, if she could get home. Willow knew that she would make sure that they were safe, just Willow would maybe even better. "Fine." She said quickly, it came out aggressive but, she didn't care. How unprinessy she sounded. "Just safe her and i will do whatever you want... no questions asked." She added, it was like Angel understood ever word that came out Willows mouth and didn't like the idea. Angel haffed and moved her top half infront of Willow, has in blocking the man's way. He wasn't human she knew that much but she couldn’t understood what actually he was either. If not man than what? Could he really be the beat, she use to hear the humans talk about. All humans even most of the animals in the kingdom thought it was a story. But Angel was staring at the beast.

"No, girl... Its okay. I will be okay, you will be okay." She said as petted Angel's but didn't make her relax like it did only seconds before. Willow sighed before she stood up, making freak out completely. "Angel stop!!" She shouted, it was already hard to excepted the man's offer but Angel's attentions were getting to Willow. She whippered away a tear before it could fall, she turned completely to the man. Unknowing of the monster that scrolled in his skin. "I said i except your damn offer, now help her. Like you said was." She said, Willow was taught to fight, never to except a offer. But she need something from her kingdom to survive and she choose, Angel.

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Arthur knew that this horse was angry that she was going to go with him since he was a monster in her eyes. "I'll get right to it then." He says to the princess as he approaches the horse and grabs the leg so he can place his hand over the wound to attempt to heal it. "Turn away from me now then. I don't want you to see this." He says waiting for her to turn still holding onto the struggling horse. As she looked away he started to focus his energy into his palm making his energy start to be visible with a green glow. He communicated with the horse through this energy saying to her in her mind, "I'm no monster, I'm no normal human as well. But what I am is a person who keeps their word. I will keep her safe." He then quickly lets go of the horses leg making the green energy disappear from his hands and also the wound was now gone. "Okay. I'm done healing the horse, she should be able to run to wherever she wants to go." He says he gets up and keeps his distance from the horse and from the princess. He didn't want to get blind sided right now by either one of them.

"Now then princess that I have fulfilled my end of the bargain it's time for the two of us to go to my little camp." He says as he walks a little closer to her still very wary of what might happen next being ready to run after her if she decided to run away from him again. He looked to her face seeing how her expressions were and how she felt about all that was going on around them. She must have been so scared for her family and kingdom and it made Arthur feel bad for her in a way since he knew how it was to be alone. But now he needed to follow orders to make his country proud.

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Asylumm | 104 comments Turn away, why in hell would i do that? She thought, she wasnt going to turn her back on a enemy that would be asking for him to just snatch her up, leaving Angel to bleed to death. She stood there for a second, but once she realized he really excepted her to turn away, she throw her pride aside for a second and turned her head. It was killing her not to look back and not see what was going on. But she soon heard his voice, she sighed and turned to Angel she saw the wound was completely gone. But how? She glanced at the man with a frowned she agreed to go with a witch? But she didn't hear him say a spell.. but what else could he be? Willow hated this but Angel was better, she watch Angel slowly get up. And it was has if nothing happen. It brought a smile to her face, Angel walked to Willow. She still didn't trust the man, she leaned her head into Willow's trying to tell her not to go with him. "Go home and make sure mom and dad are okay. Please, for me girl." She said softly, Angel was sad and didn't want to leave Willow she was a horse that followed orders. And now that Wyatt was died Willow was her owner. Wyatt always told Angel that that was her order, if he died to protect and follow Willow orders as if their were his. Angel stepped back and she stomped one hover three times before she took off. Willow smiled had she watched Angel ran in the direction of the kingdom. She stopped smiling and locked eyes with the man.

"I don't trust you at all. But i am woman of my word, so i will my end of the bargain." She said softly. Probably the only time she would have speak nicely to him. She wasn't going to fight him or run off, she could tell he would only follow her. He had something about that, Willow couldn't put her finger on. She sighed before speaking again. "Lend the way."

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Arthur just nods his head as he watches the horse run off into the night to go her kingdom. He knew that there was only going to be destruction and carnage over there but there was a chance that their troops had already pulled out of the fight and are heading back to regroup and muster up more man power. The woods were silent and free of animals because nothing really wanted to be near him because they all feared him. He looks back to Willow and just stares for a good while before saying, "Yeah let's start moving then. It's not too far from here, just a mile into the woods." He starts to walk lead the way looking back to her every now and then making sure that she didn't try and make a run for it or even try to kill him. He just kept on thinking about how much she must be pained by having to be with him and not knowing whether or not her family was safe from the war that was currently going on between their two nations. "So what's your name princess?", he says looking back to her, "My name is Arthur Richards and I'm 20 year old." He didn't know if this was going to help ease off the nerves for her but, like most things, he figured it was worth shot.

He takes in a deep breath and starts to think about what if he was in her shoes. He would most likely hate it and would have acted to try and stop his captors. Arthur didn't want to have a life like this but his nation, his kingdom, and his king demanded this of him and he didn't really have a choice. In the end of the day they were just two nations with opposing ideas that couldn't stand the site of each other. Arthur never agreed with anything his nation did but they were the people who kept him fed and safe since he was a young boy. What else was there for him.

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Asylumm | 104 comments Willow walked with her head down. Her brain full with thoughts, some of her family but she couldn’t think of them right. It would only cloud up her mind, she sighed softly and decided to think of where she was going. She could feel thr man look back at her from time to time. But she never made eye contact with him. She kept her eyes down, watching her feet. Willow suddenly heard the man's voice. He said his name was Arthur. She glared up at him, she was looking at his back..... Arthur she repeated in her head. She opened her mouth to say her name but no words came out at first. A sign that she shouldn't tell him? Why would it matter? He knew what kingdom, she was from obviously. She shrugged her shoulders before she spoke. "Willow..... Willow Mathew."

Willow hated the war that was going on, and now she hated it even more. Her whole plan was to be queen and put a end to it completely, but now it didn't look like her dream would ever come true. She had a feeling she was going to die with this man tonight, or when his people decide to kill her. Maybe months, or even eyes. Willow sighed at the thought dying, out of all her fears. Dying actually wasn't one them, she never fear death. Her mother thought it was crazy that her daughter didn't fear death. But it seems like it was now working her favor.

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Arthur thought to himself that Willow was a very unique name that he has not heard of but she was royalty so she could afford to have an abstract name like that. He continued to walk and finally after a good while of walking through the silent woods they made it to a small camp that had two other men in it. They were patiently waiting for Arthur to come back with the girl so they can get straight to transporting her but it was already too late to do that since it was pitch black. Now the men needed to wait for when the sun came out to get on their wagon to transport the princess over to a prison in which that can hold for ransom. Arthur takes her over to a tent and says to her, “Well now that we are here I need to tie both of your arms together so you don’t get any ideas. I won’t be harsh on you okay.” He gets a piece of rope and quickly binds her hands together on the front of her body making sure not to pull them too tightly. Once he was done he sets her down on the floor and just looks down to her face staring for a good while. He finally says, “You must be thirsty by now.” He reaches for his canteen in the tent and hands it to her two hands so she can take a swig from it. “Just drink this and you should be good.”

Arthur had no idea what to do now since he had done what his people told him to do and now all that was left was to leave the area when sunrise arrives. He wasn’t going to get sleep that night since the two other soldiers had decided that he was going to night watch. He then sits outside the tent looking out for anything and he looks back to Willow and says “You can go to bed if you want right now. We have a long trip ahead of us tomorrow and I don’t want you to be exhausted when get going.”

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Asylumm | 104 comments Willow followed behind the man not even thinking about speaking to him again. She was his prisoner, so why would she. It seemed like they were walking for hours. But soon she saw a campsite. Two other men where standing there, they most have been waiting for them all night. She glanced at the two men before, looking over at Arthur. She frowned at his words but, didn't speak or fight with him when he tied her hands together. He helped her sat on the ground, she still didn't speak when he offered her water. She took the canteen but didn't drink out of it. Why would he even think that she would trust him that quick. She was raised to know how to handle and deal with situations like this. It wasn't like when Wyatt and her would train together. It was going tk be harder to deal with but, she was ready to go through it. She placed the canteen beside her.

Willow sighed before she started to whistle a tune her mother use to sing to her, when she was younger to help her go to sleep. Willow missed the times when she was nothing but a innocent child. Didn't know about the war, or anything. When she was young, the worse thing she could ever think of. Was a unicorn who didn't know how to ran on the rainbow. But her she was now, on the ground tied up. Hoping her parents were still alive.

"I will be fine. Don't worry about me." She said and right after that she went back to whistling.

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Asylumm | 104 comments ♧Reminder♧

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments ((Thanks for reminding me))

Arthur watched her sitting for a while thinking of what she could possibly be thinking about. It could have been of a way to get out or trying to get her entire mind off of this whole situation. She whistled a tune that he was sure he had heard before and just listened to it thinking where he must have heard it from. He turned his body away from her now and just looked out to the woods that surrounded her kingdom and thought of why did they even build their kingdom out here if they were so scared of beast and monsters preying on them. Most creatures wouldn't dare mess with him because of how evil his energy felt and also thanks to the fact that his kingdom were responsible for the death of their native creatures.

"Well I have to worry about you since you have been entrusted into my care." He looks to her again and flashes a big smile, "I don't want to break my promise to your horse now would I. That would make me scum." He then turns his body to face her and decides that he should maybe try to talk to her so he can try and ease her emotions. "So Willow, how old are you right now? And what do you like to do in your free time?" He asks her truly interested to know what she has to say.

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Asylumm | 104 comments ♧ Your Welcome ♧

Willow stopped whistling when he spoke to her. She rolled her eyes and sighed. She hated the facted that he was trying to act sweet towards her. She was a prisoner, and he was trying to be sweet for what? "Well, she knows how i am." She said, Angel knew how stubborn she could be. She has saw it first hand. Willow was about to start whistling again but, his voice stopped her. She frowned at his questions. No, no, no... he actung like he care about any of this stuff... She thought something wasn't right. She didn't know what it was yet, but she was going to firgure it out. She shook her head before she spoke. "You can drop the act, you don't care about none of that stuff. I am just a mission to you. So you don't have to act like all of this is normal." She said. Willow lift up her arms and moved her long hair out of her face, showing her freckles more. She relaxed her body before she went back to whistling, while her mind was on if Angel found her parents dead or alive. But she quickly answered her own question, They have to be alive or Angel would have been came back, that horse would search the whole area for me... If they were dead but, i haven't heard her. So she is with them. she thought, a tear fall down her cheek but it was a happy tear. The thought them being alive made being in her situation worth it.

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments His smile soon disappeared as she was telling him that she didn't want to talk to him at all. She wasn't just a mission really to him since she was a person. He had respect for all life and didn't want to harm anyone unless they drive him to it. It was also a way that he stopped himself from going crazy and letting more of the monsters energy out into his body. He looks up to her and just nods his head slowly, "Look... I could have just treated this as a mission and had taken you with force. I could have just had no remorse but I chose to be civil and not try to hurt anyone. I'm sorry for getting like this but I want you to know if it was someone else then they would have been more forceful with you." he slowly looks away from her and just sits there for a second thinking about what he had done. He wasn't sure if he should have done that but there was no going back now from what he had said to her. "I just want to make this a little more comfortable for you."

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Asylumm | 104 comments What he said didn't hurt her feelings but, did make her think more on why he was being nice. She was trained to be ready for someone to be mean to her but, her father nor Wyatt trained her for this. It was weird her own parents didn't treat her the way he was trying to treat her. Willow stopped whistling again, and just stared at him. It was something different about him. She sighed before she spoke. "I don't think that's something you can do.. i am tied up and i am not home.. so i believe this is as comfortable as i am going to get." She said, Willow she forced on trying to be more nicer to him, and not sound like a complete bitch. "But, i am sorry and i appreciate what your trying to do." She added, her eyes dropped to her hands after she was finished She then started playing with her nails, something she hadn't done since was young.

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Arthur looked to her hands and saw that she was messing around with her nails and thought she was doing that because she didn't know what to do right now. He knew that he could only do so much in order to make her feel better and just thought of what else he could tell her to try and help her out. "Was there anything that you used to do all the time back in your normal life? My favorite thing was to get wood and make masks out of them. They were all just some scary face or something playful." He never knew why he made the scary monster face but assumed it was maybe the beast in his body. He would have given the mask over to other kids but no one would want to have one from him since he was the demon kid.

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Asylumm | 104 comments Willow shrugged her shoulders, not really knowing an answer to his question. Even though she was a princess on a leash. She still did alot of stuff, even though most of the stuff got her in trouble she didn't care. But then ahe remembered the one thing she use to do and always made her smile, ear to ear. "Umm... Well i use to sneak out in the morning and go into the woods and jump off the waterfall." She said, she remembered the first time she did it. She broke her leg and couldn't walk for two months. Since Wyatt was still young at the time, he use to just follow his father aroind. Wyatt and his father ended up finding her once everyone realized she was gone. Willow giggled at the thought on her parents face when Wyatt's father carried her into the castle and they saw her all wet with a broken leg. It wasn't funny then but, it was pretty funny now. "But why svary masks though?" She said, she decided to finally ask a question. Since he would to know about her, she decided she means while learn things about him as while.

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments He listens intently to what she has to say to him and thinks that jumping down a waterfall was cool but it could also be a life threatening thing if she were to get hurt and not have anyone near to help her out of that mess. Knowing if something like that had happened to him as a kid most people would have left him for dead since they thought it would just be an appropriate end to the boy who harbored the monster in his body. His eyes were now on the floor but then he looks back up to her when she asks him a question about the masks he carved. "Well... I found it kinda cool since most people wear a mask. I would try to make something that represented what the true persons face was like." He would make mask of people he saw usually or make some from his head of monsters. "I also made monster ones to scare the other kids in my kingdom."

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Asylumm | 104 comments Willow raised her eyebrow to his words. She listened but for some reason something was off about the story and him, like he was hiding something. For someone who wanted to act like he was honest and up front. If he was hiding something, which Willow was pretty sure of. It meant it had to be something big. "Oo.. Okay cool." she said with a shrug. Willow sighed under her breath, and soon she heard something that sounded like horse footsteps. She got up quickly not even caring if Arthur thought she was trying to make a run for it. She hoped it wasn't Angel, knowing actually what that meant. Once she was outside she glanced around but it was so dark, Willow could barely see anything. Her heart started beating faster and faster. "Please, no.... no.. no" she whispered meanly to herself. But she noticed a deer eating the grass. She sighed and her body finally relaxed. It wasn't Angel which was the best news to Willow are parents were still alive. Which made her smile ear to ear. "Do y'all have any fruit or anything to give to it?" she asked softly as she glanced back knowing Arthur was right behind her.

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments ((Sorry I’ve just been really busy as of late.))

Arthur looked to her as Willow started to quickly get out of the tent that the two where in to get to the sounds that were coming from the woods. He quickly gets up and climbs out of the tent and stands right behind her thinking of why she got out and deduced that she had heard something that sounded like a horse or maybe she was just trying to escape. She obviously wasn’t going to try to escape since she knew that he would just end up catching her right away. He saw a deer near the camp and knew she was going to see if it was her horse.. “Yeah we have some back in my tent. Just get back in and I’ll get you an apple or a peach.” He says in response to her out of the blue asking for something to eat or maybe to give to the deer. He goes to the tent and quickly grabs a green apple from a sac.

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Asylumm | 104 comments Willow nodded as she hated the idea of being back in the tent but, she still understands why he wanted her back inside. She glanced back at the deer before she walked back inside the tent. She saw Arthur go through a sac and pull out a green apple. Willow smiled as she pulled it out his hand. "Thank you.." she said rushing back outside. The deer was still in the camp but just in another area. "Here.." Willow said softly as she walked slowly towards it. At first, the deer backed up not wanting to be to close to her. But it saw the apple and wanted to get closer, got a closer inch by inch. Willow was always sweet and kind to all the animals and the woods itself. She felt one with it, her father that she was silly to love the woods. Her mother knew she got it from her grandmother but, it still didn't her look down on her daughter's silly behavior. But deep down Willow didn't care about anyone's opinion of her. The deer was only an inch a from Willow now, it was still scared but it knew it could trust her. It smelled the apple in her hand before taking a bite. Which made Willow smile.

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Christopher (tratser) | 723 comments Arthur did not like it one bit that Willow was just going out of the tent like she was in charge of the whole situation but he didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable as well so he said nothing. She could have said that she was going to get out of the tent, he thought to himself as he gets up and walks slowly over to her trying to not be noticed by the deer because if it did notice him it would quickly run. Arthur watched her as she fed the animal and thought of how she must have liked to tend to the creatures of her kingdom and felt in tune with the wildlife. She was most likely going to hate his kingdom because of how it was mostly barren and missing life. His kingdom had nothing like this other than a dead tree that sat in front of the citadel. Arthur stayed silent now just watching from over her shoulder and then he looked back at the two others that were sleeping in their own respective tents. He knew they wanted to do something with the princess so he made it a personal mission to make sure she was safe from them.

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Asylumm | 104 comments The deer ate from the princess's hands like it was normal for it. Which made Willow actually feel like she was back home just walking the woods normally. It was perfect until, the deer was done eating the green apple. When the deer glanced up at the princess, it was about to put it's head into her hands. That was until it's eyes meet with Arthur's. The second thing Willow knew the calm animal was a scared and quickly panicked. When it started running away, it kicked her unknowing that it was to close to her to take off the way it did. Willow held onto her arm as she laid on the ground, she wanted to cry out in the pain but she bit her lip to hold it in.

"Just great.. I thought my day couldn't get any worse." she said as she lifted herself up still holding her arm. It wasn't her first time getting hurt by an animal but it had been a while. She was young when she last got hurt Wyatt helped her keep it a secret from her parents knowing they would freak the hell out if the found out she was in a bear crave. Willow faced turned slightly red from the pain like it always did, she walked back to Arthur's tent and sat down where she was sitting before. "You think i would have learned my lesson by now not to deal with wild animals but.. i haven't and probably never will." she said as she glanced down at her arm blaming herself, having no idea that it wasn't her fault this time at all.

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